on second thoughts i’m just going to quit RIGHT NOW

hello, you are advised to know that after some thinking i have stopped translating magi craft meister. partly because my schedule’s gotten busier lately, partly because the unifier arc dragged on and tired me, but mostly because i’m no longer really interested in reading the story.

i’ll find some time soon to clean up my glossary spreadsheet and publish it so the barrier for entry for a hypothetical future translator is a bit lower.
here’s the spreadsheet https://subpartl.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/glossary.xlsx it’s not very good, but it’s there.

there are no plans for future projects, but if there ever is one it’ll still be on this site.

that’s it. it was a good six months. thanks for the nice comments. see y’all around, in some other corner of the internet.





as i mentioned in the comments of some previous chapters i’ll be elsewhere from the 13th to the 15th. being chronically incapable of keeping a backlog, this means that there won’t be any updates on those days. happy holidays

next week will miss a few updates. sorry!

wow an announcement! and it’s not good news!! yay!!!

as i said in a comment some time ago, i’ll be out of town for six days or so. leaving on sunday evening. i don’t have a laptop so i can’t really comfortably work on translating. however, as of this writing, i’ve scheduled updates for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. so that’s good. but on the other hand, wednesday’s chapter is going to be a huge cliffhanger. so i look forward to leaving you with it <3.

i'll be back home on saturday most likely. depending on just how late, there may be a chapter then.

i've got my tl notes on my phone and maybe i'll remember to post on the same day the chapters release too.

in all honestly i'll try to get another chapter done today before i go so there'll be a chapter for thursday too and the cliffhanger won't be as extreme.