the deep void where complaints go

if you’ve got something to yell at me about, or just yell in general, you can do so in the comments section here. maybe that’ll help.


27 thoughts on “the deep void where complaints go”

  1. wordpress lets me write and send a comment on scheduled chapters before they’re released, but the comment doesn’t seem to actually be saved anywhere. need to figure out a smart place to put my translators’ notes in. also i gotta soon figure out how to get previous chapter and next chapter links, and a table of contents. heck!! it’s a lot of things to figure out.


    1. hello amash. some other people have also expressed dismay at chapters from 5-07 to 5-14. i’ll take a look at them whenever i’ve got enough of a backlog so that regular updates can still be a thing. right now i’ve only got sunday’s update scheduled to release, and monday’s is about half done. don’t hold your horses though


  2. This isn’t a complaint but I just want to thank you for all the work put in for these chapters; I’ve been busy recently and haven’t been up to date with any novels until I saw this in my RSS feed! Really loving that you’ve picked it up, I missed this series so much and the daily updates are something that I’m enjoying and I look forward to future chapters. Keep it up!

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  3. ok i just came here to say that good job story seems better than those action fantasy adventures where they just fight everything they see….. so seems that story is a good so keep up good work

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  4. Not complaining, just wanna say good luck catching up, with 1500+ chapters and keep counting because the author still updating the novel pretty regularly. Cheers!

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  5. Hi

    I just want to say thanks to take this novel

    Certainly I have to say good luck catching 1500 chapters too. Anyway if some day you’ve tired of this story or wish for a second project, I have hundreds of suggestions ignored till now for the translators

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  6. i can’t believe you people are using the complaints pit as a compliments pit. what a heinous twist. that’s criminal. also i can’t have only this page show the newest comments first. argh

    thanks for the compliments anyway

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    1. Sicne there’s no ‘Compliment Pile’ we can through our compliments on we’re making due with a pit..

      Tho I gotta complain about something… we’ve been spoiled too much with those regular updates! It nearly made me complain ‘where’s today’s chapter’ you know, tsk tsk.

      TL quality is very high, this one completely approves of this ‘subpar’ transaltion.

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  7. Yes, I have a complaint!
    Why have I only found out about this translation group now?
    I demand more advertising for your translations.

    And now off I go to read chapters to catch up…

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  8. Hello, I’d like to complain about your inability to turn into a dragon. Don’t you know the best translators are shape-shifting dragons? 😝

    Oh well. Thanks for all your hard work anyway. 😉

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    1. yes, but not any time soon to be honest. it’s not a very high priority for me, certainly not enough to warrant missing an update. some things happened and i ran out of backlog last weekend. and i expect to go out of town next week or the one after that for a few days, which is in all likelyhood going to blow through the backlog again.


  9. I’m here to complain about “Next Page” button always show “Page Not Found” on every new chapter release, its making me depressed.

    just joking. just saying hi and thanks for the translations ~

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  10. Could you spare us from cliff hangers? There’s nothing i hate more than cliff hangers. They inevitably tend to turn into permanent cliff hangers when series get cancelled, translator drop their translations etc.

    If you ever decide to take a break please end it on a average non cliff hanger chapter.



  11. well at least you are not doing one of the most disheartening of faux pas aka piggybacking off of google-sensei for only word for word translation. It looks like you got your work cut out for you if you stick with this series 44-7= 37 more volumes to go lul


  12. Sub-par I really want to continue reading this novel but with 5-07 to 5-14 unreadability I can’t do that and I also don’t want to skip this chapters if there is any chance that you would check it, I’ll be really greatfull.


  13. Heya.

    My complaint is this…
    You don’t take enough time off! xD
    You should set aside one day each week where you don’t release a chapter.
    Maybe use it as a day to translate the old stuff and tidy them up so they all use the same terms.
    Maybe even change them – like using Automaton for singular, and Automata for plural =P
    Maybe still use the day to write a chapter, but keep it backlogged for a day where you have something come up like you have recently.
    Just use it as a day for yourself to do whatever of your choosing. If you don’t get a break each week, you’ll tire yourself out one of these days >.<




    1. i’m probably going to be leading a more busy life next month so i’ll see about taking breaks then.

      and let’s be honest here i’m never going to tidy up my translations because going through the wordpress ui to edit each post takes way too much effort and time. it would only happen if i somehow decided to pay the $9? a month for extended features like plugins to install a version control plugin of some kind. even then i’d have to learn to use it first


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