Magi Craft Meister

is a web/light novel series by Aki Gitsune. I’m not writing a synopsis because you shouldn’t start reading books starting from halfway of the fifth book.

Original story: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n7648bn/

NatsuTL’s translated chapters from v0ch0 to v3ch6: https://natsutl.wordpress.com/projects/novel-tl/mcm/

Falinmer’s translated chapters from v3ch7 to v5ch14: https://falinmer.wordpress.com/

The light novel version has illustrations, which I’ve inserted in the appropriate places on books five and six. These are from Daike1234 at Crappy Machine Translation: https://daike1234.wordpress.com/



Hello. I am sub-par translator. I have a bad sense of humor but that won’t stop me from joking around. Translating is a hobby for me and hopefully it stays that way. I can’t remember ever being stung by a bee. I can’t think of anything else about me right now.