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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 14

10-14 Awakening, Reunion

“I understand. Please watch.”
Jin said and peeled off the chest’s Magical Skin along the seam. The metal exterior peeked from underneath.
“Jin-nii, it seemed like there was no seam there.”
Elsa who was watching the work said admiringly.
“Well, that’s because it’d be a killjoy if you could see one, so it was cleverly hidden.”
This is besides the point, but Reiko’s body didn’t have any kind of seams. Hers was seamless.
In the case of Ann and Tia the exterior had seams and by opening them you could see inside.
Tubes had been attached to her breasts and Jin could tell they were for breastfeeding milk which the Automata took in orally. It was a structure Ann didn’t have.
Later Jin would hear that Lieschen had been breastfed using milk collected especially from lesser noblewomen with babies.
Jin continued checking the insides.
“Oh… It’s rather damaged, isn’t it.”
Multiple Mithril-made magical nerves were also cut. They were the same things Jin had once described to Prince Ernest as ‘conducting wires that transmit Magic Energy to all of the body parts’.
Jin had named them magical nerves. His naming for technologies was suitably fine.
“Your Highness, might you have any Mithril? Just a little is enough.”
Jin asked Princess Lieschen who was watching from a small distance away. She immediately replied.
“Mithril? Let’s see, if this is enough then please use it.”
The princess said and took off the necklace hanging from her neck. Its chain was made out of Mithril.
“Is it really alright?”
Jin asked while accepting the necklace, and the princess replied right away saying she doesn’t mind. Jin furthermore raised his evaluation of the princess.
“I will use it then. …[Forming]. [Fusion].”
He replenished the Mithril of the cut magical nerves and connected them. Lotte, whom he had gifted to Prince Ernest had six magical nerves while Tia had twelve.
The limbs, the head, and the torso all had two. It was probably to raise reliability.
Jin remembered how Ann had no more than six magical nerves. Thinking of it, this Tia must’ve been either customized or was an early model. It seemed that the later mass-produced versions were simplified.
At that exact moment the Magi Crystal arrived. The princess went to the doorway to personally get it, then handed it over to Jin.
“Jin, will this do?”
It was a milky white Magi Crystal. Its quality and size were both adequate.
“Yes, that’s fine.”
Jin took it and set onto inscribing the Magi Formula to make it an Ether Converter. Since it was still impossible for Elsa, he kept the explanation to the basics.
“This is a Magi Device to convert the Ether in the air into Mana.”
Saying only that, Jin focused solely on writing the Magi Formula. The Magi Formula was so tiny and fine that not to mention Elsa, even the princess who had a magical eye of farsight couldn’t read it.
But doing the work he had done countless of times before, Jin was done in the blink of an eye.
“Now to replace the old one with this.”
The old Ether Converter was a darkened white. It looked like a Magi Crystal whose quality had fallen down quite a lot.
“For now, let’s reconnect the cut Magical Muscles and apply [Reinforce] on the Magical Skin.”
He made sure to make it at least able to move. Any more than that was impossible without materials even for Jin.
Some thirty minutes later the repair and maintenance was complete. The clothes were put back on, then finally came the activation of the Ether Converter.
Once started, it could convert the Mana it made into energy using its Mana Driver and operate with that. You could call this system a kind of a perpetual motion machine.
“Your Highness, are you able to use any kind of magic?”
The Magic Energy pattern used on the start-up decided the direction and nature of the Magic Energy the Automata emitted afterwards. This is why the golems and Automata Jin made had the same Magic Energy characteristics as he did.
“Hm? We can use [Cure] and [Water Ball] in addition to [Water Bullet].”
“That’s enough. Please come over here.”
Jin said and the princess came over to Tia’s side.
“Please place your hand on her chest… Like that, then pour in Magic Energy.”
Jin said, but the princess looked surprised and hurriedly said,
“W-what!? Just Magic Energy? W-we’ve never done that before?”
Jin guided her gently,
“It’s alright. Just use [Cure] and it’ll work out. The moment you feel you’re about to cast it, ….let’s see, how should I say this… Something like, try undoing the convergence?”
“Hmm… It’s vague but We can tell what you’re trying to say. Should We give it a try?”
“Yes, please do.”
“Here we go. …!!”
Jin who was watching the flow of Magic Energy using the [Trace] spell saw the Magic Energy concentrate on the princess’s hands, then saw her cancel it just before it materialized as healing magic.
Half of it vanished into the air, but the remaining half was just enough to start Tia’s Ether Converter.
The Ether Converter made Mana, passed it to the Mana Driver, which sent energy to all parts of Tia’s body through the magical nerves.
She then opened her eyes. Next she sat up slowly. Her blue eyes noticed Princess Lieschen.
Her lips moved just a little, but she was still able to speak out a word.
“It’s been… a while. You’ve grown…bigger.”
She said and smiled sweetly.
The princess hugged Tia.
“Tia, I wanted to see you. I wanted to see you so…!”
“Come now, princess, you’re acting as spoiled as always, aren’t you.”
While talking Tia tenderly hugged the princess back. Although it was just her arms, she could move. There just wasn’t enough material for the legs.
“I never, thought, I’d get to, see you again, princess…”
“Me neither….!”

Jin’s group nearby exchanged glances and left the scene. They looked at Hannah and she was lying down sleeping on the soft and fluffy carpet.
“Just now, she said ‘I’ and not ‘We’.”
Elsa whispered to Jin with a low voice.
“Mh-hm, she undoubtedly said ‘I’ when Tia began to move. She must’ve returned to her past.”
Jin replied with a low voice too.
Jessica then came over to them and,
“Jin-dono, let me thank you too. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the princess this happy. I cannot thank you enough.”
She said, lowering her head. Jin felt ashamed.
“No, I only repaired an Automata that didn’t work. If Her Highness was made happy then it was all thanks to Tia.”
“Hehe, Jin-dono, aren’t you humble. But it doesn’t seem like the princess thinks that way.”
Jessica said and pointed behind Jin.
Jin turned and met the wet eyes of Princess Lieschen with blushed cheeks.
“Jin, thank you! You’ve done what no Magi Craftsman in this country could do!”
She said and took both of Jin’s hands. Her voice woke up the napping Hannah.
“Mm…Ah, Tia-san’s moving!”
The princess too smiled when she heard that.
“That’s right, you’ve got a good elder brother, he’s amazing, isn’t he.”
At the side, even Elsa was smiling happily.
“Your Highness, although I repaired Tia some things were only temporary measures, so please don’t have her overdo it.”
Jin gave a warning, just in case.
“Mh-hm, got it! Jin, what kind of a reward would you like?”
“Eh, nothing in…”
Jin began to speak, but then Elsa pulled on his sleeve. Understanding that she was thinking of something, he tried leaving the talking to Elsa.
“Your Highness, in that case, I was thinking we’d like entrance permits to Alban.”
What Jin’s group had been issued in the morning were only temporary permits.
“Mh-hm, that’s a simple thing. And?”
“And tonight’s lodgings.”
“Hmm, hmm, you may stay here. We have a lot of things We want to talk to you about!”
She had been thinking that the princess would introduce them to an inn, but instead it turned out they’d stay there.
“We’ll have the rooms prepared at once.”
The princess faced the doorway and gave orders to the young maid there.
She then turned to Jin’s group and said,
“She’ll guide you to the guest room, please follow her.”
And so Jin’s group was this time led to the guest room. The princess returned to Tia’s side and began talking about something again. She must’ve been very happy, it seemed like their separation had been quite hard.
Jessica stayed on watch in the corridor. Why the captain of the Imperial Guard knights, you may ask. The maid told them that she had originally been the princess’s bodyguard and had had a successful career from there.
“It’s because Jessica-sama actually treasures the princess a lot. She’s protected the princess ever since she was little.”
The maid seemed to love talking as she had in addition kept on fluently chattering about the gossip inside the royal palace without even asking.
The guest room was only for Jin’s group.
“Hey, Elsa.”
Jin threw a slightly critical look towards Elsa but,
“Jin-nii, just what were you thinking. You did what no Magi Craftsman in this country could just like that. There’s no way they’d send us off just like that.”
She had a point.
“So tonight, keep her company properly.”
You could read another meaning to what Elsa said, but Jin could understand what she meant.
Since staying in the royal palace –or more appropriately the imperial villa– was a rare experience for Hannah she was fine with it, but Jin disliked stiff places like these.
“Elsa’s probably used to it though…”
He muttered and,
“That’s not the case.”
Elsa replied.
“Because until I was precisely the age of that princess, I never went out to the high society.”
Until then she had just done what she liked and played, she said.
“That’s why I’m not fond of formal situations either.”
While thinking of how she didn’t say she dislikes them, Jin played with the braided hair of Hannah who was sitting next to him. She silently, no, smilingly let him.
Reiko stood quietly like she was protecting Jin, and soon it had become dark outside.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 13

10-13 The Blue-haired Automata

“An Automata you’d like me to repair?”
“That’s right. It’s shameful, but Our Cline Kingdom doesn’t have a satisfactory Magi Craftsman. Everyone gave up.”
Princess Lieschen said regretfully.
“We heard talk that some distant village had an excellent Magi Craftsman, but thanks to a certain idiot called Earl Walter they ran away.”
It was a familiar story.
“Hm? So you’ve heard of it too. …Really, all those old nobles, they’re just absorbed in protecting their own interests and don’t think of the country’s or the people’s benefits at all.”
While talking the princess looked over at Jessica next to her and continued,
“Jessica’s also a new noble. Good grief, there are sometimes times We think the whole lot of the nobles should be replaced.”
“Your Highness, that’s a little…”
Jessica softly interrupted her.
“Mhm, you’re right. We shouldn’t have the guests from another country listen to Our grumblings. …And so, Jin, We would like you to accompany us to the royal palace.”
Refusal no longer seemed to be an option. Jin gave up and accepted. However,
“If there’s no materials then I can’t repair whatever it is I need to repair though.”
He told the princess before he forgot. She then replied with a serious look on her face,
“Mh-hm… Is there anything you need?”
Jin explained,
“It depends on what’s broken. I won’t know before I examine it.”

At any rate first came the examination so the carriage the group had got onto moved. On both sides of it four Imperial Guard knights followed.
The princess, Jessica, Jin, Elsa, Hannah, and Reiko were on board yet there was extra room.
That was only natural as the carriage was drawn by four horses. However, the ride wasn’t very comfortable. But the road being paved was a big help. Mostly to Jin.
The carriage headed to the building all the way at the end of the main road, the royal palace.
“Is it fine to just take us along?”
Jin asked and Jessica answered,
“Although we’re heading towards the royal palace, despite it being part of it where we’re going is more like an imperial villa, so the security and management is loose compared to the main palace. Not to mention that the check will be simple since this carriage is exclusively for the royalty.”
Princess Lieschen then gave additional explanation.
“We are the third princess. We have two elder brothers and two elder sisters. Moreover, a princess who isn’t an adult has no authority to inherit the throne. So even though We’re royalty We’re not treated so seriously.”
Even Prince Ernest was born to a mistress, Jin remembered. Somehow it seemed like royalty like this felt like they were of better quality, Jin thought but of course didn’t say it.

The so-called imperial villa was to the left of the royal castle when facing it from the front, that is to say it was a building on the western side. It was different from how Jin imagined an imperial villa being like, but thinking that just might be a difference between worlds, Jin accepted it.
Since this was Hannah’s first time on a carriage she was engrossed in looking out from the window. Elsa was watching out from the window too with a slightly interested look on her face.
“This is it, we’ve arrived.”
The carriage’s door was opened from the outside and a stool for getting down from the carriage was prepared.
First Reiko got down while being cautious. Of course, nothing was there.
Jin took Hannah by the hand and got down, then Elsa got down while feeling a little bit jealous of that.
“Thank you Jessica, you may go now.”
The princess said but Jessica shook her head.
“No, I shall attend you until the end of the day.”
“Well aren’t you diligent, if only you were like this when using magic… Oh well.”
While the princess spoke, they passed through entrance that was quite huge for an imperial villa.
Jin’s group kept following after Jessica. She was a slightly dejected from the princess’s comment.
There were less people around than expected. It seemed that the labor shortage affected this place too.
An Automata caught Jin’s eye. She was wearing a maid’s clothing and Jin could tell she was compensating for the labor shortage. However,
“Hmm, why is so rickety like that?”
Jin voiced his impression of the maid Automata. Even Elsa said,
“Jin-nii, the Automata here seem to be moving strangely. Awkwardly.”
Having become used to seeing golems made by Jin on Kunlun Island and Hourai Island, apparently she had become able to tell the difference between their movements.
Whether the princess heard their exchange or not, she kept on walking silently until she came to a stop in front of a room.
She placed her hand on the door, looked over her shoulder and spoke with a sad tone.
“Jin, please, We want you to repair her.”
She then personally opened the door.

Tapestry with flowers and butterflies on them had been hung on the walls of the room, and there was a soft bright green carpet on the floor. Judging from the feel it was a child’s room.
“Woah, cute room~”
Hannah said; she must’ve got the same impression.
“Yes, this was Our room as a child.”
The princess said, her eyes slightly moist.
“Take off your shoes and come in please.”
The princess said, neatly took off and put away her dark brown shoes, then stepped on the carpet. Jin’s group followed. Just Jessica kept standing as if protecting the entrance.
They looked around the room while feeling the soft sensation of the carpet under their feet. In the corner there was a crib, and beside it sat a silhouette.
Jin and Elsa both spoke nearly simultaneously.
The one sitting there was a blue-haired Automata. At a glance you could tell it was the same model as Ann.
The princess found some fault with what they said.
“That’s not her name. She’s ‘Tia’. Our only… nanny.”
Jin didn’t miss the sadness in her voice. He then went to take a closer look at ‘Tia’.
It was unmistakably the same model of Automata as Ann. Her condition was many times better than Ann’s at the time of her discovery.
But, she wasn’t running. Before ascertaining the cause Jin threw a question at the princess.
“Your Highness Princess Lieschen, how did you come into possession of this Tia?”
Hearing him, the princess reacted with a twitch.
“Jin you’re asking not from who, but how? We see, you must know, right? Indeed, Tia isn’t something that was recently made. It seems she was found from some ruins.”
As I thought, Jin thought.
“Tia is an automata, but she was also my nanny. We’ve heard that when We were very young she even breastfed Us.”
Indeed, if she was the same model as Ann then she probably also had nipples installed. The breastfeeding function may have been something custom.
“By the time I could understand what was going on, Tia could only talk and had become unable to move. Even so, she let me hear many stories and songs. But…”
The princess hung her head down.
“Three years ago, Tia suddenly stopped working. We tried showing her to the Magi Craftsmen of my country, but they told Us that because her construction differs from the one current Automata use she can’t be repaired.”
Tears were glittering in her eyes.
“Our country is undeveloped with regards to Automata and Golems. We’ve heard that Egelia Kingdom makes more use of Golems and Automata. Most of the Automata working here right now have been bought from Egelia Kingdom.”
While talking the princess softly touched the cheek of the unmoving Tia.
“We remember it. Tia was, Tia’s body was warm. The bodies of other Automata aren’t cold, but they aren’t warm either.”
The princess then fixed her eyes on Jin, took his hand and said,
“We know that Tia is a special Automata. But, whatever it takes, We want to hear her voice again. Please, Jin! Please repair Tia!”
Seeing her desperation, Jin could tell just how serious the once-lively Princess Lieschen was.
“Onii-chan, listen to the princess’s request. Onii-chan, you can do it, right?”
Even Hannah said so and looked at Jin. Elsa said nothing, but just looking at her face was enough to tell what she wanted to say.
It made no difference as Jin himself wanted to repair her too.
“I got it, I’ll do what I can.”
Jin said and began examining Tia.
Although her condition was better than Ann’s had been, her Magical Skin had deteriorated and its elasticity had fallen and her Magical Muscles were torn to pieces in some places.
Her skeleton had deformations and her joints were also rattling quite a lot.
But the main cause of her becoming inoperable was the Ether Converter.
Jin’s diagnosis was that the Magi Crystal used as the Ether Converter had degraded, and with this era’s Ether concentration being too low, it had become unable to refine Mana.
That’s why there was no way that this country’s, or rather most of the current era’s Magi Craftsmen could repair it.
“H–how is it? Can you repair her?”
The princess asked worriedly, then Jin told her with a smile,
“It’s fine, I can repair her. But I need an all-attribute Magi Crystal though.”
Hearing that the princess began to smile.
“Got it! An all-attribute Magi Crystal! We’ll have one provided at once!”
She said, then gave some kind of an order to Jessica who was standing at the entrance. Jessica went down the corridor and soon came back.
She must’ve given orders to other servants or Automata.

While waiting for the Magi Crystal to be delivered, Jin began simple maintenance and had Reiko lay Tia down on the floor.
“Your Highness, to repair Tia I have to take off her clothes, is this alright?”
Jin tentatively asked for courtesy’s sake. Of course the princess agreed.
“Elsa, could you come here and take her clothes off?”
Sensing the cold gaze of Elsa who was watching, Jin decided to ask her.
With a short reply Elsa began taking off Tia’s clothes. The clothes looked to be recently made as they weren’t worn out.
She took off the apron, the one-piece dress, and the slip-style underwear. As was usual in this world, there was no bra. The Automata was also wearing outdoor shoes tied with a string and bloomers.
“You can leave the bloomers for now.”
After having Elsa take off the slip Jin stopped her. If she was the same as Ann then that would be all sorts of perilous.
Then when Jin was about to tear off the chest’s Magical Skin his hand stopped.
“Your Highness, I’ll now be dissecting a part of Tia. I don’t know whether or not I want to show it to you. Your Highness, please decide it for yourself.”
Princess Lieschen looked down and thought about it for a while, but before long raised her face in determination and said,
“Please show Us. It’s what We asked for, and more importantly, no matter how she looks Tia is Tia. We’ll see it with Our own eyes.”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 12

10-12 Princess

“Advanced fire magic?”
Pieces of the blown-apart golem rained down.
They bore into the walls of nearby buildings and even some people were hurt by them. There were also people who were burned.
“What are they doing in the middle of the town! Elsa, go check on the injured.”
Jin rushed to a building. It was greatly cracked and there were parts that seemed like they would collapse any time now.
Jin started repairing the walls with Craft Magic.
For now, it seemed like there was no worry of the walls coming down.
“T-thank you very much…”
On Elsa’s side, the treatment of the injured also seemed to be nearly over.
Jin took a breather and Elsa took another look towards the direction where the magic had come from.
A lone magi knight was there. Numerous knights came from the same direction and they were checking the scene and its surroundings for anyone suspicious.
Gloria raised her voice, ran over, and scowled a little. The magi knight looked at Gloria awkwardly.
“S-sorry. Looks like I overdid it a little with the power.”
“Not just little! The citizens also got harmed! You’re always like this, captain! Please learn restraint!”
“But if I ignored them the damage would’ve been greater…”
“I know that! That’s why I said restraint!”
Looking more closely at the person Gloria was chiding, she was a woman who seemed under 30 and was slightly shorter than Gloria. She also had very short hair but hers was vividly red.
Her eyes were such a bright brown that they also looked red, so at a glance she gave the impression that fire-attribute magic was her forte. That said, according to current theory one’s hair color had no relation to one’s strongest attribute.
Her breastplate bulged outwards a lot, the size was as Reinhardt liked them.

“Oh, so you were here too, Gloria? How’s the damage?”
A carriage stopped behind the so-called captain and someone called out from inside. Recognizing the voice, Gloria was surprised and corrected her posture.
“There has been damage to the buildings but temporary repairs seem completed. Few people suffered wounds, but several were hurt by the aftermath of the [Flame Lance]. But thanks to the cooperation of a person who could use healing magic, treatment has been taken care of.”
After Gloria had replied while standing at attention, she pointed to Elsa behind her who had treated the wounded.
“I understand. Let’s give ample compensation to the citizens later. I’ll also have some strict words with Jessica. But settling this incident comes first. Jessica, take command.”
The captain called Jessica replied with a salute to the command that came from inside the carriage.
In the meanwhile, female knights who seemed to be her underlings arrested three suspicious men who were near the wagon. Apparently these three had moved the carriage here.
Although it was called a wagon, there wasn’t a horse connected to it and the men had apparently pulled it by themselves.
“Take them back for questioning. And afterwards come back to pick up those two golems.”
Jessica said, and afterwards stepped up towards Jin.
“Due to your efforts the two golems could be captured, thank you. My name is Jessica Norton and I am the captain of Cline Kingdom’s female imperial guard knight troops.”
“I’m an Honorary Magi Craftsman of Egelia Kingdom, my name is Jin.”
“Oh, a visitor from Egelia Kingdom? Is that lady who is treating the people with you?”
She said and looked towards Elsa.
“Yes, she’s my little sister. Her name is Elsa. This is my sister Hannah.”
Jin said and introduced Hannah.
“Mh-hm, I’ll extend the thanks to your sister. So, I’ve been instructed to tell you that the esteemed person in the carriage would like to thank you personally. Could you please come with me?”
As the captain of the female imperial guard knight troops had called them ‘the esteemed person’, Jin could have a rough idea of who they were.
“Yes, I understand.”
Thinking that if he refused here it would be troublesome in the future, Jin agreed.
“Thank you. Have your sisters come too. …Gloria, you were off-duty today, weren’t you. Enjoy the rest of your day off. See you tomorrow at the royal palace.”
Being told so by her superior, Gloria cast a sidelong glance towards Jin’s group and,
“Well then, Jin-dono, Elsa-dono, and Hannah-dono. I’m sorry that it things got hectic at the end, but goodbye for now. If you need anything, please feel free to come and ask my family ”
She said, gave a light bow, and left.
“Come, Jin-dono, over here.”
Jessica Norton said and beckoned Jin’s group to follow her inside the carriage that was parked at the side of the main street. Once they had a closer look they noticed that the carriage’s craftsmanship was remarkably fine.
“Without revealing her exact status, I’ll just tell you that she is a noble of this country.”
She said, opened the carriage door, and announced,
“Lies-sama, I’ve brought them.”
Then a very lively voice came from inside.
“Ooh, have you now! We are Lieschen Physis Cline!”
“The princess of this country?”
“A princess…?”
Her Highness the Princess was there, throwing out Jessica’s consideration with her grand introduction.

*   *   *

Jessica was sighing inside the carriage. Next to her was the dark brown haired, blue-eyed princess.
She was wearing what were probably street clothes and that’s why they had no frills or other extra decorations attached, but the clothes were still refined so that one could sense that she was of noble birth.
Jin, Elsa, Hannah, and Reiko were sitting in the seats in front of her.
“Don’t sigh like that. Don’t they say that happiness escapes the body when you do?”
The princess said to soothe Jessica but,
“Whose fault do you think that is…”
She replied with a worn-out voice, then the princess retorted with a mischievous smile.
“Being royalty is not a secret or something to be hidden!”
Jessica then sighed many times more.

“Moving on from the melancholic Jessica, the reason We summoned you here was that for one We wanted to express Our thanks. ”
The princess stated to begin with. She looked to be no more than 12 or 13, but she spoke like an adult probably due to her education as royalty.
“Express… your thanks?”
Jin spoke as the representative.
“That’s right. We saw it, that Automata protecting the child and you dropping the two golems into a hole and neutralizing them. And the older one of your sisters helped the wounded by healing them.”
We’ve got a magical eye that can see at a long distance, the princess said and pointed at her right eye.
“Lies-sama! You didn’t have to tell him that!”
She went and spoke of something secret and Jessica flusteredly cautioned her due to her wildness, but it was like talking to a wall as the princess didn’t seem even a bit shy.
“A magical eye…you say?”
A magical eye was literally that, an eye which held Magic Energy. They were said to be extremely rare, something only one in tens of thousands of people had.
In addition their effects varied from seeing through objects, clearly telling true from false through disguises ad camouflage, and there even were charm-type eyes like the former ‘Golden Princess of Destruction’ Elena had had.
Then there eyes like the princess’s that could see into the distance, and so on.
“We had just snuck out of the castle to see the situation around town. There was some kind of a disturbance so we hurried here, and it was at that time that We saw your efforts.”
Speaking elegantly while mixing in things like ‘snuck out’, even this princess was the pitiable type, Jin thought.
She had refined looks not just because she was royalty, and her slightly upturned eyes were clear and her determination was well visible from them. She gave a feeling of elegance, just her mannerisms were very tomboyish.
“We have given Our name, so please introduce yourselves too.”
Being told so, Jin’s group hurriedly introduced themselves.
“Ah, my apologies. My name is Jin. This is my little sister Elsa, and this Hannah, who is also my little sister. And this is Reiko.”
“I’m Elsa.”
“I’m Hannah!”
Elsa stood up, pinched the hem of her skirt and gave a simple bow. Hannah greeted her in a lively manner. Reiko stayed expressionless.
“Ah, We see, so you’re Jin. Egelia Kingdom’s Honorary Magi Craftsman, aren’t you? That is the second reason I summoned you.”
There was a pause, and then Princess Lieschen began talking, this time with a slightly faltering tone.
“Egelia Kingdom’s third prince is called Ernest-sama…or so We hear. Do you know him? If you know then please tell Us. W-what kind of a person is he?”
The princess asked while blushing a little. Oh my, Jin thought as he replied.
“Let’s see, if I recall correctly he just turned 13.”
“H-hmm, so he’s a year older than We.”
“He’s rather intelligent and likes golems.”
“…Huh, we would get along well.”
“He’s also considerate and watchful towards his subordinates.”
“Kind, is he?”
“Your Highness, could it be that this is about marriage proposal or something?”
“Yes, that’s….W–whawhawha–what are you saying?!”
Midway to confirming what Jin asked the princess turned bright red and panicked. It was appropriate for her age.
“No, it’s just that marriage between members of royalty isn’t uncommon, and you wanted to know about a prince in a faraway country, so.”
At strange times, Jin could be quick on the uptake.
“Uh, we–well. We’re just sounding things out at the moment though.”
The princess replied while hanging her head down. It was a bit cute.
“I think he’s a good person. However, I don’t myself understand relations between men and women.”
Jin finished talking and the princess nodded.
“M-mhm. You’ve been very helpful. Thank you. …There’s one more thing, it’s about an Automata We would like you to repair.”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 11

10-11 Turmoil After All

Right then it was about lunchtime.
“Alright, let me take care of the lunch.”
Gloria Ohlstat said and invited Jin’s group for lunch. She also invited Duston, but he refused, saying he had a lunch box his wife had made.
“When I was a child, I often went to play at Duston’s workplace and watch him make cutlery.”
Apparently by that time already she was a pitiable beauty.
They stopped by Gloria’s house to drop off her sword and then headed to the main street. The large sun dial showed that it was about 11.45. The foot traffic had increased compared to the morning.
“I’ve got a preferred restaurant.”
Gloria said as took the lead of Jin’s group.
“Here it is.”
The restaurant was on the main street little ways back towards the gate Jin and the others had come from.
Its sign had ‘Crystal Restaurant’ written on it, and while it appeared cramped the inside atmosphere was good.
Since the time was still a bit before 12 o’clock there weren’t many customers either.
“Welcome, Ohlstat-sama.”
Like to a regular customer, the waitress greeted her in a friendly tone.
“Hey, Feo. I brought company with me today. Whatever you recommend for four, please.”
“As you wish.”
The waitress called Feo gave a bow and went to the kitchen to convey the order.
“The lunch here is famously good. Off-duty soldiers and knights also come here often.”
Gloria explained.
“Up until the other day there were continuous battles around Tetrada west of here, but it seems to have stopped now. Yesterday a post horse arrived. It seems that Egelia Kingdom had fought with Celuroa Kingdom but it also seems to have come to an end. That’s news that came by pigeon the day before yesterday.”
“Is it alright to tell us something like that?”
“Eh, it’s fine. You must be worried about the situation of the countries too? I thought I’d tell you as part of my thanks for making the sword for me.”
“Why, thank you very much.”
It was news he was already familiar with, but since she had kindly told him Jin thanked her.
“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
The food was brought in quite fast.
“They came up with this idea to reduce the types of foods in exchange for careful selection of flavors and reduced cooking time.”
Gloria explained. To put it simply, it was a set meal that changed every day, but reaching that idea in this world could be valued highly. And just as she explained, the taste was rather good too.
The food was freshly baked bread, vegetable soup, dried fish stew, and grilled deer meat. In addition they had Appleles.
It wasn’t high cuisine, but being familiar and cheap it was a menu both commoners and lesser nobles could enjoy.
Incidentally, Jin was interested in the bread. It wasn’t pure white, but it wasn’t whole grain bread either. To be frank, it was exactly the same bread that was eaten in Kaina Village.
“This bread…”
Jin started to say, then Gloria began explaining with an understanding look on her face.
“Ah, it’s delicious, right? It’s become popular lately. It’s made out of wheat flour a rapidly growing company called Raglan Firm is selling.”
I thought so, Jin thought. He felt real happiness being of use to society like this.
Hannah wanted to say something, but seemed to be engrossed in the dried fish stew.
“You’re very knowledgeable, aren’t you.”
Jin said, thinking that she was surprisingly well-informed about things despite being a knight.
“What, it’s just that the owner’s wife is my childhood friend.”
Gloria replied. I see, Jin thought after hearing that.

*   *   *

Tea was brought in after lunch.
“So, about the compensation for the sword.”
Before drinking the tea Gloria spoke.
“How much would you like me to pay? Name your price, is what I’d like to say but what I can pay has limits…”
Jin turned to Gloria and replied,
“Since the materials didn’t cost anything, it’s fine if you just pay whatever you think the sword is worth.”
Jin honestly didn’t know the market prices of swords and such.
But Gloria muttered that that’s what troubles her the most, and she began pondering. Before long she raised her head as if having come to a decision and took a tiny leather bag from the leather purse on her waist and placed it in front of Jin.
“That’s all I’ve got on hand.”
Slightly confused, Jin checked the contents of the bag, and inside it there were seven gold coins and 15 silver coins. That was 71,500 Torr. That was about 715,000 yen.
“This is too much.”
Jin said, but Gloria replied without hesitation that even 100,000 Torr wouldn’t be enough for the sword and that haggling would be blasphemous.
Jin felt a little uncomfortable, but then thought of a good line for persuasion.
“For craftsmen as long as what they’ve made is appreciated and taken good care of, it would be fine to even give the product away for free. So I’ll take just this and let’s settle it with that.”
Jin said and took two gold coins out of the bag, then returned the rest to Gloria.
“Take good care of it, or should I say that I’m just happy that I could help.”
Gloria then turned to Jin who said all that, replied with ‘I swear’, and lowered her head.

Once they had drunk the tea that had cooled down a little, the outside became noisy.
“Hm? What’s going on?”
Before Gloria could finish talking, there was a sound of something breaking and people screaming.
This is no trivial matter, Gloria said and rushed outside. There were knights near the area. Incidentally, the bill appeared to go on her tab.
Jin’s group also followed outside to see. Then.
“I recognize those. They’re the old type golems of the Unifiers.”
There were three old type golems that had become the base for Gon and Gen, and they were rampaging on the main street.
“What is this!?”
Gloria asked a knight who was next to her.
“Ah, Gloria-sama. I–I don’t know very well myself, but what I can say is that at 12 o’clock those three came out of a wagon and began acting violently.”
Indeed, ahead of the road there was a half-destroyed wagon with three racks that had fallen over.
“Can’t you stop them!?”
“N–no. Our swords can’t make a dent on them. We’ve requested the magi knight troops, but as of yet…”
“This isn’t the time to be talking about that!”
Gloria turned to the direction of the three golems. They had begun destroying the stores along the road. People were running about trying to escape.
A crowd of people rushed out of the destroyed stores. There were also people who turned back when they saw the golems.
Among them was a small child who seemed to have been separated from their parent. The child accidentally fell over in front of the golem.
“That’s bad!”
Without any hesitation, the golem seemed about to trample over the child.
“Reiko! Save that child!”
Jin ordered. Reiko replied and instantly moved.

Jin’s order was to ‘Save’. To save the child just holding them in her arms and moving away would work, but at this time it would be difficult.
If Reiko was to quickly grab them and move, the child’s delicate body probably couldn’t handle the acceleration. After reaching that conclusion, the action Reiko took was being the shield for the child.
Reiko went on her hands and knees and covered the child to protect them. Then the golem’s foot swooped down on her.
Without time to be doubtful of Reiko who moved there in an instant, the people present saw the golem’s foot land on Reiko who was covering the small child.
Several women closed their eyes as they couldn’t bear to watch Reiko and the child who were about to be crushed in a moment.
But Reiko’s body wasn’t so roughly made as to be crushed by a golem like that.
The eyes of Gloria who hadn’t closed them became wide.
Reiko who took the golem’s foot with her back was undaunted.
“[Wind Blow].”
Then the wind magic spell Elsa cast exploded. Since the golem had raised one of its legs it was easily overturned.
Reiko used the chance to take the child in her arms and got up slowly. She then ran back over to where Jin’s group was.
“Father, the child is safe.”
Jin patted the head of Reiko who had carried back the child who was on the point of tears and praised her.
“Well done, Reiko. Your decision-making was good too.”
“Reiko onee-chan, coo~ol!”
Even Hannah praised her, and Reiko smiled broadly. Since the child had scraped their knee, Elsa used healing magic.
The bleeding stopped, and the child finally stopped crying.
“Okay, you’re fine now. Does it hurt anywhere else?”
That’s good, Elsa said and returned her focus to the golems.
Jin used the earth type magic [Dig] to make the golems fall into a pitfall and sealed their movements.
If Reiko used violence this could be quickly settled, but since he wanted to avoid being conspicuous he had Reiko move to protect the surrounding people.
Jin then turned off a golem whose movements were sealed. In truth, the SP who were hidden using [Stealth] had also secretly provided support.
Jin himself was moving while protected by a [Barrier].
Two golems were deactivated, and one remained. At that moment.

“[Flame Lance].”
Fire magic exploded and the remaining golem was blown away.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 10

10-10 Jin’s Skill

“Thank you very much. It was helpful.”
Jin thanked Duston.
“Hannah, were you watching? Your grandfather made lots of things just like that.”
“Yep, I saw. It was very different from how onii-chan does it.”
Jin patted Hannah’s head and said,
“Yeah, I on the other hand am not capable of working like that.”
Then he asked Elsa,
“So, what are your thoughts?”
Elsa replied with a slightly flushed face.
“Mm. I came to understand just how kitchen knives and other edged tools like that are normally used are made. It’ll be useful.”
“Right. Also, the final quenching and tempering is very important for iron and steel.”
Jin explained. Of course, Elsa threw back a question.
“What do you mean?”
“You see, steel is a variety of iron, and when it’s heated until it’s the color of a Citran and rapidly cooled down it becomes harder. That’s quenching.”
“But if you leave it just like that then it’ll be hard and brittle and will soon break. So to make it more tenacious it has to be tempered. That can be done by warming it up to the point that droplets of water spilled on it begin skittering around, then letting it slowly cool down.”
“Mm, I understand.”
“Whether you know this or not has an effect on the quality of the Magi Craft.”
Once Jin had explained that far, Duston came nearby with a grim look on his face.
“H–hey, youngster! Who did you hear that secret from? Normally a master teaches that only when you’ve become qualified, right? Even I was taught it only when I had reached my thirties!”
He seemed to be surprised that Jin who looked like he was less than 20 years old knew this (although Jin was already 21 years old).
“Who, well, my teacher.”
“Your teacher’s generous, or maybe I should say they’re amazing…”
Duston was amazed.
“Hey, onii-chan, show us how you make a kitchen knife too.”
“Mm. I also want to see Jin-nii make one.”
Encouraged by Hannah and Elsa, Jin turned to Duston while smiling strainedly and asked,
“May I use your workshop?”
“Yeah, go ahead and show me how a Magi Craftsman works.”
Duston said and gave his permission.
Jin immediately went to where the iron ingots were.
“[Analyse]. …hmm…”
After confirming the quality of the iron, Jin called Elsa over to teach her.
“Elsa, come over here for a bit. …Listen, to examine the composition of this iron you can use [Analyse], but you won’t be able to understand substances you’re not familiar with. So knowledge is important.”
Jin said and after once again using the [Analyse] magic to confirm the composition for himself, he told Elsa to give it a try.
“Mm. [Analyse].”
It went well on the first try, but,
“…I could somehow tell what was iron. But everything else is a mess and I couldn’t tell what was what at all…”
Elsa said with a frown.
“Haha, that’s natural. Look, [Extraction] copper. [Extraction] silicon. [Extraction] sulfur. [Extraction] phosphorus. ”
Jin used [Extraction] four times on the large ingot. With it, although the amounts were small, copper, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorus were separated from it. They all were in amounts small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but considering they were impurities it was an amount that couldn’t be disregarded.
“Look, these are the impurities. Each one of them are pure substances, so give a go at using [Analyse] on them.”
“Mm. [Analyse]. …Ah.”
“How is it?”
Elsa looked a little surprised so Jin asked. Elsa blushed and,
“I can kind of recognize copper and sulfur.”
Since they both were materials she was kind of familiar with, even Elsa became able to differentiate between them.
“Alright. Since taking too much time would probably be a bother, let’s stop today’s lesson here. Watch me do the rest.”
Jin ended lecturing Elsa and resumed making the kitchen knife. Behind him it seemed like Duston’s jaw had become disconnected but he didn’t notice it. At the side, Reiko was proudly throwing out her chest.
“[Separation]. [Forming].”
Jin separated a necessary amount of iron using Craft Magic. With the next magic he changed the shape of the iron in his hand into a kitchen knife.
“Alright, let’s have the shape like this I suppose. I’d want to use [Heat Treatment] next but there’s a bit too little carbon for that, huh.”
Jin had checked it and the carbon content was about 0.5 percent. The amount of carbon was the most important component that determined the hardness when quenching, and for a kitchen knife a carbon content of 0.8~1.2 percent was suitable.
He then decided to draw carbon from the carbon dioxide in the air and mix it with the iron. This magic could only mix the carbon with the surface, so he used the [Homogenize] Craft Magic to make the composition uniform.
He repeated this multiple times until the carbon percentage was one. That was suitable.
“Alright, Elsa, pay attention now. [Heat Treatment].”
Since he did it slowly, Elsa was able to perceive the kitchen knife Jin held instantly heating up, rapidly cooling down, then heating up once more and returning back to the normal temperature, all while observing the flow of the Magic Energy.
“Isn’t it hot?”
Elsa asked with worry as, although it was for just an instant, she had sensed the temperature grow until the iron was Citran-colored (orange).
“Yeah, it’s fine. What you perceived was simply the phase change of iron, it’s not like it really went to that temperature. That’s the good thing about Craft Magic.”
Jin said and handed the kitchen knife to Elsa. She physically felt that it was indeed not hot.
Behind them Hannah was watching with eyes sparkling, and next to her on top of having his jaw seem dislocated Duston’s eyes were so wide it seemed like they could fall out any moment now.
“Finally let’s make the blade. [Shaping]. Let’s also clean up the surface. [Finish].”
The blackish kitchen knife glittered with silver gray.
“Alright, it’s complete. Duston, do you have a handle for this? …?”
Jin said and turned, and behind him Duston was making an indescribable face.
“Hello. Anyone there, Duston?”
Jin called out to him, and gradually Duston rebooted.
“Y-yes. I was just surprised since this is the first time I’m seeing a Magi Craftsman work. B-but, just wait a minute, what did you do to the ingot!?”
He was apparently talking about the separation of impurities that Jin did.
“Well. There was a bit too much impurities mixed in so I separated them.”
“…You can do even that?…”
Duston gave an impression of slight exhaustion.
“Anyway, a handle, huh. Here’s one of the standard handles I use.”
It was a kitchen knife’s handle made out of hard wood. Since the knife Jin made was nearly the same size as Duston’s, he attached the knife to the handle and it was finished.

Gloria who had been similarly watching Jin’s way of working was likewise absentminded until now when she also rebooted.
“Ji–Jin-dono! You’re amazing! What Lithia said really wasn’t a lie! Could you please make my sword soon too!?”
The pitiable beauty showed her character.
Jin gave a nod and asked,
“Alright. So, what kind of a sword would you like?”
“The official equipment for us female knights is a short sword. A sword with a blade of 50 centimeters and a handle of about 20 centimeters would be preferable.”
These short swords were called such to contrast with the long swords used while riding a horse. It didn’t mean that the sword was particularly short
“Got it.”
Jin said and secured a necessary amount of iron from the ingot from earlier using [Separation]. Since he was familiar with Lithia’s sword he already had a rough idea about the general amount needed.
He then used [Forming] and [Carburising] followed by [Heat Treatment], [Shaping], and finally [Finish].
Additionally he applied [Hardening], completing the sword’s main body.
Elsa who had watched him work asked a question.
“Jin-nii, why did you use [Carburising] fewer times compared to earlier? And you didn’t use [Homogenize].”
“Oh, well spotted. Breaking is the worst case scenario for a sword. An ideal sword doesn’t break, bend, and cuts well. To realize this I use composite materials.”
Jin explained.
“Composite materials?”
“Yeah. To put it simply, comparatively soft iron is used in the core portions and the edge portions use hard steel. The surfaces are then hardened.”
After Jin told her that, Elsa said she understood and raised her eyes.
“If the core is soft it doesn’t fracture easily. By using [Carburising] on just the surface it becomes difficult to bend. And after hardening it cuts well.”
“You got it.”
Elsa seemed happy and slightly blushed when Jin spoke well of her.
“Y-y-y-you! T-this is the first time I’m hearing about that kind of a manufacturing method! Is it alright to thoughtlessly spread a secret like that?”
Behind them, Duston seemed agitated as he spoke.
“Eh, it’s alright. I borrowed your workshop and even used some of your iron, Duston. Ah, do you have any materials for making the sword’s sheath or the handle?”
Duston was taken aback by Jin’s calm reply and his agitation ended.
“Yeah… Missy, what a guy you brought with you.”
While speaking he pointed at a material shelf in the back.
“You can use whatever you like that’s there.”
Jin then searched the shelf.
He chose heavy leather for the sheath, bronze for the guard, and solid wood for the grip. He quickly shaped and processed these with Craft Magic too, and soon the short sword was completed.
“Gloria, I’ve had you wait for quite a while. Please take a look.”
“Uhm, thank you.”
After accepting the short sword Gloria immediately drew it and tried swinging it lightly.
“How is it? Since the weight can be adjusted a little, please don’t hold back.”
“I see. It feels like the tip is a little heavy.”
Gloria told her impressions to Jin.
“Got it. You can keep holding to it just like you were. …[Forming].”
Jin made the sword taper a little more towards the tip.
“How about now?”
Gloria tried swinging the short sword once more and,
“Mh-hm, this is good! Thank you, Jin-dono!”
She smiled with her whole face and thanked Jin.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 09

10-09 The Pitiable Beauty and the Blacksmith

Gloria noticed that Jin’s eyes were fixed on the wall behind her.
“Hm? Ah, this collection is a hobby of mine.”
She said.
“Although they aren’t of any practical use, they’re in good condition for decoration.”
But Jin kept looking at the wall, or rather the swords on it.
“Is something wrong, Jin-dono?”
Gloria seemed puzzled as she asked, then Jin finally withdrew his gaze and said,
“No, it’s quite the collection, very helpful as a reference.”
“A reference?”
Gloria said, then seemed to suddenly understand as she clapped her hands together.
“I see! So Jin-dono’s got an interest in swords! The swords on the wall are mostly for ceremonial use, but they still could be used in practice to a point. The one on the top right is a replica of the swords used by knights of a kingdom that existed 150 years ago and that’s why it’s got that rather different curvature to it compared to modern swords. The curve comes into play when slashing things with it, but since making it requires some skill the replica was made by casting instead of forging. You’d think that the one below that that’s made of not even Mithril but silver would be just for decoration but by loading it with magic it can be of effective use on top of having a design which I find pleasing. The one below that was bought from Leonard Kingdom and it broadens towards the tip, so I think it’s convenient for hacking due to its weight. The bottommost one is the newest one I’ve got: it’s the standard sword used by the magi knight troop, and then the topmost one on the middle is…”
Jin was a little put off by her starting to go on and on without ceasing.
“She sort of resembles Rai-nii.”
Elsa whispered. Hannah wasn’t listening from the start. She was eating the confection brought together with the tea. Reiko’s interest was zero to begin with.
(A beauty’s a beauty, but she’s a pitiable one, isn’t she…)
While holding thoughts like that, Jin half-ignored her.
“…And that’s the short of it if you’re interested in the swords. Now let’s talk about the reason I invited you here.”
Gloria said after talking for a while, then drank her tea in one gulp to relieve her parched throat and,
“Could I ask you make a sword for me too?”
She asked.
“A sword, for you?”
“Yes. Of course, not for decorating this wall. As a matter of fact, the other day my favorite sword finally broke. I do have many spare swords, but all of them are lacking.”
She then looked Jin right in the eye and,
“I had Lithia show me her sword and it was a good piece of work. I most certainly would like you to make one for me, how about it?”
She said to finish, then lightly bowed her head.
“Onii-chan, shouldn’t you make one?”
Hannah said after seeing Gloria’s act.
“Oh, Hannah-chan, wasn’t it? Thank you. Jin-dono, could you?”
“Jin-nii, she’s going this far to ask.”
Even Elsa said so, so Jin gave in.
“Making it is no problem, but what about the materials?”
But there was the problem of not having materials.
“Ah, for that I’ve got an acquaintance who’s a blacksmith so I’m sure we’ll figure something out.”
“Is that so…”
Well, if there were materials he had no particular objections against making it. Even more so if Elsa and Hannah were fine with it. It was just that he had purposefully come to Alban for sightseeing, is what Jin was thinking.
“Well then, let’s go make it at once.”
Since he had limited time it was better to do it fast.
“Oh, I’m glad to hear that! Alright, let’s go now!”
Gloria said and stood up. But then she suddenly looked towards Hannah and said,
“Oh, how about your sisters? I don’t mind if they stay here.”
It seemed to be her way of taking them into consideration.
“I’m fine being with onii-chan.”
“I’ll go with Jin-nii.”
The two said so Gloria nodded and they all ended up going.

They left Gloria’s house and walked straight in the direction of the wall for some ten minutes. Right next to the wall was the workshop of the blacksmith.
Since a blacksmith’s work was noisy and also dealt with fire, the place was some distance away from the residential areas.
“That’s it. Properly speaking the shop’s owner could even work exclusively for the kingdom’s chivalric order but he’s a little eccentric. He said that his job is to make tools for commoners and so he took up residence here.”
While Gloria explained, a man with a sturdy body came out of the building and said,
“Don’t just call people eccentric or whatever… Oh, it was you, missy.”
He looked to be over middle aged and was about as tall as Jin. However, his arms were unsuitably thick for his body.
“Duston, I’m already 23. Surely I’m no longer a missy.”
The past middle aged blacksmith Duston laughed and said,
“Whaat, from my viewpoint you’re still a missy. So, what’s the business today?”
“Um, as a matter of fact my favorite sword broke.”
After Gloria got that far Duston interrupted her,
“No no no no. I’ve already decided I don’t make weapons. This is the only request from you I won’t listen to, missy.”
He said and shook his head. However, Gloria said to cover that up,
“No, I wasn’t asking you to make it Duston. I’d just like you to provide the materials.”
Duston then began to frown.
“Hmmh? Well, if it’s only that then since it’s for no one other than you then I’ll do it, missus. But who are you planning on asking to make it?”
“Ah, this here Jin-dono.”
“Whaat? As if someone as skinny as him could swing a hammer!”
Since Reiko seemed to be about to jump out after hearing that, Jin immediately put his hand on her head. Reiko then gave up, however.
“Onii-chan’s awesome!”
Hannah couldn’t stay silent.
As you’d expect, not even the stubborn Duston could yell back at a girl young enough to be his granddaughter.
“Onii-chan can make anything! Even a pump, a trailer, and Mint!”
Hannah said and glared at him. But Duston seemed to have caught interest in one of the words Hannah said.
“M-missy, what did you just say? Didn’t you say ‘pump’?”
“I did! Onii-chan asked if drawing water was difficult and made a pump!”
“What the…”
Duston stared at Jin with a surprised look on his face. That was also what Gloria was feeling. She too looked as surprised as Duston.
“T-the pump was made by Jin-dono!? I never heard this before, that’s amazing!”
“Y-yes, well.”
Jin who was the topic of the conversation couldn’t keep up with the tense atmosphere and didn’t really know how to react though.

“…Well, I can understand when I think of how Magi Craftsmen are capable of all sorts of amazing things.”
Duston said subduedly after calming down and inviting the group inside to sit on some chairs that were in the corner.
“From the start I wanted to make tools and Magi Tools, you see. It’s enjoyable to make tools that are helpful for everyone, isn’t it?”
Jin said with a quiet tone. That was probably what he really was thinking after having so many fight scenes recently.
“Ooh, you understand it even though you’re so young! That’s right, the commoner’s daily lives come first!”
After hearing Jin’s line Duston seemed to once again become high-spirited.
“That’s why I make knives or spoons or kitchen knives and such!”
“Ah, Duston, sorry but they don’t really have much time either so if you could get the materials soon that’d be a great help…”
Thinking that if she stayed quiet the task would never get finished, Gloria spoke out. Although in reality she too wanted to hear more from Jin who was considered the inventor of the pump.
“Mph, ah, I suppose. Is there anything you want? I say, but it’s not like my place has Adamantite or Mithril or such?”
Jin was the one who replied.
“Iron will do. After that, if it’s alright please let us watch you work for a while.”
“Hm? I’ve got plenty of iron so that’s fine. But watching me, well, I don’t mind but is watching so interesting?”
Duston said, but Jin then turned to look at Elsa and Hannah and said,
“Elsa, it’s good for you to see the way edged tools are made without magic. And Hannah, this mister’s got the same occupation as your Grandfather did.”
“Mm. If you say so, Jin-nii.”
“Eh? The same as grandpa?”
Elsa nodded, while Hannah stared in puzzlement.
“What, so missy’s grandfather also was a blacksmith? Great, be sure to watch.”
Duston said and stood up. He lit up the furnace. The furnace seemed to work with magic, as there was no coal or charcoal to be found.
“I don’t make my own iron. I make tools out of iron I’ve bought.”
While talking he gripped a suitably large ingot with pliers and heated it up in the furnace.
Once it had become red he took it out, placed it on top of an anvil, then hit it with a hammer to shape it.
If it became cold and stiff the quality of the work would become worse, so mid-way he once again heated it up in the furnace.
“Co~ol, it’s becoming shaped like a kitchen knife.”
Hannah raised her voice in astonishment. Duston kept shaping the iron into a kitchen knife using just the hammer.
Once it was roughly the shape of a knife he kept working on the shape with a chisel and a file
A kitchen knife in the style of a chef’s knife was created.
“This will be quenched next. Sorry, but the method’s a secret so I can’t let you see it…Is what I’d like to say but I don’t mind you watching from a distance.”
When told so, Jin’s group retreaded farther to the corner of the workshop.
They watched from afar as Duston grasped the kitchen knife with pliers and inserted it in the furnace.
This time he stared at it carefully and when he estimated that the knife had turned orange he took it out and immersed it in water at one go.
There was a hisssssing sound and steam rose up. Even at a distance it was intense.
Elsa and Hannah who saw it for the first time seemed a little surprised.
“Now then, with this the quenching is complete. Finally comes tempering.”
Duston muttered an explanation and once again gripped the kitchen knife with the pliers.
This time he warmed it up above the furnace without putting it inside. He kept it like that for a while then took it away from the furnace.
“It’s done.”
After waiting for the metal to cool and using the file to clean up the surface, he sharpened it with a whetstone. Finally he added a handle.
In approximately one hour he had finished making the knife.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 08

10-08 Gloria Ohlstat

Is she training, Jin thought as the woman with short light brown hair ran towards their group from the other end of the street.
She was in an outfit that looked like it was easy to move in.
She had grey pants. They looked comfortable and very easy to move in indeed. Her top was a white T-shirt with sleeves tailored similarly to raglan sleeves. She was wearing short boots.
Just by looking at the color and lustre of the clothes one could see that they were made out of good cloth. The leather of the boots also seemed to be high grade judging from its flexibility.
Once the woman got closer Jin saw that she looked to be in her early 20s. She was tall, slender, and gave the impression of having a toned body without being slim.
Once the woman saw Jin’s group she slightly slowed down her running pace.
“Excuse me, could I ask you something?”
Jin called out to the woman.
“What is it?”
She replied and stopped.
“Might you know where the Fahlheit house is?”
“Hmm, the Fahlheit house you say. Yeah, I know. Turn right at the corner over there, it’s the second house you’ll see.”
The woman told Jin, who bowed his head and thanked her.
“Thank you very much.”
The woman then waved her hand as if it was no problem and,
“What, it was nothing. Incidentally, it seems you’re an Honorary Magi Craftsman of Egelia Kingdom?”
After seeing the half coat Jin was wearing the woman asked to confirm.
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“Hmm, I don’t know what business you’ve got with the Fahlheit house but the head of the family Nicholas and his daughter Lithia are both away, you know? Only they lady and her maids should be around.”
This was because both Nicholas and Lithia were still at Tetrada. Oh right, Jin thought but didn’t say it aloud.
His primary objective wasn’t to meet with Lithia but to return the sword after all.
“Is that so, then that’ll have to do.”
Jin said. The woman seemed to be pondering something and then asked,
“Could you perhaps be the Magi Craftsman who repaired Lithia’s sword?”
“Eh, um, yes, I believe so.”
Far from just believing so, he had the sword in question with him.
“Ah, I see! My name is Gloria Ohlstat. Right now I’m the vice-captain of the women’s Imperial Guard troops among other things.”
“Oh, I… My name’s Jin.”
Jin also gave his real name. Since he had been recognized as an Honorary Magi Craftsman it seemed like if he tried to poorly deceive her it would spell future trouble.
“Jin-dono, huh. No need to be so humble since you’re from another country and all, just call me Gloria.”
“Thank you very much, Gloria. These girls are my sisters. And she is an acquaintance of mine from here, Virgo. And this is Reiko.”
“I’m Hannah!”
Virgo greeted her normally, and Hannah energetically. Elsa pinched her skirt lightly and did a so-called curtsy. Seeing Elsa’s greeting, Gloria looked a bit impressed.
“Huh, you sure know your manners, Elsa-dono. It’s as if you were a noble’s daughter.”
It was just natural with her originally being a viscount’s daughter, but Elsa still blushed a little when praised. Finally, Reiko’s greeting was with a small nod of the head.

“Jin-dono, what is it that you came to this country for, I wonder? Since Celuroa Kingdom is between our country and Egelia Kingdom traveling surely isn’t easy? Not to mention right now in these times of war.”
The battle with the Unifiers was on the 23rd, and the Unifiers became Nostalgia on the 24th. And today was 27th. It seemed like enough information hadn’t arrived here yet.
“Well, to broaden my horizons, should I say?”
Jin gave a noncommittal answer. Gloria seemed to more or less realize it,
“Hmm, oh well. I don’t know what business you have with the Fahlheit house, but once that’s over with, I wonder if you could pay me a visit? My house is over there.”
She said and pointed at a largish house behind Jin.
“I’m off duty today, you see. Just now I returned from my habitual morning training. So could you please come visit after I’ve finished dressing myself, let’s say at around eight o’clock?”
Right now the time was probably around half past seven. No matter how Jin looked at it there wasn’t a lot of time until eight o’clock. Maybe the thought was apparent from his expression as,
“Haha, a knight doesn’t spend time on eating or dressing. Twenty minutes is enough to do anything necessary. So, I’ll be waiting.”
Gloria said, then without even waiting for Jin’s reply opened the door to her house and disappeared inside it.
“Sigh, she’s a little pushy, isn’t she. Virgo, do you know her?”
Jin let out a sigh and asked with a strained smile.
“Just the name. Just like she said, she is the vice-captain of the women’s Imperial Guard troops. She’s from a Baron’s house, and of course is a Ritter.”
Since knighthood was a social status rather than a title, it was enough to call her a knight from a Baron’s house.
“As she’s rather strong, I’ve heard she also serves as the instructor for the female knights.”
“Ah, that’s why she knows Lithia, huh.”
Jin’s guess was on point.
“Well then, shall we first get the errand done with?”
Jin said began to walk towards the house that was pointed to them. Hannah and the others followed.
“Reiko, could it be that you and Laojun too knew that Lithia hadn’t returned yet?”
While walking, Jin spoke about what he was thinking of. Reiko nodded.
“Yes. However, since we thought that if Father were to hand the sword over to Lithia-san directly she’d wonder why you had the sword she had lost at Tetrada, so me and Laojun decided to stay quiet.”
Indeed, Jin thought after hearing that. It would be very bad if the connection between Jin and Machina was known.
Knowing that Reiko and Laojun had stayed silent for Jin’s sake, he reflected on his own thoughtlessness..
Simultaneously he felt happy knowing that instead of blindly obeying him Reiko and Laojin judged on their own what was the best when working for him.
Well, had he been told beforehand he probably would’ve obeyed them, Jin thought, but didn’t say a word since him not doing that wasn’t completely unthinkable.

The second house around the corner. Indeed, the gates had ‘Fahlheit’ carved on them with small letters.
“This is it.”
After verifying the house Jin handed the sword over to Virgo.
“Please tell them that a person called Machina kept hold of it.”
He instructed.
Virgo used the knocker attached to the door. After a while the door opened.
“Hello, who might you be?”
A woman past her middle age who appeared to be a maid showed up.
“Ah, this is the Fahlheit house, am I correct?”
“Yes, that is the case.”
“Even though she’s not around, I’ve got something here for Miss Lithia that a person called Machina held onto. Could you hand this to her once she’s back?”
Virgo said and presented the sword wrapped in a cloth. The maid accepted it without any questions
“I’ll be going then.”
Virgo said and turned back. She had a feeling that the maid asked for her name from behind but she left without minding her.

“Well then, now the most important errand is done.”
But there was still some time until eight o’clock.
“Father, are we going to that woman’s house?”
Reiko asked.
“Well, I don’t know what she wants to talk to me about, but I feel like there’ll be future trouble if we brush off the vice-captain of the women’s Imperial Guard troops from a Baron’s house.”
“Indeed. There’s a lot of nobles like that.”
As Elsa said so too, Reiko had no further objections.
“Well? What’ll you do? Hannah and Elsa, you don’t have to come along with me.”
But Hannah and Elsa said,
“I said it earlier. Since we came here together, let’s move together.”
“I’m fine being with onii-chan.”
And like earlier, the two declared they’ll be with Jin.
“Got it. Let’s go together then. Right, also, thanks for your help, Virgo. If your identity gets revealed from prolonged contact it’ll be troublesome, so you can stay behind now.”
If she was needed for everything she could be contacted through her internal ManaCom.
“Yes, I understand. Please excuse me then. If you need me for anything, please call me at any time.”
Virgo said, bowed, and left.
“Well then, shall we go after spending some time taking a look around there?”
And so they decided to go around the district of the lesser nobles.
Jin’s impression was that they were like ready-built houses. They had small gardens of a several tsubo and in the middle of them were two-storey houses.
All the various gardens had their own styles, one was just a lawn, another had lots of flowers, yet another had fruit trees planted in it, and one was dreary with uncovered soil, and so on.
Jin was surprised that many of the buildings had pumps installed.
On the other hand,
“Wow, how pretty! Oh, those flowers look like Kherries! Ah, is that a pump?”
Hannah kept running around merrily as if everything she saw was unusual. Seeing Hannah like that, Jin thought it was good that he brought her with him.
Most of the houses were made of stone. There was a lot of granite. Occasionally a wooden house was mixed in too.
They went around and returned to the central intersection where the sundial was nearly pointing at eight o’clock.
“Ah, we’re just in time. Let’s try going to Gloria’s house then, shall we?”
They walked for about five minutes from the intersection. Then they were at Gloria’s house.
They got in front of the house where an aging man who appeared to be a butler was standing.
“Welcome. The young lady is waiting. Please come in.”
He said and opened the door to the hallway.
“Ah, thank you for having us.”

The house was tidy and well-organized.
“Over here, please.”
The butler guided Jin and the others to a parlour-ish room at the back of the first floor.
“Jin-dono and your sisters, welcome.”
There Gloria who had tidied her appearance in order was waiting.
Her blouse moderately decorated with lace and such showed quite a bit of her bulging breasts, and befitting a knight’s dress the cord where her short sword was hung from was wedged diagonally in her cleavage.
The riding pants she was wearing were dyed a refined purplish gray and had a subdued sheen to them.
Her light brown hair had also been tidied up prettily and in one point a golden hair clip accented it well.
But most of all what caught Jin’s eye were the dozens of swords hanging on display on the wall behind her.
“It was an honour to be invited.”
As the oldest of them, Jin gave greetings for the group. But Gloria told him,
“Ahh, I told you earlier, you’re a traveler from a foreign country. I don’t mind you being less formal. I’m also speaking in a tone like this, see?”
Maybe related to her work as a knight, she had a manly way of talking. The butler knit his brows a little but said nothing.
She told them to sit down. Jin’s group sat and,
“First, please relax and have some tea.”
Gloria said and ordered the butler to prepare some tea and tea cakes.
Speaking of, the tea that was usually drunk in Cline Kingdom was brewed of the same tea plant as the one Kaina Village gathered the leaves of.
The familiar taste relaxed Jin, Elsa, and Hannah. But Reiko didn’t drink.
“Hm, what’s wrong? The lady over there… Reiko-chan, was it? You’re not drinking?”
Jin was prepared for this beforehand so he replied honestly.
“Reiko’s an Automata so she doesn’t need to eat.”
Hearing that, Gloria’s eyes went wide.
“W–what? An Automata? …What amazing workmanship! Indeed something only an Honorary Magi Craftsman could make!”
Gloria began raining praise on Jin after being surprised when she learned Reiko was an Automata. But Jin was more interested in the swords on the wall behind her.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 07

10-07 Capital City Alban

After breakfast on the next day, the 27th, Jin’s group departed towards Alban.
A base had been established at some ruins nearby that Spica-7 of the Quinta who was responsible for the whole area had found.
Of course a Warp Gate had been set up there too, so using it they could arrive there at once.
This time too just in case Hannah eyes were blindfolded before they warped. The SP were also following after them although they couldn’t be seen.

“I welcome you, Chief, Sister. And Elsa-san and Hannah-chan too.”
Spica-7 came to greet them. She was just about the same body shape as Elsa. Although her chest was a bit larger.
Her bob cut hair was similarly brown as that of Jin’s and the others. Her eyes had been made gray. She was wearing brown linen clothes fitting for commoners.
“Ah, thanks.”
Jin thanked her for coming to greet them, then Hannah who had just taken the blindfold off asked,
“Onii-chan, who’s this?”
“Oh, Reiko’s younger sister, I suppose. Although she looks larger than Reiko.”
Jin explained and Hannah made a complex expression of not being sure if she understood.
“It’s a little sudden, but we came to see the sights at Cline Kingdom’s capital Alban. Although I’ve also got the goal of returning this sword. ”
“Please let me help, Chief. I am acquainted with the area.”
Spica-7 replied and Jin said to her,
“Please stop calling me Chief now. Don’t call Reiko Sister either. Right, just call me Jin and Reiko Reiko. Don’t add ‘-sama’ afterwards either.”
“I understand, Jin-san.”
“Mmh, that’s good. Alright, what should we call you?”
“In this town I’m called Virgo.”
“Alright, Virgo. Well then, please show us the way.”
They left the ruins. The weather had been clear at Kunlun Island but here it was slightly cloudy. Jin put on the half coat that signified him being an Honorary Magi Craftsman of Egelia Kingdom that he had brought with him.
It looked like the ruins were protected by a barrier, as when they went out they felt a slightly uncomfortable feeling. It was a rather powerful barrier.
The ruins were surrounded by a small forest where a simple barrier to make one lose their sense of direction had been spread out too. Spica-7 seemed to have been rather careful.
After walking some ten minutes the capital city Alban came to sight.

This too was a Fort City with walls about eight meters in height. Although they were shorter than Egelia Kingdom’s capital Asunto’s walls which were ten meters high, the stone walls still gave off a dignified feeling.
As it had been half past eight when they left Kunlun Island, here in Alban where the time difference was about an hour and a half it was just past seven. The gates seemed to be simply left open.
“Is there an inspection or something when entering?”
“Yes. It has already calmed down, but since there was a dispute with Frantz Kingdom it’s necessary to present identification papers or something equivalent. In Jin-san’s case I think the proof of being an Honorary Magi Craftsman is enough.”
Jin thought it was good he put it on just in case.
“What about Hannah and Elsa?”
“Hannah-chan is small so I think she could pass as Jin-san’s sister. Elsa-san’s matter is more complicated, isn’t it. But if there was some proof of you being related it would be simple.”
When told so, Jin remembered how once in Port Rock he got verified as a Magi Craftsman.””
“Elsa’s also become able to use [Forming] pretty well, hasn’t she? Let’s go with that.”
Jin said, then felt around his pockets just in case to check if he had any materials with him. And he found some Light Silver scraps. They were probably remnants of when he built a carriage back at Egelia Kingdom.
He had probably put the half coat on and the remaining scraps in a suitable pocket back when he took the carriage for a test drive. They were small, but there was enough to make a pen just like the one from earlier.
“Alright, if you’re asked to prove your identity then let them see you make a pen out of this.”
Jin now felt relieved. Reiko disappeared using [Stealth].
The group then headed towards the open gates.
“Hey Virgo, you’re as pretty today as ever.”
“Thank you, keep up the good work.”
Just when Jin was thinking whether Spica-7=Virgo needed ID papers or something, she was admitted in since the guard seemed to be an acquaintance.
“Who are they?”
“Well, this is my acquaintance Magi Craftsman Jin-san and his sisters.”
Jin and the others quickly bowed their heads.
“Huh, is that so. Just in case, have you got anything to prove that?”
Since Virgo was an acquaintance, the guard seemed to be treating them comparatively courteously. On the other side another guard was rigorously checking a man that seemed to be a trader.
“I’m an Honorary Magi Craftsman of Egelia Kingdom.”
Jin said and showed the badge on his left breast.
“If that’s not enough then…”
Jin was about to take out the Mithril plate that had the certificate carved on it, but the guard stopped him and said,
“No, that’s enough. How about this little lady?”
“I’m onii-chan’s sister!”
Hannah replied cheerfully.
“Alright, got it. And this young lady? …She’s also a beauty, huh.”
Maybe because of the guard’s light personality, he added his opinion after seeing Elsa.
“I’m Jin-nii’s sister. I’ll prove it with this.”
Elsa said and first made sure to show the Light Silver in her hand to the guard then,
She formed a pen using Craft Magic. The guard was surprised by the speed of the work.
“T-that’s amazing. I understand, go on in. Here’s your temporary passes.”
He said and presented them with three wooden tokens.
“If you hold on to these you can prove that you’ve been properly inspected at the gate.”
Jin, Elsa, and Hannah accepted them.
“Please return them when you leave. If you don’t carry them then you may be treated as suspicious.”
“I understand. Thank you very much.”
Jin said and the group passed through the gates. Finally they were inside Alban.

“That went smoothly, didn’t it Jin-san?”
“Yeah. Virgo, are you close friends with that guard?”
The guard seemed friendly so Jin tried asking.
“Yes. He’s called Bart, and despite how he seems he’s about to become a knight, you know? He’s got an easy personality as you can tell, and whenever he’s got spare time he comes to talk with me on his own volition and leaks out all sorts of information so he’s very convenient.”
“I–I see…”
Jin felt a weird sense of admiration of how before he knew it, even the Quinta had become rather resolute.

“Well then, first I’d like to return the sword. Reiko, show yourself.”
Between two buildings, in a place where no one saw Jin called out to Reiko.
“Yes, Father.”
She then handed the sword she was carrying to Jin. Since it had been wrapped in cloth so that you couldn’t tell it was a sword carrying it around should be fine, he thought.
“Alright. Virgo, do you know where the Fahlheit house is?”
But apparently she didn’t know as,
“I do not, my apologies.”
She said and shook her head.
“No, it’s fine if you don’t know. I’ll try asking someone. …For now, do you know if there’s an area where knights, baronets, or lesser nobles live?”
“Yes, I do know where that is.”
“Alright. …Hannah, Elsa, what do you want to do? I’ll go return the sword, but you don’t have to force yourselves to come along, you can go off on your own if you’d like.”
Jin tried asking, but the two shook their heads.
“I’m fine with being with onii-chan!”
“Me too. We came here together so let’s move together, shall we not?”
“Got it. Well, let’s go together then.”
And so, now including Reiko who had become visible the five walked together on the main street of Alban. Both sides of the street were lined with stone buildings two or three storeys high.
There were lot of buildings which had the first floors serves as shops too. Jin thought they’d go look through them at ease later.

After walking straight down the main street for about ten minutes they arrived at an intersection in the middle of which was a huge sundial. There they turned right towards the eastern area.
Immediately after making the turn there were a lot of large buildings, but as they walked gradually the size of the buildings went down.
“Around here are the houses of the Ritters”
Most of them were two-storey houses with small gardens. From outside the land seemed to be divided into lots of about 20 tsubo each. Considering that Alban’s shape was a square with edges two kilometers long these were probably on the larger side.
Far from there being little pedestrian traffic, there was no one else but Jin’s group walking there, so even if he asked where Lithia’s house was no one could tell.
“Well then, what should we do?”
Jin though, and then a person running at the front came to sight.
“Ah, that’s good, let’s try asking them.”
They then waited for the person to come closer. The person in question seemed to be a young woman.

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