It Seems Like My Body Is Completely Invincible Chapter 5

Going to the temple

While struggling hard to control my strength another year passed.

Hello, I’m Marie Regalya, seven years old.

I also became quite a proper lady, and also became able to use some magic needed for daily life, ahem♪

I’ll explain about the magic in this world now. It appears that although the amount may vary, in this world every person carries magical power.

Now, that does not mean that everyone’s a mage like in an RPG. Magical power and magic are two different things, and even if you’ve got magical power you can’t use magic without studying it. In addition, as taking lessons in it costs money, most magic users are nobles rather than commoners.

Speaking of which, the magic needed for daily life that I’ve learned, “everyday magic”, is something common that can do things like turn on and off the magical tools that emit light, and light a stove used for cooking.

People generally call this kind of theoretically simple magic that can be taught for anyone to use “rank-1 magic”. In this world, there are eight ranks of magic, and spells from rank-2 upward look like attack magic and such that I remember from games.

Taking the simple [Fire] magic as an example: [Fire] used to just light a fire is rank-1, [Fire] used as a means of attack is rank-2, strengthening the power of that [Fire] attack makes it rank-3, the evolution of [Fire] is [Blaze] at rank-4, strengthening it makes it rank-5, the evolution of [Blaze] is [Explosion] at rank-6, and strengthening that makes it rank-7.

My tutor taught me that and I changed and oversimplified it to an RPG system that I was familiar with, but… Teacher ended up praising me for being quick to understand.

Huh? What about the rank-8 magic, you ask?

Apparently that’s somewhat of an enigma, something like a legendary rank of magic whose existence is known but no one can use, so I couldn’t explain it.

Incidentally everyone can use rank-1 magic; magic ranked 2 and 3 is what adventurers, mages, monsters, and such can use; and ranks 4 and 5 are the domain of archmages, heroes, heroines and other such leading figures among humans and demons that appear in stories, spirits, and angels. Apparently there aren’t people who can use higher-ranked magic than that. On top of that, it seems that magic ranked 6 and 7 is for dragons, archangels, demon kings, and other such beings that are beyond human understanding to use.

(Hm~m, a fantasy indeed♪Oh, I’m getting excited♪)

Alright, let’s return back to talking about the present. Right now, I’m borrowing Tytte’s hands to put on a dress. It’s not a dress like I’ve been wearing inside the house until now, but a fancy one for an outing.

(Hm~m, what an expensive-looking dress. It looks like I would absolutely tear it to pieces, the way I’m right now… Ah~, at this rate, won’t I become a no-good girl who can’t do anything without Tytte…?)

While watching Tytte excitedly and efficiently dress me, I get sad about my inability to do anything.

(Well, since the rite of revelation will be held after this, I’ll be to lead a proper lifestyle thanks to it…or I should be…right?)

As my self-confidence decreased the statement turned into a question by the end, buuuut don’t worry about it.

“Excuse me. Ojousama, the carriage has been prepared.”

There’s a knock on the door and a butler comes in the room as Tytte decorates me after putting on my dress.

“Got it.”

I reply without looking at him because Tytte’s combing my hair, and the butler seems to think it normal as he bows and leaves the room.

“Oh, finally…”

I take a deep breath and look at myself in the mirror.

My shiny white hair has braids from both sides of it reaching to the back where they join, and there’s hair ornaments on my bangs, but not enough to be a bother. My silken dress is as white as my skin and is filled with pretty embroidery like lace and frills.

(Finally, today is the day I meet children of my own age! Uwah, I’m so nervous!)

Children from my generation, who I couldn’t meet in my previous life, will be gathering in the rite of revelation today. As today’s assembly is for nobles only, it won’t be everyone, but it still should be quite a number of people. Rather than the revelation, I’m more interested and worried about that.

(I wish that it all goes well, without any problems.)

While setting up such discomforting flags, I take Tytte along with me and head towards the entrance of the mansion grounds where the carriage is waiting.

The temple, where the shrine is in, is on top of a slightly tall hill in the northern district of the royal capital. I would call its appearance more artistic than functional. As I look at it from the carriage’s window my heart begins to throb.

(Somehow, it feels like going to school for the first time. Although I haven’t been to school.)

As the anxiety and tension of meeting a lot of new people mixes into an indescribable emotion, the carriage I’m sitting in stops.

(Finally! My debut!)

“We’ve arrived, ojousama.”

Tytte opens the carriage door and exits first to prepare a stepladder for the carriage. I see Tytte step aside as if to say she’s done, and while calming down my racing heart, I slowly move towards the door.

The moment I step outside, there’s a small commotion and all the children of my age and their servants stare at me…or I think they do. The reason I say I think, is because instead of checking if they’re staring at me I hung my head down to avoid their gaze.

(Uwaah, I’m an idiot! Idiot! I may forget it, but I’m the daughter of a duke! I need to act more dignified, like the ones in books and anime did!)

Even so, I feel somewhat ashamed as I raise my head up this late. I get off the carriage like that, and as if on cue, trip and miss the final step.

(Oooh no~ooo! If I put my foot down to catch myself now then I’ll make a hole in the groooound! I need to use less strength! Ah, but if I use too little then I’ll fall over! What should I dooooo!?)

Tytte grabs my flailing arms and without a delay props me up.

“T-thank you…”

I thank her in a low voice, and even Tytte looks relieved as we begin to walk while she supports me.

“Sigh… They might think I’m a clumsy kid… Aww…”

The people watching the emotionally drained and disheartened me are whispering things like “she really gives off the feeling of someone you want to protect, someone somehow fleeting”. Engrossed in dejection, I don’t notice it at all though, and keep heading to the temple with Tytte taking me by the hand.

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It Seems Like My Body Is Completely Invincible Chapter 4

How troubling

After the incident, the bond between me and Tytte grew stronger.

Hello, I’m Marie Regalya, six years old.

Very quickly, three years have passed since then, and I’ve been healthily growing up. For a long life! No events! A good lii~ife!  However, as the years have passed, I’ve started to worry about something.


During a tranquil early afternoon, in a corner of the garden. I’m enjoying a cup of black tea when the handle of the cup cracks apart with a noise.

“Are you alright, ojousama?”

Tytte who’s by my side waiting on me stares at me and asks if I’m injured.

“I’m fine, Tytte. I was just careless and put too much strength to it when I put the cup down.”

To convince her I show her my hand. Tytte lets out a sigh of relief when she sees my porcelain white slender fingers still beautiful and without a wound.

“Haa~, I was worried. Moreover, again, ojousama? Breaking the cup just by putting some strength into your fingers, as expected of ojousama indeed. Or could it be a technique from the memories of that previous world ojousama talked about?”

“Hey, there’s no such technique.”

Tytte’s very skilled in taking away the broken cup and giving me a new one while she’s talking. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she’s familiar with doing it. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t keep it a secret from her who would always be helping me, so I ended up telling her all about my current situation. From my strength to the memories of my previous world…

I hated keeping secrets from her so —even though I was worried whether she’d believe me or not— when I told my secret to Tytte she just went:

“Huh~, memories of a previous world, that is amazing! As expected of ojousama.”

(Yeah, I have no idea just what was “as expected” about it, but maybe I should just be happy that she didn’t seem to doubt me at all.)

Back to the topic at hand, after that incident I came to realize the surprising strength I have. And once I became conscious of it, it turned into a real problem. I broke a lot of things by accidentally using too much strength.

Things that I used to be able to do without thinking and with ease became something that I couldn’t do without effort, is how I would describe it.

Having to think things like: “how much strength should I use to grip the handle on this door?” I became, as a result, kind of awkward and a beat slower in my actions than anyone else.

Had I trained my body and strength from the start, I would be self-aware of it, and maybe even holding it back would be possible. But unfortunately, before I knew it I came to possess an absurd power, so there’s no self-awareness or sense of my strength. With a dangerous weapon like this, my mental state has been like I was pointing a gun that could fire at any moment at a friend.

Because of this I thought I would ask my father to teach me martial arts, so that by putting all my effort to moving my body I could get a sense of my strength or before it became a deadly problem.

But then when I told father I wanted to learn self-defense, he said: “Martial arts doesn’t suit your cuteness. Besides, if there were people who wanted to harm you then I’d find out that bunch beforehand, and with all my men, slaughter them all♪” with an eloquent smile, so I couldn’t find anything to say to my dangerous daddy. And that’s that.

So I thought in that case I would just train by myself, but that was naive of me. Maybe it’s just usual for a daughter of the duke, but I found myself always basking in the attention of someone: family members, employees, guests invited to the mansion, and so on.

“Ojousama’s presence is, to put it lightly, eye-catching. To the extent that it’s mysteriously transient. Please keep that in mind.”

That’s what Tytte said about it. My face flushed, but I refrained from asking why she was so entranced.

And so I had no countermeasures to make. Every day I’ve been acting under the fear of accidentally breaking something, and I’ve had Tytte help me with most things. You could say I’ve turned into quite a dainty being. Also, as unpleasant as my previous life was, because I was a patient who had to rely on others every day I didn’t feel opposed to the idea, and that contributed to the situation.

When my samurai-spirited father saw my so-called weakness, there was not even a mention of training. On the contrary, he came to love and care for me, who seemed fragile and fine like glass, even more. His protection became so excessive, that before I knew it, he could say dangerous things like that one earlier with a calm look on his face.

“Sigh…How troubling. To think that holding back was this difficult.”

“Not everything was built with ojousama in mind, you see.”

“More importantly, next year will be the rite of revelation. Meeting with other children could turn into a huge disaster, as with ojousama’s strength all of the children there would be smashed into dust with a single flick on the forehead.”

“Please don’t talk about other people like they’re monsters. I don’t have that much strength…probably…”

The rite of revelation.

When children turn seven, they go to the temple to receive a revelation from the gods. It’s an important event where one can be informed of the potential within one’s body. Apparently, there children receive hints on things like their potential physical strength, wisdom, magical power, and they decide where they should focus on in their studies.

(In that case, would mine be physical strength? If it were, that’d be my chance to have an excuse for father to teach me martial arts.)

I looked forward to the big event next year. But at this time, I had no idea just what a unimaginably frightening revelation I was looking forward to.

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It Seems Like My Body Is Completely Invincible Chapter 3

A lot of crying

This chapter is a bit serious, or perhaps “gloomy” would be more accurate.

It was a sudden accident caused by my inattention. A heavy wooden box fell towards the floor amidst a huge racket that filled the room, as I reached up with a single hand and caught that box. The box that was large enough to hide me inside. Easily, and with one hand.


Unable to process what happened, my thoughts are at a standstill as I hold the box until Tytte’s voice makes me come to my senses.

“Ah, you see, this is-“

In my confusion I flung the wooden box I had been holding aside and without a beat turned to look at Tytte, and then, I was rendered speechless.

The moment I turned, she took a step backwards. Fear filled her expression…

Fear. The rejection of another.

In my previous world, there were numerous times when the people around me had expressions of sympathy, pity, or sadness. But never did the people who met with me reject me. People who would have probably had no reason to come to my hospital room in the first place. In my current world it had been the same, until now the people I’ve been in contact with have all been family members or employees who cherished me.

And that’s why this stiff expression I’ve never witnessed before that Tytte is showing me makes my chest tighten, nearly crushing my heart.

“Um, well…”

(I have to say something, make some excuse. But, it never even crossed my mind that I would be able to lift something that heavy.)

My thoughts turn into a mush and I can’t think straight.

Bustling towards the noise they heard, the servants enter the shed and, after realizing the situation, check that I’m uninjured and decide to take me back to my room.

I’m surrounded by adults and make no move to resist, and very soon I’ve been taken back to my room. I’ve abandoned all thought.

A few hours afterwards, late at night when everyone’s fallen asleep. I’m inside my room by myself, sitting and staring at nothing. I’ve stayed in my room, not taking a single step outside since then.

I don’t want to see anyone right now. Especially Tytte…

The dread of seeing that expression on her again has filled me with cowardice.

(She must think I’m a monster, and she hates me for sure… I never thought being rejected was this scary.)

I stare at the ceiling with a self-loathing smile on my face. Then, at that moment, I hear a knock on the door.

(Excuse me… Ojousama…)

I hear Tytte’s voice from behind the door, and the feeling in my heart becomes crushingly painful.

“D-don’t come in! Leave me alone, please!”

I rush off the bed and lock the door.

The childish me understands what I’m doing but cannot stop or think about anything else.

“…Ojousama…I can understand…your anger…”

(Huh? Anger?)

Tytte’s unexpected words make me push my ear against the door.

“At that time, when ojousama was in danger, I was supposed to protect you but couldn’t… I was, so scared, I couldn’t move a step.”

(What’s she talking about? If Tytte had protected me, wouldn’t she have ended up seriously injured?)

At that time, I had still not grown out of my ways of thinking as an ordinary person, and did not recognize the absolute difference between me, a noble, and her, a commoner and an employee at that.

“I w-!”

Tytte suddenly raises her voice.

“…I was… When ojousama was born and master told me that my duty would be to take care of the child, I felt, for the first time in my life, that I could see a meaning in my existence. Since then, for three years, I’ve been studying all kinds of things in order to be of use to ojousama…”

Her voice gradually grows quieter.

“Despite that…When push came to shove, my legs froze…No, I was too afraid to take even a single step…”

For a moment, there is but silence between us.

“Ojousama…It may be presumptuous of me to say this, but please, somehow, give me one more chance. Please…Let me be by your side, ojousama… I beg you…”

By the end of her speech she’s mumbling, maybe even holding back tears.

(I’m an idiot. I could only think about myself. Even in my former world, I only tried to stay alive with all my might, never thinking about anyone else.)

She too had been anxious.

It must’ve been from the regret of having been unable to do anything, and the fear that I’d be disillusioned and would take away her duty from her.

“Ojousama…Please…by your side…”

Maybe because of the jumbled fear and emotions tearing her apart, Tytte’s voice chokes with tears.

Three years. For three whole years, she’s been training herself just for my sake.

(Thinking about it now, was she really scared of me? If so, why did she come here to my room then? So she didn’t reject me after all! I’m scared of rejection, but she didn’t reject me.)

Realizing that, regret from my actions until now start to flood in. What an unkindly heart I’ve got. Unwittingly, tears begin to well up in my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Tytte…I’m sorry…I’m sorry for scaring you…”

Before I knew it, I had opened the door and was apologizing in tears in front of the girl behind it. The girl who had been looking down desperately trying to hold it in sees my hopelessly miserable state and becomes bewildered.

That night, my repeated apologies and my wailing crying in front of my room echoed through the mansion and troubled the adults.

This is a bit of a digression, but on the topic of me screwing up and catching that box…

“Oh, you mean that. I heard an anecdote about how master lifted a rock larger than himself when he was five years old, so I was indeed a little surprised that his daughter’s indeed the same, what about it?”

Tytte said while smiling. That’s incredible, daddy.

(Hm, so could it be hereditary? I do wonder but. …I mean, I haven’t done any training at all, you know?)

It seems that confirming just what this strength of mine is will be a thing for later.

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I skimmed through a lot of works on syosetu during my downtime, and even took a look at one ancient light novel series but that was too much hassle. One work on syosetu even held my interest for more than a dozen chapters (Dragon-san Wants a Friend) but it seemed like a lot of work per-chapter. And then Light Novels Translations picked it up last month anyway, so I don’t have to think about that.

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It Seems Like My Body Is Completely Invincible Chapter 2

I blew it

At a spot where you have a full view of the mansion’s beautiful garden there is an extravagantly built table and many chairs around it. A woman is sitting on one of the chairs, sipping black tea. Father walks in front of the woman and lets me down from his arms.


“Oh my, Marie, aren’t you acting spoiled.”

Having been freed, I rush over to Mother at full speed and cling to her knees. The name of the woman who gazes at me while smiling gently, without even being angered or flustered by my actions, is Aries Regalya, and she is my mother.

A gentle wind blows fluttering Mother’s pretty silver hair, and I’m completely charmed by her beauty. I stare at her with my big and round golden eyes, and she gently strokes my pure white hair.

By the way, my peculiar outward appearance of silver-colored hair inherited from my mother (whiter than hers), and golden eyes inherited from my father, combined with my pure white skin that does not tan in the sun at all give the impression that I’ve got a very weak constitution. But, that’s just from my own point of view.

It’s not an unusual exchange between a mother and daughter. But for me, who could only feel the warmth of her mother through the curtain of the sterile room, it’s very pleasant and I could probably stay like this forever without growing tired of it.

“Ahem…Ah, by the way Aries. I was thinking of introducing her to that child, so.”

“Let’s have them come here then.”

Father’s cough together with his words brings an end to my moment of bliss.

(Let’s see, the child he wants me to meet?)

I separate from Mother, look up at Father, and Mother says something to the head maid waiting on her, who leaves her post immediately. I wonder what’s going on and stare blankly as I stand next to Father, and before long the head maid comes walking from the other side, along with a small girl wearing maid clothing.

(Uwah! It’s a tiny maid. Her dark hair and eyes make me feel a real affinity with her.)

The little girl dressed in a fluttery black-and-white maid outfit gets prompted by the head maid, walks towards me looking nervous, then holds her hands together in front of her and leans to give me a tidy bow.

“N-nice to meet you, Marie-ojousama. M-my na-name is Tytte.”

(Even her stutter is lovely♪)

“From today onwards, she will be your exclusive maid, always taking personal care of you.”

The girl’s self-introduction wasn’t enough information, so Father supplements it.

“My exclusive maid.”

(What the heck, that’s really ojousama-ish, isn’t it? No, well, I am an ojousama, huh.)

I take another look at the tiny maid. She looks to be older than me, but not by that much. Well, going by mental age I should be the older one… I close in on the girl while staring fixedly at her with my golden eyes brimming with curiosity. She straightens her posture and looks at me.

“I’m Marie, please take care of me from now on, Tytte♪”

I speak not with the language of an ojousama, but like I was talking to a friend. I feel cheerful, because this may be the first time I’m speaking with a child from the same generation.

“Y-yes! Ojousama!”

Tytte says nervously and bows, then I decide to immediately take her for a stroll in the garden.

“Father, Mother, I’ll go for a walk in the garden with Tytte.”

It already feels like we’re friends. And as Father, Mother, and the maids said nothing, I then take Tytte along with me and leave.

“O-ojousama! Running is dangerous!”

(No no, it’s your running that looks to be more precarious.)

I drop my speed and while walking in front of her, turn my head around to look.

“Tytte, how old are you?”

“Eh, ah, yes. I will turn eight this year.”

Being talked to all of a sudden, after taking a breath she replies.

(Eight years old, so that means a difference of five years in age. Despite that, she looks young, doesn’t she?)

Under my curious gaze, Tytte’s cute black eyes look about restlessly, and her slightly tanned face gains a pink color.


For me, who’s only been around with calm adults until now, this kind of a childish response is very fun. And also, wherever I go she’ll always be with me. That wipes clean the sense of loneliness I felt in my past life and makes me even happier.

“Fufu, just try and keep up, Tytte♪”

“Ojousama~, please wait for me~”

I begin running once more and hear some quite pitiful words from behind me, but it’s starting to seem like a game of tag, how fun. I run onward rapidly, discover a shed and hide inside it. It’s hide-and-seek, so to speak.

It’s something I was completely unable to do in my previous world and now I’m able to do it just like that, so please excuse me. The illogical and childish deed was probably caused by the happiness stemming from that.

“Ojousama, where are you~, it’s dangerous in here:”

Out of breath, Tytte arrives at the shed and enters it. I waited for this moment, intending to surprise her the moment she gets close.

At that moment, I was ecstatic. And that’s why I didn’t notice that I was hiding behind delicately balanced wooden boxes piled in unreasonable amounts. Then, the moment she drew near me, I let out a voice, was about to jump out, and bumped the corner of a wooden box.


I jumped out with no difficulty, but in exchange the wood gets pulverized and makes a huge noise.

“Watch out! Ojou-sama!”


Tytte’s face turned pale and seemed to slow down, and I turned around to look behind me where she was staring. In the darkness of my vision, one of the boxes that were piled up just now was falling towards me.

(Oh no! I have to stop it!)

Thinking that, I reflexively hold my small right arm out towards the wooden box.

And just like that, I screwed up.

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It Seems Like My Body is Completely Invincible Chapter 1

I transmigrated

I, who had a bad heart and a weak immune system since birth, seemed to be having my life reach its end without even taking a step out of that sterile room.

Despite wanting to cry out of selfishness, I decided to see my mother and father off with a smile…I was lucky to have you…Thank you. Ah, it looks like this is it for my life. In the end I wasn’t able to run or even walk out due to my fragility, or do anything without the help of others… In the end, I couldn’t even be filial to my parents. God… If I could be born again… I wish to be reborn in…

a healthy body that absolutely won’t be be defeated by anything.

I close my eyes… and wait for the…end…

* * *

“I shall grant you that wish.”


A loud voice inside my head causes me to open my eyes, but a dazzling light prevents me from seeing well.
(What? What is this!? I can’t see, hear, or move my body properly! What, why! No, I don’t want thiiiiiis!)

“Wahhh! Waaaaaahhh!”

“She has given birth. It’s a girl with a healthy voice, master.”

Today, a new life as Marie Regalya was bestowed upon me.

A few days afterwards… As time passed I regained my calm, and by now I’ve become able to think and try to understand my current state.

(Let’s see… So what’s going on exactly?)

(Calm down, calm down, me. Didn’t some development like this happen to a protagonist in one of the books I read at the hospital? Let’s see, what was it. Immigration—that wasn’t it, trans…mission? Transmigration!)

That word rapidly brought back my presence of mind. I relax and take a look at my body. Tiny hands, those of a baby. Without a doubt, I’ve gained a new start in life while retaining my memories.
(I see, I hope this time my body turns out to be a little bit healthier.)
Maybe because of some unfounded sense of security, I fall asleep while my heart throbs with anticipation for my new life.

(Ooh, it moves! This body really moves!)

Crawling slowly, I push onward on the floor.

Hello, I’m Marie Regalya, one year old.

In a complete change from the hospital room lined with medical instruments, I’ve grown up being watched over by my parents in a room inside a quiet and luxurious mansion. Just now, because my body didn’t seem to make it difficult, without intending to I mischievously moved around and ended up being carried by ladies wearing maid outfits.

(Aww… I wanted to keep moving though.)

I consider the atmosphere of the room, the appearance of my parents, and the maids and butlers serving them. It has the same feeling of a noble family from medieval Europe as I witnessed in the movies, anime, manga, books, games, and such from my time at the hospital.

(Well, I’m certain that we’re nobles, at least.)

That’s because the instant I was born, Father held me up in his arms and proclaimed happily in a loud voice: “So this girl is the eldest child of my Regalya Dukedom!” 

(So does that make me ‘the young lady of the Duke’s house’… Although, having been born and brought up in modern Japan, I’m not very familiar with what that means.)

Since I was able to get a new life and a new beginning while maintaining memories from my previous world, I planned to fully enjoy the things that I couldn’t in my previous life.

(Thank you, god. I want to grow up quickly and do all sorts of things~)

 I believe it was the voice of god that I heard back then, and I’m grateful for it.

This and that happened, and in the blink of an eye the days and months went by. I did well and grew up quickly, and now I can walk by myself and, of course, have a proper conversation.

Hello, I’m Marie Regalya, three years old.

From my mother I inherited silver-colored – no, nearly white long hair. The fine-quality frilled skirt of my one-piece dress, whose whiteness isn’t any less pure than my skin and hair’s, trails behind me as I stroll on inside the mansion. To tell you the truth, I was able to move by myself much earlier than this (more precisely, a few days after my birth), isn’t that a little strange? I think it might be because of the memories of my past life, so to not seem weird I moved like a baby would to the best of my knowledge.

 (Luckily, since I started as a baby, a lot of the things I shouldn’t be able to do really were things I couldn’t do, so the end result wasn’t ridiculous…I think…Right?)

 As I grew, I came to understand the world I was in. I’ve confirmed that this isn’t the modern society I’m familiar with, but a country called Ardia Kingdom, in a so-called fantasy world of swords and sorcery, where monsters and spirits live.

 (It’s an RPG, an RPG! A world I had only experienced in games, now in front of me!)

But whatever the world as long as I am able to live a normal life I’ll be happy, so I don’t think I’ll be doing adventuring or anything like that.

(Because in this world at least I want to cause the least amount of trouble I can to my parents, to live a long life where I can be a good child for them, without dangers. I won’t say or do anything rash.)

 And so, even if my parents ask me if I want anything, I reply with a “no, thank you.” Which reminds me, despite it not being Japanese I understand the words and writing of this world without any sense of unease. I wonder if this too is thanks to god.

 “God, thank you very much! Today too, I’m getting along fine.”

 I look up towards the sky and send a few words of gratitude to god.

 “Ah… It’s so peaceful. If nothing of note happens from now on, I’ll be happy. Uh-oh, wait! I set up a flag unintentionally. As if~, ahaha, there’s no way~, that’s just superstition, superstition I say!”

And just like that, I blew it.

It was a sudden accident caused by my inattention. A heavy wooden box fell towards the floor amidst a huge racket that filled the room, as I reached up with a single hand and caught that box. The box that was large enough to hide me inside. Easily, and with one hand.

Eh, what’s going on???

Let’s go back half a day to when the incident started.

“Oh my, oh myyy! So this is where my cute angel waaaasss!”

As I’m walking through the mansion’s corridors, from the far side of the corridor gallops (?) a good-looking middle-aged man with a dandy moustache dressed in luxurious nobles’ clothing.

“Ah, Father, good to see you.”

I turn to face the man who came running, grasp the hem of my skirt, and after lifting it a little and leaning over a bit greet him with my brightest smile. The conduct and language of a young lady has been taught to me for a while now by an invited tutor, but I’m still a little awkward. However, as my mental age is technically that of an over 15-year-old I’m quick on the uptake.


Father lets out a strange sigh and glances up at the sky. His name is Ferdid Regalya. He’s the head of House Regalya, my father, and the man working as the general of Ardia Kingdom’s army.


With a question mark floating above my head I abruptly tilt my head.


This time Father lets out an incomprehensible strange noise and clutches at his chest.

(What’s with this exchange that keeps happening, every time.)

“Ahem… Master, please continue with the conversation.”

The butler waiting behind him whispers to Father, who seems to understand and fixes his doting expression.

“Marie, come with me. There’s a child I want to introduce to you.”

“To me?”

Like I said earlier, since I’ve not had a lot of things I’ve wanted from my parents, my parents haven’t overdone it with giving me things either, but today seems to be different.

(More importantly, hey Father. You tell me to come with you, but then why do you pick me up and carry me? I wanted to walk with my own feet.)

While quietly sitting on my father’s well-tempered arms I’m carried towards the garden, where the aforementioned guest is already waiting.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 14

10-14 Awakening, Reunion

“I understand. Please watch.”
Jin said and peeled off the chest’s Magical Skin along the seam. The metal exterior peeked from underneath.
“Jin-nii, it seemed like there was no seam there.”
Elsa who was watching the work said admiringly.
“Well, that’s because it’d be a killjoy if you could see one, so it was cleverly hidden.”
This is besides the point, but Reiko’s body didn’t have any kind of seams. Hers was seamless.
In the case of Ann and Tia the exterior had seams and by opening them you could see inside.
Tubes had been attached to her breasts and Jin could tell they were for breastfeeding milk which the Automata took in orally. It was a structure Ann didn’t have.
Later Jin would hear that Lieschen had been breastfed using milk collected especially from lesser noblewomen with babies.
Jin continued checking the insides.
“Oh… It’s rather damaged, isn’t it.”
Multiple Mithril-made magical nerves were also cut. They were the same things Jin had once described to Prince Ernest as ‘conducting wires that transmit Magic Energy to all of the body parts’.
Jin had named them magical nerves. His naming for technologies was suitably fine.
“Your Highness, might you have any Mithril? Just a little is enough.”
Jin asked Princess Lieschen who was watching from a small distance away. She immediately replied.
“Mithril? Let’s see, if this is enough then please use it.”
The princess said and took off the necklace hanging from her neck. Its chain was made out of Mithril.
“Is it really alright?”
Jin asked while accepting the necklace, and the princess replied right away saying she doesn’t mind. Jin furthermore raised his evaluation of the princess.
“I will use it then. …[Forming]. [Fusion].”
He replenished the Mithril of the cut magical nerves and connected them. Lotte, whom he had gifted to Prince Ernest had six magical nerves while Tia had twelve.
The limbs, the head, and the torso all had two. It was probably to raise reliability.
Jin remembered how Ann had no more than six magical nerves. Thinking of it, this Tia must’ve been either customized or was an early model. It seemed that the later mass-produced versions were simplified.
At that exact moment the Magi Crystal arrived. The princess went to the doorway to personally get it, then handed it over to Jin.
“Jin, will this do?”
It was a milky white Magi Crystal. Its quality and size were both adequate.
“Yes, that’s fine.”
Jin took it and set onto inscribing the Magi Formula to make it an Ether Converter. Since it was still impossible for Elsa, he kept the explanation to the basics.
“This is a Magi Device to convert the Ether in the air into Mana.”
Saying only that, Jin focused solely on writing the Magi Formula. The Magi Formula was so tiny and fine that not to mention Elsa, even the princess who had a magical eye of farsight couldn’t read it.
But doing the work he had done countless of times before, Jin was done in the blink of an eye.
“Now to replace the old one with this.”
The old Ether Converter was a darkened white. It looked like a Magi Crystal whose quality had fallen down quite a lot.
“For now, let’s reconnect the cut Magical Muscles and apply [Reinforce] on the Magical Skin.”
He made sure to make it at least able to move. Any more than that was impossible without materials even for Jin.
Some thirty minutes later the repair and maintenance was complete. The clothes were put back on, then finally came the activation of the Ether Converter.
Once started, it could convert the Mana it made into energy using its Mana Driver and operate with that. You could call this system a kind of a perpetual motion machine.
“Your Highness, are you able to use any kind of magic?”
The Magic Energy pattern used on the start-up decided the direction and nature of the Magic Energy the Automata emitted afterwards. This is why the golems and Automata Jin made had the same Magic Energy characteristics as he did.
“Hm? We can use [Cure] and [Water Ball] in addition to [Water Bullet].”
“That’s enough. Please come over here.”
Jin said and the princess came over to Tia’s side.
“Please place your hand on her chest… Like that, then pour in Magic Energy.”
Jin said, but the princess looked surprised and hurriedly said,
“W-what!? Just Magic Energy? W-we’ve never done that before?”
Jin guided her gently,
“It’s alright. Just use [Cure] and it’ll work out. The moment you feel you’re about to cast it, ….let’s see, how should I say this… Something like, try undoing the convergence?”
“Hmm… It’s vague but We can tell what you’re trying to say. Should We give it a try?”
“Yes, please do.”
“Here we go. …!!”
Jin who was watching the flow of Magic Energy using the [Trace] spell saw the Magic Energy concentrate on the princess’s hands, then saw her cancel it just before it materialized as healing magic.
Half of it vanished into the air, but the remaining half was just enough to start Tia’s Ether Converter.
The Ether Converter made Mana, passed it to the Mana Driver, which sent energy to all parts of Tia’s body through the magical nerves.
She then opened her eyes. Next she sat up slowly. Her blue eyes noticed Princess Lieschen.
Her lips moved just a little, but she was still able to speak out a word.
“It’s been… a while. You’ve grown…bigger.”
She said and smiled sweetly.
The princess hugged Tia.
“Tia, I wanted to see you. I wanted to see you so…!”
“Come now, princess, you’re acting as spoiled as always, aren’t you.”
While talking Tia tenderly hugged the princess back. Although it was just her arms, she could move. There just wasn’t enough material for the legs.
“I never, thought, I’d get to, see you again, princess…”
“Me neither….!”

Jin’s group nearby exchanged glances and left the scene. They looked at Hannah and she was lying down sleeping on the soft and fluffy carpet.
“Just now, she said ‘I’ and not ‘We’.”
Elsa whispered to Jin with a low voice.
“Mh-hm, she undoubtedly said ‘I’ when Tia began to move. She must’ve returned to her past.”
Jin replied with a low voice too.
Jessica then came over to them and,
“Jin-dono, let me thank you too. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the princess this happy. I cannot thank you enough.”
She said, lowering her head. Jin felt ashamed.
“No, I only repaired an Automata that didn’t work. If Her Highness was made happy then it was all thanks to Tia.”
“Hehe, Jin-dono, aren’t you humble. But it doesn’t seem like the princess thinks that way.”
Jessica said and pointed behind Jin.
Jin turned and met the wet eyes of Princess Lieschen with blushed cheeks.
“Jin, thank you! You’ve done what no Magi Craftsman in this country could do!”
She said and took both of Jin’s hands. Her voice woke up the napping Hannah.
“Mm…Ah, Tia-san’s moving!”
The princess too smiled when she heard that.
“That’s right, you’ve got a good elder brother, he’s amazing, isn’t he.”
At the side, even Elsa was smiling happily.
“Your Highness, although I repaired Tia some things were only temporary measures, so please don’t have her overdo it.”
Jin gave a warning, just in case.
“Mh-hm, got it! Jin, what kind of a reward would you like?”
“Eh, nothing in…”
Jin began to speak, but then Elsa pulled on his sleeve. Understanding that she was thinking of something, he tried leaving the talking to Elsa.
“Your Highness, in that case, I was thinking we’d like entrance permits to Alban.”
What Jin’s group had been issued in the morning were only temporary permits.
“Mh-hm, that’s a simple thing. And?”
“And tonight’s lodgings.”
“Hmm, hmm, you may stay here. We have a lot of things We want to talk to you about!”
She had been thinking that the princess would introduce them to an inn, but instead it turned out they’d stay there.
“We’ll have the rooms prepared at once.”
The princess faced the doorway and gave orders to the young maid there.
She then turned to Jin’s group and said,
“She’ll guide you to the guest room, please follow her.”
And so Jin’s group was this time led to the guest room. The princess returned to Tia’s side and began talking about something again. She must’ve been very happy, it seemed like their separation had been quite hard.
Jessica stayed on watch in the corridor. Why the captain of the Imperial Guard knights, you may ask. The maid told them that she had originally been the princess’s bodyguard and had had a successful career from there.
“It’s because Jessica-sama actually treasures the princess a lot. She’s protected the princess ever since she was little.”
The maid seemed to love talking as she had in addition kept on fluently chattering about the gossip inside the royal palace without even asking.
The guest room was only for Jin’s group.
“Hey, Elsa.”
Jin threw a slightly critical look towards Elsa but,
“Jin-nii, just what were you thinking. You did what no Magi Craftsman in this country could just like that. There’s no way they’d send us off just like that.”
She had a point.
“So tonight, keep her company properly.”
You could read another meaning to what Elsa said, but Jin could understand what she meant.
Since staying in the royal palace –or more appropriately the imperial villa– was a rare experience for Hannah she was fine with it, but Jin disliked stiff places like these.
“Elsa’s probably used to it though…”
He muttered and,
“That’s not the case.”
Elsa replied.
“Because until I was precisely the age of that princess, I never went out to the high society.”
Until then she had just done what she liked and played, she said.
“That’s why I’m not fond of formal situations either.”
While thinking of how she didn’t say she dislikes them, Jin played with the braided hair of Hannah who was sitting next to him. She silently, no, smilingly let him.
Reiko stood quietly like she was protecting Jin, and soon it had become dark outside.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 13

10-13 The Blue-haired Automata

“An Automata you’d like me to repair?”
“That’s right. It’s shameful, but Our Cline Kingdom doesn’t have a satisfactory Magi Craftsman. Everyone gave up.”
Princess Lieschen said regretfully.
“We heard talk that some distant village had an excellent Magi Craftsman, but thanks to a certain idiot called Earl Walter they ran away.”
It was a familiar story.
“Hm? So you’ve heard of it too. …Really, all those old nobles, they’re just absorbed in protecting their own interests and don’t think of the country’s or the people’s benefits at all.”
While talking the princess looked over at Jessica next to her and continued,
“Jessica’s also a new noble. Good grief, there are sometimes times We think the whole lot of the nobles should be replaced.”
“Your Highness, that’s a little…”
Jessica softly interrupted her.
“Mhm, you’re right. We shouldn’t have the guests from another country listen to Our grumblings. …And so, Jin, We would like you to accompany us to the royal palace.”
Refusal no longer seemed to be an option. Jin gave up and accepted. However,
“If there’s no materials then I can’t repair whatever it is I need to repair though.”
He told the princess before he forgot. She then replied with a serious look on her face,
“Mh-hm… Is there anything you need?”
Jin explained,
“It depends on what’s broken. I won’t know before I examine it.”

At any rate first came the examination so the carriage the group had got onto moved. On both sides of it four Imperial Guard knights followed.
The princess, Jessica, Jin, Elsa, Hannah, and Reiko were on board yet there was extra room.
That was only natural as the carriage was drawn by four horses. However, the ride wasn’t very comfortable. But the road being paved was a big help. Mostly to Jin.
The carriage headed to the building all the way at the end of the main road, the royal palace.
“Is it fine to just take us along?”
Jin asked and Jessica answered,
“Although we’re heading towards the royal palace, despite it being part of it where we’re going is more like an imperial villa, so the security and management is loose compared to the main palace. Not to mention that the check will be simple since this carriage is exclusively for the royalty.”
Princess Lieschen then gave additional explanation.
“We are the third princess. We have two elder brothers and two elder sisters. Moreover, a princess who isn’t an adult has no authority to inherit the throne. So even though We’re royalty We’re not treated so seriously.”
Even Prince Ernest was born to a mistress, Jin remembered. Somehow it seemed like royalty like this felt like they were of better quality, Jin thought but of course didn’t say it.

The so-called imperial villa was to the left of the royal castle when facing it from the front, that is to say it was a building on the western side. It was different from how Jin imagined an imperial villa being like, but thinking that just might be a difference between worlds, Jin accepted it.
Since this was Hannah’s first time on a carriage she was engrossed in looking out from the window. Elsa was watching out from the window too with a slightly interested look on her face.
“This is it, we’ve arrived.”
The carriage’s door was opened from the outside and a stool for getting down from the carriage was prepared.
First Reiko got down while being cautious. Of course, nothing was there.
Jin took Hannah by the hand and got down, then Elsa got down while feeling a little bit jealous of that.
“Thank you Jessica, you may go now.”
The princess said but Jessica shook her head.
“No, I shall attend you until the end of the day.”
“Well aren’t you diligent, if only you were like this when using magic… Oh well.”
While the princess spoke, they passed through entrance that was quite huge for an imperial villa.
Jin’s group kept following after Jessica. She was a slightly dejected from the princess’s comment.
There were less people around than expected. It seemed that the labor shortage affected this place too.
An Automata caught Jin’s eye. She was wearing a maid’s clothing and Jin could tell she was compensating for the labor shortage. However,
“Hmm, why is so rickety like that?”
Jin voiced his impression of the maid Automata. Even Elsa said,
“Jin-nii, the Automata here seem to be moving strangely. Awkwardly.”
Having become used to seeing golems made by Jin on Kunlun Island and Hourai Island, apparently she had become able to tell the difference between their movements.
Whether the princess heard their exchange or not, she kept on walking silently until she came to a stop in front of a room.
She placed her hand on the door, looked over her shoulder and spoke with a sad tone.
“Jin, please, We want you to repair her.”
She then personally opened the door.

Tapestry with flowers and butterflies on them had been hung on the walls of the room, and there was a soft bright green carpet on the floor. Judging from the feel it was a child’s room.
“Woah, cute room~”
Hannah said; she must’ve got the same impression.
“Yes, this was Our room as a child.”
The princess said, her eyes slightly moist.
“Take off your shoes and come in please.”
The princess said, neatly took off and put away her dark brown shoes, then stepped on the carpet. Jin’s group followed. Just Jessica kept standing as if protecting the entrance.
They looked around the room while feeling the soft sensation of the carpet under their feet. In the corner there was a crib, and beside it sat a silhouette.
Jin and Elsa both spoke nearly simultaneously.
The one sitting there was a blue-haired Automata. At a glance you could tell it was the same model as Ann.
The princess found some fault with what they said.
“That’s not her name. She’s ‘Tia’. Our only… nanny.”
Jin didn’t miss the sadness in her voice. He then went to take a closer look at ‘Tia’.
It was unmistakably the same model of Automata as Ann. Her condition was many times better than Ann’s at the time of her discovery.
But, she wasn’t running. Before ascertaining the cause Jin threw a question at the princess.
“Your Highness Princess Lieschen, how did you come into possession of this Tia?”
Hearing him, the princess reacted with a twitch.
“Jin you’re asking not from who, but how? We see, you must know, right? Indeed, Tia isn’t something that was recently made. It seems she was found from some ruins.”
As I thought, Jin thought.
“Tia is an automata, but she was also my nanny. We’ve heard that when We were very young she even breastfed Us.”
Indeed, if she was the same model as Ann then she probably also had nipples installed. The breastfeeding function may have been something custom.
“By the time I could understand what was going on, Tia could only talk and had become unable to move. Even so, she let me hear many stories and songs. But…”
The princess hung her head down.
“Three years ago, Tia suddenly stopped working. We tried showing her to the Magi Craftsmen of my country, but they told Us that because her construction differs from the one current Automata use she can’t be repaired.”
Tears were glittering in her eyes.
“Our country is undeveloped with regards to Automata and Golems. We’ve heard that Egelia Kingdom makes more use of Golems and Automata. Most of the Automata working here right now have been bought from Egelia Kingdom.”
While talking the princess softly touched the cheek of the unmoving Tia.
“We remember it. Tia was, Tia’s body was warm. The bodies of other Automata aren’t cold, but they aren’t warm either.”
The princess then fixed her eyes on Jin, took his hand and said,
“We know that Tia is a special Automata. But, whatever it takes, We want to hear her voice again. Please, Jin! Please repair Tia!”
Seeing her desperation, Jin could tell just how serious the once-lively Princess Lieschen was.
“Onii-chan, listen to the princess’s request. Onii-chan, you can do it, right?”
Even Hannah said so and looked at Jin. Elsa said nothing, but just looking at her face was enough to tell what she wanted to say.
It made no difference as Jin himself wanted to repair her too.
“I got it, I’ll do what I can.”
Jin said and began examining Tia.
Although her condition was better than Ann’s had been, her Magical Skin had deteriorated and its elasticity had fallen and her Magical Muscles were torn to pieces in some places.
Her skeleton had deformations and her joints were also rattling quite a lot.
But the main cause of her becoming inoperable was the Ether Converter.
Jin’s diagnosis was that the Magi Crystal used as the Ether Converter had degraded, and with this era’s Ether concentration being too low, it had become unable to refine Mana.
That’s why there was no way that this country’s, or rather most of the current era’s Magi Craftsmen could repair it.
“H–how is it? Can you repair her?”
The princess asked worriedly, then Jin told her with a smile,
“It’s fine, I can repair her. But I need an all-attribute Magi Crystal though.”
Hearing that the princess began to smile.
“Got it! An all-attribute Magi Crystal! We’ll have one provided at once!”
She said, then gave some kind of an order to Jessica who was standing at the entrance. Jessica went down the corridor and soon came back.
She must’ve given orders to other servants or Automata.

While waiting for the Magi Crystal to be delivered, Jin began simple maintenance and had Reiko lay Tia down on the floor.
“Your Highness, to repair Tia I have to take off her clothes, is this alright?”
Jin tentatively asked for courtesy’s sake. Of course the princess agreed.
“Elsa, could you come here and take her clothes off?”
Sensing the cold gaze of Elsa who was watching, Jin decided to ask her.
With a short reply Elsa began taking off Tia’s clothes. The clothes looked to be recently made as they weren’t worn out.
She took off the apron, the one-piece dress, and the slip-style underwear. As was usual in this world, there was no bra. The Automata was also wearing outdoor shoes tied with a string and bloomers.
“You can leave the bloomers for now.”
After having Elsa take off the slip Jin stopped her. If she was the same as Ann then that would be all sorts of perilous.
Then when Jin was about to tear off the chest’s Magical Skin his hand stopped.
“Your Highness, I’ll now be dissecting a part of Tia. I don’t know whether or not I want to show it to you. Your Highness, please decide it for yourself.”
Princess Lieschen looked down and thought about it for a while, but before long raised her face in determination and said,
“Please show Us. It’s what We asked for, and more importantly, no matter how she looks Tia is Tia. We’ll see it with Our own eyes.”

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