Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 10

07-10 The Mystery of Ether

After finishing lunch, it was decided that each one would spend the afternoon as they pleased.
For some reason Jin headed towards the direction of the mine, but when he was in a place with no other people in it Reiko undid her [Stealth] and appeared. Then,
“Father, it seems something has happened on Hourai Island.”
She informed Jin of it.
“By that, do you mean something even Laozi couldn’t deal with?”
“No, if I had to say then I’d describe it as an important discovery that I wanted to report.”
“Is that so. Alright, let’s go see it for a while.”
Jin said and also used [Stealth, and along with Reiko the two invisible people returned back to the carriage. Jin couldn’t see to the outside so he walked led by the hand by Reiko.
After confirming there was no one watching, they silently boarded the carriage, activated the hidden Warp Gate, and warped to Hourai Island.

*   *   *

“Welcome home, My Lord.”
They came out of the Warp Gate on Hourai Island, and Laozi’s voice greeted them.
“Oh, I’m home. You had something to report?”
Jin proceeded to the chamber where Laozi’s machinery was and sat down on a chair prepared there. Reiko also sat down next to him.
“Yes, My Lord. To be frank, it’s about the ‘Albatross’ units.”
Albatrosses were the airplanes Jin had build that flew with [Magi Jet Engine]s.
“Right now they’re continuing drawing up the topographic map by means of aerial surveillance, but during that process we came to understand something unexpected.”
“Something unexpected?”
“Yes. First, please take a look at this.”
Following Laozi’s instructions, Jin had the in-progress map spread out in front of him. The one responsible for it was the army golem Land-1.
“It’s well made.”
“Thank you. We’ll add the details later, but the terrain can be rougly understood as it is now, I think.”
“Yeah. However, why is there not much of anything in the southern hemisphere?”
The northern hemisphere of the map was drawn detailedly, but only a little had been drawn in the southern hemisphere.
“That’s the point of this report.”
Laozi then began the report.
“At the beginning, measurements advanced all right. However, the ‘Albatrosses’ that went south noticed an abnormality. As did the boarded Sky golems.”
“An abnormality?”
“Yes. The operation efficiency of the Ether Converters fell. However, when we examined the returned Albatrosses we didn’t find anything unusual.”
When Jin heard that, a hypothesis came to his mind, but because of the lack of information he refrained from a snap judgment, and had Laozi continue.
“And then, for the Albatrosses that went north, they say that conversely their Ether Converters’ perfromances increased. Again the boarded Sky golems reported this same increase.”
After that Jin had the feeling that his hypothesis wasn’t incorrect.
Laozi concluded with stating that from this information he deemed that the concentration of Ether in the air increases when going north, and decreases when going south. It was consistent with Jin’s hypothesis.
At that time Reiko, who had been silent until now, spoke.
“During Mother’s era, it appears that the habitats were divided so that north was devil beasts’ territory, and south was humans’ territory. Don’t you think there’s a connection?”
When Laozi heard that,
“Reiko-san, thank you for the excellent information. My Lord, judging from this information there can be no doubt of the fact that Ether concentration becomes denser when heading north.”
He reasoned. Jin agreed too. Reiko also agreed and explained,
“Besides, during the time I searched for Father, I warped all around, and there was an area where the efficacy of my Ether Converter was strangely higher. Perhaps it may have been in the north.”
Jin nodded and spoke of his conclusion.
“Yeah, with that many facts, putting aside the reason for it, your conclusion doesn’t seem to be mistaken. When it comes to going north, there’s no problems, but there’s an urgent need for development for the planes going south.”
With that, Jin started designing a new type of aircraft with Laozi’s assistance.

“Let’s install three Ether Converters. Then to have it be able to fly even without Ether, also build in a large Mana Tank.”
The Ether Converters and the Mana Tank differed from the usual mechanical airplanes, but the size didn’t change that much, so while making additions they didn’t end up making a larger fuselage.
“My Lord, I recommend also supplementing the Magi Jet Engines.”
Laozi thought they’d better augment the engines, so he made a suggestion. Jin decided to adopt that suggestion and,
“Alright, let’s add one to both wings. By having three engines in total surely even long-range flights would be possible.”
There was no way that the number of engines would be proportional to the flight range, but the point was probably valid as it made it easier to increase both flight speed and altitude. It didn’t mean that Jin comprehended much of the aerodynamics from the start. He only had had experience building model planes. If it didn’t work out, he’d just rebuild them, Jin thought.
And thus, they decided to build several fuselages.
First was the fuselage for use in long-distance reconnaissance. It was loaded with three Ether Converters and three Magi Jet Engines too. It had a large Mana Tank and –theoretically– it could easily go around the world.
Next was the fuselage for use in transportation. It was similar to the long-distance reconnaissance models, but rather than improving flight distance the takeoff weight was improved by increasing the surface of the wings and the volume of the fuselage.
Finally was the fuselage for use in stealth manoeuvres. The ‘Albatross’ was used as the base, but a [Stealth] function was installed, the offensive ability strengthened, and the frame was made to be capable of high-speed movement. It would be no exaggeration to call it a stealth fighter.
They were each named with the long-range reconnaissance model being ‘Skylark’, the transportation-model being ‘Pelican’, and the secret model being ‘Raptor’.
The Skylark was a Eurasian skylark, and Raptor was a bird of prey. Jin christened them after names he had heard while on Earth. If you thought of the two then certainly, you’d get the feeling that albatross would be a better name for the long-distance reconnaissance plane rather than skylark, but since Jin named them it’s hopeless to worry.

*   *   *

When the designs were roughly completed, Jin once more viewed the map.
From the measurements until now, he could grasp the approximate size of this planet.
“However, it’s smaller than I thought.”
According to Laozi’s calculations this planet’s diameter was approximately 2400 kilometers. It was small compared to Earth’s diameter of about 12700 kilometers.
“It’s filled with heavy elements after all…Probably magical elements too, huh.”
Jin had an interest in this planet’s structure too, but he postponed that and changed to a different thought.
“Laozi, it seems that there’s a turbulent situation in this world too, so stay alert.”
Jin brought it to Laozi’s attention.
“Yes, things such as [Subordination Rewriting Magic] and Unifilers, right? I get the reports from Reiko-san too.”
“Yeah, that’s right. If they knew about this place, they’d unmistakably set their aims here. Be careful.”
“Understood, My Lord. I will do that, and staying vigilant in Kaina Village is important too, right?
It was the name of the village that was special to Jin. You could call the village a second home to him.
Now that Jin had received the title of honorary Magi Craftsman of Egelia Kingdom, a small hope swelled of perhaps being able to go to Cline Kingdom and openly visit Kaina Village located in its countryside. It still seemed to for a bit later in the future, though.

After that, Jin spent time listening to the detailed reports regarding the islands’ development, and the state of affairs on Kunlun Island.
To put it briefly, eveything was going very well.

Finally, he tried asking about mining Elradrite, but unfortunately a vein of it couldn’t be found on either Hourai Island or Kunlun Island.

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped. Please continue your investigations.”
“Yes, My Lord.”
Then Jin once again went through the Warp Gate and returned to Yada Village.

*   *   *

Because of the time difference, it was still bright in Yada Village.
After getting out of the carriage, Jin took the opportunity to check and see if there’s been any damage or abnormalities anywhere.
“Ah, Jin-kun.”
A voice then greeted him. Turning around, he saw Elsa.
“What, are you up to?”
“Um, just inspecting the carriage. Tomorrow, we’ll take this to the ruins, right? That’s why.”
Elsa looked satisfied with an answer like that.
“Jin-kun’s remarkable. Even after making something like this, you’re still prudent.
“Haha, you won’t get anywhere even with flattery.”
Jin replied like that to Elsa’s praise and,
“Alright, everything’s normal.”
He said and clapped his hands together.
“I hope the weather’s fine tomorrow.”
Jin looked up at the sky while walking alonside Elsa.
The clouds in the sky dyed red by the sunset seemed to be an omen of fine weather for tomorrow.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 09

07-09 The Ores

Jin returned back to the crossroads of the tunnel branches, just when the other people had all returned too.
“Hey, how did it go for you, Jin? I got these.”
Reinhardt showed the pieces of ore he had harvested. There were two crystals and an amethyst.
“I found these.”
Jin also showed off his spoils.
“Oh, three citrines, three amethysts, and a smoky quartz, huh. As I’d expect from you.”
It seemed that Reinhardt had an idea as to just how Jin found them. Although the little girl dug up one of the citrinse and amethysts each.
“I couldn’t find anything but this one.”
Elsa held out the black quartz in her hand to show it.
“It’s just a crystal, isn’t it.”
Reinhardt voiced his thoughts.

“Mother, here, it’s a present.”
The girl from earlier gave the gem she had dug out earlier as a present to her mother , the wife of Viscount Secatt.
“Now now, really? Schiede, thank you.”
Apparently the girl was called Schiede. She was smiling as her mother stroked her head.
Jin gave them a sidelong glance and thought it was good that he had made the pink sapphire with Craft Magic.
“That mister over there told me where to look.”
Jin heard her say. Then the viscount’s wife walked over where to Jin was and,
“My daughter seems to have had help from you, thank you.”
She thanked Jin.

“Err, excuse me, but you’re Mariria-san, right?”
Reinhardt asked from the side.
“Yes, I am Mariria, and you are?”
“I’m from Shouro Empire, and my name is Reinhardt. I met your husband Viscount Secatt in Asunto the other day.”
He said. After Mariria heard that she said,
“Oh, so that’s how it was. Was my husband okay? He’s been late in coming back so I’ve been worried.”
“Yes, he’s fine. It’s just that there was a bit of trouble during His Highness Ernest’s birthday party, so I think he was recruited for dealing with the aftermath.”
As the propagation of information was slow in this world, it seemed that news of the golem riot hadn’t reached the madam yet. And so Reinhardt told her just the harmless parts.
The madam seemed to be relieved after hearing of her husband’s circumstances from Reinhardt who had been there.

“Brother’s return is late.”
During that, the voice of the little girl, Schiede, could be heard. The young boy who was her elder brother hadn’t come back yet.
“That’s so, Edem’s late, isn’t he.”
“I’ll go search.”
Schiede said and began to run.
“Ah, don’t run, it’s dangerous!”
Right after her mother Mariria said that, Schiede tripped and fell over.
“T-that hurt.”
“Come on, I told you so, …How inconvenient that I can’t use healing magic…”
Then Elsa stepped forward and,
“Let me. …[Heal].”
“Ah, it doesn’t hurt any more.”
“My my, young lady, thank you. Come on Schiede, thank her.”
“Okay. Thank you very much, miss.”
Obediently, the girl thanked Elsa as soon as her mother told her to.
“…Take care now.”
“I will.”
It was dark so you couldn’t see it well, but Elsa seemed to blush a little.

“Mother! I found an amazing gem!”
Then, while yelling loudly, Schiede’s elder brother Edem arrived.
“Come on, look! It’s a green gem! And this beautiful shape!”
Edem said while holding out the raw ore he had in his hand towards his mother. Jin at a glance recognized the gem from its unmistakable characteristics.
“Isn’t that fluorite.”
Elsa caught his absent-minded muttering.
“Mm, yeah. It’s the gem that, um, Edem is holding. It’s a neat octahedron, right? Fluorite has that kind of cleavage.”
Fluorite is calcium fluoride. In fact, it is also used in iron manufacture. At the very least, the electric furnace that Jin fell into utilized it in its blast furnace to draw out the foreign matter called slag while manufacturing iron.
And that’s why contrary to expectations it was a mineral Jin was familiar with.
Because it was too soft for a gem (4 on Moh’s hardness scale), no one but some collectors gathered them.
This was probably also one of the freebies for tourists.

“My my, Edem also found a splendid gem. I’m glad.”
“Brother, I found a pink gem.”
“Is that so, good for you.”
“It is.”
Jin had no intention of throwing cold water on the delighted family. However. Their intimacy was just a bit enviable, he thought.

“Alright everyone, did you have fun? It’s about time for us to get out, so please follow me.”
The guide then raised his voice. The eight people returned the borrowed Magi Tools and returned the way they came.

*   *   *

When they came out, the clouds had split and bits of blue sky peeked out from between them. The blowing winds were already the winds of spring.
“Ahh, the outside air is good, isn’t it.”
Jin said while stretching, Reinhardt also agreed with an ‘indeed’, and Elsa too nodded rapidly.

“Well then, farewell everyone.”
The wife of Viscount Secatt said her goodbyes. While waving her hand Schiede said,
“Mister, miss, bye bye!”
Jin and Elsa waved their hands a bit in return.

It was precisely lunchtime so they decided to try going into a nearby restaurant.
Because this was a mining village, the restaurant’s insides too were decorated with various large and small crystals, gems, and pieces of ore.
“There’s no Aquamarine?”
Elsa asked Jin with a low voice.
“Aquamarine, huh. I wonder.”
Aquamarine resembled the color of Elsa’s eyes well. That was one of the reasons it was Elsa’s favorite gem.
“Ah, that seems to be the case.”
There was a fist-sized crystal decoration. Aquamarines were the same mineral as emeralds, but emeralds were crystals born deep underground in enormous pressure, while aquamarines could be found inside regular pegmatite.
“That’s, pretty.”
“It’s pretty even without polishing, huh.”
“Mh-hm, I’d say that if a polished gem was a dressed-up beautiful woman, a raw gem would be a pristine village girl.”
“? ? ?”
Reinhardt sudddenly cut into the conversation. Both Jin and Elsa couldn’t help making an undescribable face as Reinhardt said something uncharacteristically pretentious.
“Huh? I’ve got a feeling that you’re thinking of something awful.”
Reinhardt guessed and said while smiling bitterly, then,
“It’s not just your imagination. A line like that doesn’t suit Rai-nii.”
Elsa revealed her honest impression.
“That’s terrible. I was just considering whether or not to buy that gem, but should I not?”
Reinhardt said as if disgruntled and,
“Sorry. Rai-nii is handsome.”
Elsa said and edged closer to him. Reinhardt’s bitter smile intensified,
“Just when I think you’ve become more of an adult, but you never change, huh. Oh well, I’ll buy it.”
Reinhardt was weak towards his cousin.

*   *   *

“So sapphires like that still come out…?”
The guide who had watched Schiede hand it over to her mother, the Viscount Secatt’s wife, reported it to the miners’ guild.
After that, the tunnel for tourists was closed for two weeks, and mining was cirred out, but far from pink sapphires even regular corundum was barely found.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 08

07-08 The Mine

The tunnel had narrow spots too, but generally it was wide enough to easily walk in. Perhaps this place had been redeveloped for the sake its tourism use.
At first the tunnel was level, but gradually it sloped down. Everyone was grateful for the lights that had been installed here and there.
“Mother, aren’t you cold?”
The boy asked his mother. Inside the tunnel temperature was around 15 degrees Celsius, and if you wore a long-sleeved shirt you wouldn’t get cold. However, the madam wore only short-sleeved spring clothing.
“Yes, it’s a little cold here.”
She answered as a matter of course.
“In that case, have this.”
The butler took a half coat from the luggage the large man had been made to carry and presented it to the madam.
“Oh my, thank you.”
The madam said and put on the half coat.

Elsa, who was watching the exchange felt somehow regretful thinking about the long-sleeved coat she was herself wearing.
She then stared at the back of Jin who was walking in front of her. Jin was wearing his coat that he had given for Elsa to wear several times.

Going down a short ladder, then again walking downhill, they arrived at a slightly more spacious place.
“We’ve arrived, here’s the last stop.”
It was an unexpected and a too quick end for the tunnel. Well, there was no way in the first place that they’d be taken to depths deep enough to be dangerous to ordinary people, so it had to be like this for tourism use.
“There are a few branching tunnels, if you’re lucky you can mine ore containing gemstone.”
The guide said. The tool he had was a Magi Tool resembling a chisel.
“Pushing the tip of this thing against rock and pouring in Magic Energy, it digs into the rock it’s pushed against.”
Maybe it could be called a mini rock drill that utilized Magic Energy.
“Mother, I want to try it for a bit.”
The little sister suggested that. It may be that she desired the gems the guide had spoken about.
“You do? Then, just a little bit okay?”
The madam said and the guide took one Magi Device from the large man’s burden.
“Ah, then me too.”
The boy also said, and the guide took out one more. It didn’t look like it came at an extra cost, so three people from Jin’s group, meaning Jin, Reinhardt, and Elsa also decided to give it a try.
Each one entered a separate branching tunnel.
All of which were short, in addition to having several dug-out spots left from previous tourists.

“I wonder if you really can find gemstone here? [Ground Search].”
He used the [Ground Search] magic for the first time in a while.
“…Hm? Eh? What’s this?”
In several places in the walls and the ground there was ‘buried’ raw ore containing gemstone.
At a guess, they were planted there for the tourists’ amusement, or maybe they could be called free gifts. Jin had also heard that the matsutake mountains with paid admission also do a similar thing.
“There’s no ore vein here any longer, huh.”
A magus who could use [Ground Search] could immediately tell. Well, because much deeper there were places with large ore veins, you couldn’t call this mine a fake one.
“Oh well, since it’s a tourist attraction, let’s enjoy it.”
After such a monologue, Jin put the Magi Tool against the area where the ore was buried.

*   *   *

When Jin had dug out several pieces of ore.
“Aww~, I can’t find any.”
A voice could be heard. Turning around, Jin found the daughter of the viscount family from earlier.
The girl noticed Jin and,
“Ah, so, there was someone here already. My apologizes.”
She said and began to go back. Jin called her to stop.
“Miss, it seems that you can find comparatively a lot of ore over here. Go ahead if you’d like.”
Then the girl stopped, and timidly turned around. In the light of the dim magical lamps Jin could see that she was a cute girl around eight or nine years of age, with blond hair and blue eyes, much resembling her mother.
“Umm, are you sure?”
When she asked that, Jin smiled and nodded, then showed the pieces of ore he had dug out.
“Woow, there’s a lot. Is it really okay if I dig here too?”
“Yes, go ahead. Around here looks good.”
Jin pointed near the place where he had found ore using [Ground Search].
“Okay, I’ll give it a try.”
The girl said and pushed the excavating Magi Tool she had in her hand on the tunnel wall. Then she poured in Magic Energy.
The Magi Tool vibrated finely, and the tip section that had been coated with Adamantite broke through the rock. Then, a piece of ore broke out and fell.
“Ah, something came out. Mister, this, what is it?”
The girl picked up the ore she had mined out and held it out in front of Jin. Jin took a glance at it and,
“That’s Amethyst.”
He taught her what it was. Then the girl made an expression that was sort of half happy and half disappointed,
“I’ll look harder.”
She said and was once again about to press the Magi Tool on the wall. Then Jin said,
“Instead of digging just there, why don’t you give a try over here too?”
And he pointed at another location where ore had been buried.
“That’s right, isn’t it, I’ll try there.”
The girl obediently went to dig at the wall Jin pointed at. Then once again a piece of ore tumbled out.
“Ah, I found another one. Mister, you’re amazing!”
This time Citrine had come out.
“Aww~, this isn’t the one I wanted either.”
The girl said. Then, Jin tried asking,
“Well, what kind of ore do you want?”
The girl then replied,
“A pink gem!”
There are few pink gemstones. Pink sapphires, tourmalines, and kunzites to name a few. Even topazes were exceedingly rare finds with a high value, so there was no way you could find such a thing in a faked mine for tourists like this.
“Hmm, it would be a nice find, wouldn’t it.”
Jin said while thinking.
A pink sapphire he could somehow manage.
In the first place, sapphires were of an aluminum oxide’s crystal form called corundum. It was a mineral that this place didn’t lack. However, here its purity was just not enough to form a gem.
And so Jin decided to stealthily find a lump of corundum using [Ground Search]. Luckily, he found one in a shallow spot.
Since it was a little far away it was difficult, but he somehow managed to extract the impurities little by little with the [Extraction] magic. Of course, leaving behind the main ingredient aluminum dioxide. And also chromium.
As by nature the rock contained just a bit of chromium, somehow he was able to finish the processing.
“Aww~, I can’t find it~.”
The girl complained. Jin once more called out to her and,
“It looks like there’s something here.”
He told her.
“Mister’s predictions have been on the mark. I’ll try there.”
She said and pushed the Magi Tool there. It was a bit deep so it took some time.
“Nothing seems to come out.”
“It seems that it’s just a bit deeper.”
It looked like the ore was deeper than he had thought. After spending three times longer than in the previous attempts, finally the gem tumbled out.
“I did it! It’s a pink gem!”
The girl happily picked up the gem and held it close to her chest, then quickly bowed.
“Thank you mister. You can have the other gems.”
She said, and went back through the tunnel carrying only the pink sapphire she had discovered.
Jin also thought this was enough, picked up the gems the girl had left behind, and leisurely walked the tunnel back.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 07

07-07 Yada Village

Next day, before leaving the town of Delead, Reinhardt told Jin he had something he wanted to discuss.
“The fact is, north of this town there are some ancient ruins called the ruins of Keuwan, and apparently they date back to before the Great Magic War. I’ve not seen them myself, you see.”
He began to talk. Jin also had an interest in the ruins from the time of the great war.
“It’ll be a small detour, but I’m not on official business anymore, so we could go. I’m rather interested in seeing them.”
Reinhardt said, and Jin also agreed.
“Alright, in that case, how about Elsa? Do you want to hurry back to our country?”
Reinhardt asked Elsa, and sure enough,
“I’m also interested. I want to go there.”
She replied. Reinhardt clapped his hands together and,
“Alright, it’s decided. I’ll have the coachman get directions there.”
He said and got off his seat.

*   *   *

The carriages left Delead Town, and headed along the highway to a provincial city called Uremlin.
In Uremlin too there was a Guild, but making the technology of the vacuum cleaner available for the public was postponed. Because the place felt somehow rough. Jin planned to reveal it to the public after he could confirm that the Guild was more trustworthy.
After spending a night there they headed off the highway to the north. After half a day they arrived at the town of Coorz. As there was still time, they headed farther north , and by evening, they had arrived at Yada Village.

“This is Yada Village.”
First Reinhardt got down from Jin’s carruage, and then Jin followed,
“I heard it while inside the carriage, but there’s a mine here, huh.”
He said while looking up at the mine tunnel to the northwest.
“If I remember right, they say that many kinds of gemstones are mined here.”
The last to get down was Elsa. As expected of a young woman, she apparently had an interest in jewelry.
Jin looked at his surroundings to survey the state of the village. Then he voiced his opinion,
“It’s quite lively for being called a village.”
There were enough buildings to call it a town, and there was a lot of people too.
The one to answer Jin’s doubts was of course Reinhardt.
“That’s because there’s no agriculture here, this town only has the mine and tourism. The people related to the mines are mostly from Uremlin, and tourists aren’t residents. The original inhabitants seem to make their living by managing inns or small stores.”
In other words, as the base population was small this place was treated as a village.
“From here, just short of 20 kilometers following the mountain road northeast is Keune Village. I hear that the ruins of Keuwan are there.”
Reinhardt explained,
“Apparently Keune Village is a really small village, so they say it’s better to stay the nights here and make round trips there.”
Reinhardt spoke the advice he had heard while in Delead Town.
“Well, we can take it easy today.”
He said and watched the butler he had had go ahead arrive.
“Claude, thanks for your trouble.”
The butler Claude bowed and,
“Reinhardt-sama, let me guide you to the inn.”
Then the group once more got on the carriages, and headed to tonight’s inn guided by Claude.

The inn was in a silent place on the outskirts of the village. It was a solidly-built 4-storey stone building. The guest rooms all faced towards the mountainside, so the view was good.
The room felt a little small, but it wasn’t enough to call it incovenient. As a whole, the inn got a passing mark.
“Oh, I wonder if you can see the mine from the window.”
These windows hadn’t been fitted with glass. It had wooden doors, which Jin opened and looked outside. The view of the mountain with the mine was good.
Incidentally, the evening sun had just then sunk precisely behind the mountain with the mine.

The dinner was soup with bread, roasted freshwater fish, roasted something that resembled chicken, edible wild plants made into a salad and some such.
Elsa didn’t seem to have an appetite and it bothered Jin. Then,
“Elsa, are you feeling ill?”
He tried asking. Elsa replied,
“I dislike Cockalisk meat.”
Apparently the chicken-like meat was from something called a Cockalisk. Jin then,
“If you don’t like like it you don’t have to force yourself to eat it. Because if you just ask, I can eat your portion too.”
Jin said, and quickly moved Elsa’s portion to his own plate, then ate it all up in three mouthfuls.
Elsa thanked him, looking a bit ashamed.

“Now then, about tommorrow.”
After the meal, while sipping Teee Reinhardt began to talk.
“I asked the people in the inn, and they say that it looks like tomorrow’s weather isn’t going to be very good. And, that the day after tomorrow it’ll clear up. Therefore tomorrow we can both take a break and enjoy ourselves in this village, I think.”
No matter how good the ride comfort was, constantly riding in a carriage wore one out.
“It appears there’s also a mine tunnel for tourists. It seems if luck is with you you can also find gems there. I think going there or the factory where the stones are processed would be good. Apparently you can also buy jewels for cheaper than usual from there.”
“Mm. That’s fine.”
As Elsa also consented, it was decided that tomorrow they would see the sights of this village.
“So, they said the weather will be better the day after tomorrow and we want to go see the ruins, but should go by carriage or on horseback? Apparently the road is rather steep. It seems it would take some time with a normal carriage.”
It must be remembered that was only for ‘normal’ carriages, and so,
“In that case, should we go with my carriage?”
Jin suggested. Neither Reinhardt nor Elsa had any objections.
It was decided that Jin, Reinhardt, Elsa, Reiko, and butler Claude would go.
They considered that depending on the situation they could stay overnight in Keune Village.
Luckily Mine hadn’t been fussy about things lately, so there wouldn’t be objections from her either.
“Alright, let’s sightsee the village tomorrow then.”
That was the decision they came to.

*   *   *

Yada Village was a town built on tourism and the mine. The mountain where the mine was was gigantic and out of granite. The granite was rock that had been formed by deep underground magma solidifying. During the solidifying process various minerals segregated and crystallized.
It was called pegmatite (giant crystallized granite), and because of the gases mixed in it had ‘cavities’ called geodes.
Because geodes contain many kinds of crystallized minerals, pegmatite deposits near the surface make for good mining locations.

Back to the topic at hand, Jin’s group went out to see the mine.
Generally, the tunnels open for tourists were old ones from where all the profit had been squeezed out of.
However, it was still possible to discover raw gemstone if you were lucky, and on top of that walking down a long tunnel stretching underground was an experience you could seldom have.
Consequently, it had become good amusement for rich people and nobles.

On the entrance of the tunnel used for sightseeing.
In addition to Jin’s group. a noble-ish family –as expected– had also come to sightsee.
There were four people: a middle-aged woman who seemed like the mother, a boy who looked younger than Elsa, a girl who must’ve been his little sister, and an aging man who appeared to be a butler.
“My my, today it looks like we have the privilege of coming along with you. Nice to meet you. We’re the group of the wife of Viscount Secatt who is the assistant of the feudal lord of Desir.”
“Thank you for your courteous greetings. We’re the group of Shouro Empire’s diplomat Reinhardt-sama.”
The butler exchanged greetings with his fellow butler Claude.
Two people guided the two groups of four tourists. One of them was a muscular and gigantic young man, who had been carrying luggage for a while now. The other was a middle-aged small man who seemed to be the actual guide.
“Dear visitors, lemme be your guide for today. Please watch where you’re walking.”
The middle-aged man had a strange style of speaking, or more accurately used some brusque words, and he entered the tunnel in front of the groups to start the tour.
The inside was slightly chilly and damp. At their feet were protruding scraggy rocks, walking was difficult.
On such a path the guide casually walked on. While occasionally looking behind him to confirm that eight people were still following.
The large man was at the back of the line. His task probably was to ensure there were no people falling behind or getting out of sight.

A short distance in from the entrance Magi Tools producing light had been put up here and there on the walls. Because of that they could somehow see where they were going.
“On the off chance you get lost, you can follow these lights back out, huh.”
Looking closely, next to the light arrows pointing towards the entrance had been drawn. If there were such arrows written on every one of them, even if you got lost you could at least find your way out.
Thinking about things like that, Jin was walking in the middle of the line of eight people.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 06

07-06 Side Story 5: Kaina Village, It’s Been a While

Just now, Jin had come to Kaina Village.
That was because he vaguely reminisced, and vaguely felt the want to try going.
He took the carriage’s Warp Gate first to Hourai Island, and from there to the Warp Gate in the shelter that had been established non the outskirts of Kaina Village.
In Kaina Village too it was night.
The weather had been clear in Delead, but here it was slightly cloudy. A vaguely lukewarm air, typical of a spring night.

“Everyone’s already asleep, huh…”
With no entertainments or pleasures, the night in farmwork-centric Kaina Village was shot. When the sun went down almost all of the families went to sleep.
With the moonlight coming from a rift between the clouds he could somehow see the road. By himself, Jin walked down the nostalgic road.
“Martha-san, Hannah…I wonder if they’re doing okay.”
Quietly, Jin peeked into Martha’s house over the fence. Jin could see Hannah’s room through the muscovite window he had installed.
He wanted to take a look, but after rethinking it doing such a degenerate’s action would be bad, so after walking around the house he really had lingering attachments towards he moved on.
He went to the location of the pump. To the place where the first useful tool Jin had built using Craft Magic was installed.
“It still works perfectly, huh.”
Jin softly moved the pump’s handle. With its durability raised with [Hardening] the pump had barely worn down at all. Jin let go of the handle satisfied.

Next he headed towards the hot spring.
The hot bath made the sound of a free-flowing hot spring even in the middle of the night.
While it had been just a cabin with a tidy shingle roof, the whole building had been reconstructed to be sturdy. That must’ve been because of how much the villagers appreciated the facility.
Peering inside, Jin found that on the hole he had dug some hot-spring mineral deposits had accumulated and so he removed them with Craft Magic.
In the sedimentation tank that settled the fresh water and dirtied bath water, mud had piled up so using [Decomposition] and [Cleanup] he made it stay clean.

Jin kept walking around the village. He set out to the public square, where in spite of the gloomy moonlight light pink flowers were in full bloom.
“Kherry blooms, huh. They really are exactly like cherries.”
While he had been in Japan, they had been the flowers he loved the most. Jin stayed like that for a while, gazing up at the Kherries in full bloom.

Jin was brought back to reality by a voice calling out his name. Turning around, in front of Jin was,
The golem Gen. It looked like he was on midnight patrol.
“How may I help you tonight?”
“Mm, I just wanted to watch the Kherries bloom.”
Even though the other party wasnt’t someone he particulary had to hide things from, Jin felt vaguely embarassed and answered like that.
Then he suddenly realized something.
“Gen, how is Gon doing?”
“Yes, he is similarly going around defending the village.”
When Jin heard that he said,
“Alright, in that case let’s do it in turns. First, Gen, follow me.”
The thing Jin had realized was that Gen and Gon hadn’t yet received the countermeasures for [Subordination Rewriting Magic]. The same went for the horse golems.
Jin then left Kaina Village posthaste to make sure that the golems there would have countermeasures installed.

*   *   *

“Laozi, you’ve gathered the components necessary for [Subordination Rewriting Magic] countermeasure together, right?”
“Yes, My Lord. The countermeasures of all the golems in Hourai Island have been taken care of, and 100 sets of spare parts have been prepared.”
“Alright, I’ll immediately add the countermeasures to this here ‘Gon’. After that, ‘Gen’, then the five horse golems.”
Jin then installed the Subordination Rewriting Magic countermeasures to Gen with the support of Laozi. At the same time he tuned and optimized the Magi Device, and performed full-body maintenance.
Because of that Gen’s output increased by around eight percent. Comprehensively looking at his current state, he could put out about 30 precent of Reiko’s power.
Furthermore, he added the [Stealth] function, as an improvement to make him able to secretly protect the village.
“Alright Gen, go back to the village and tell Gon to come over here.”
“Yes, master.”

He then gave Gon the same treatement. And then to the horse golems Ein, Zwei, Drei, Quatre, and Cinq too; Jin breathed a sigh of relief.
“In the unlikely event that Kaina Village got attacked it could’ve been disastrous, so.”
By the way, he didn’t add the [Stealth] function to the horses.
Once all the improvements were completed, Jin once more warped to Kaina Village.
Near the shelter on the village outskirts where the Warp Gate was flowed the Elume river.
This time Jin tried going to Elume river.

On the dry riverbed, finally spring’s weeds had begun sprouting. While treading on the riverbed’s sand Jin broke into a nostalgic smile..
“Oh yeah, we played some underwater tag in those depths. If I’m not mistaken, it was around that time I found a Magi Stone mixed in the sand.”
Using that Jin had built a stove, and sold it to the merchant Roland.
“It somehow feels like the distant past, but is it only like three months that have passed since then?”
Jin felt that a lot had happened, and Jin reminisced about the things he’d done after he had left Kaina Village.
“I encountered Beana in Blue Land, we made popcorn, built the refrigerator, met with Earl Kuzuma, and Reiko got into a scuffle.”
He remembered the fond memories.
“In Port Rock I made a golem boat, quarreled with a Death Serpent, and began the trip with Reinhardt and the others.”
It was like yesterday, and it was also like in the remote past.
“I built a kite, we caught some thieves, developed Kunlun Island, built Lotte, oh yes, there was also that golem riot.”
Jin’s mental state turned into wanting to mutter a line out of an anime show like ‘Everything about it…is precious’.

Meanwhile, the eastern skies were turning slightly brighter.
Kaina Village was much more to the east than the town of Delead where Jin’s group was currently spending the night, so the sun rose earlier.
“Any time now the early families will get out of bed, huh.”
Jin muttered and began walking towards the shelter where the Warp Gate was.
“I’ll be back.”
Jin shouted out to no one in particular and entered the shelter, and warped to Hourai Island with the Warp Gate installed inside.

*   *   *

In Delead, it was still night.
Jin who returned via Hourai Island quietly returned to his room in the inn and slipped into his bed.
Then he would have a short sleep until morning.
Jin didn’t know that his faithful unparalleled Automata Reiko had followed after him all this time.
“Father…Is satisfied now, right?”
Reiko muttered while looking at sleeping Jin’s content face.
Morning was still hours away, and stars were twinkling over the town of Delead.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 05

07-05 Isolated

In the town of Delead, they stayed overnight at a farily high-class inn. It was a sturdy stone-built three-storey building with a flat rooftop.
During the night, Jin for some reason or another couldn’t sleep and left his room, then tried going up the stairs to the rooftop. Small lights gave off enough light to let him somehow see where he was walking.
Stars were twinkling in the spring night sky.
“Ooh, what a pretty night sky. Even though I don’t know the constellations here.”
Jin who was looking up at the starry sky began to feel unusally sentimental. Then,
“Reiko, you’re here, right?”
“Yes, Father.”
Reiko, the faithful Automata always protecting Jin, undid her [Stealth] magic and appeared.
“Come over here.”
Jin who had become somewhat lonely called Reiko to his side, and gently stroked her head.
Reiko raised a puzzled voice due to Jin’s slightly unusual state.
“Mh, yeah. You’re always by my side, so.”
“Yes, that’s because it’s my reason for being.”
“Hehe, you always say that, don’t you. Well, it’s fine, just stay by my side always.”
“Yes, of course.”
It was dark so Jin couldn’t see well, but at that moment Reiko had an extraordinary smile on her face.

Suddenly a song flowed out of Jin’s lips. A song he had for some reason forgotten about until now.
The ending theme of a story about a group headed west in search of a sutra. This was also from the orphanage director’s collection, but he had heard the tune from a video tape, not a cassette tape.
Reiko held Jin’s hand. She hoped that would remove at least a bit of Jin’s loneliness.
Jin stopped singing, and then.
From behind he could hear the sound of footsteps. Reiko quickly turned around and prepared for combat…, but.
“Jin, kun?”
It was Elsa. Apparently as her room was on the third floor, she had heard Jin’s voice and had come up.
“Elsa? What’s wrong?”
Jin asked.
“That’s my line. What’s wrong, Jin-kun?”
“Do you even need to ask. Somehow I couldn’t sleep”
Getting such an answer, Elsa gave Jin a searching look and then,
Her reaction was that of more or less accepting the answer.
“So, that song just now was?”
“Something or the other.”
As if she wasn’t satisfied with that answer, Elsa showed a deeply pondering attitude then,
“Jin-kun, lonely?”
She guessed exactly right at Jin’s feelings, didn’t she.
As it was dark she couldn’t see Jin’s flustered and troubled face, but he was still clearly confused. By no means did he expect Elsa to say what she just said.
With a slightly nervous voice he answered with a question, and,
“Because I’ve been like that.”
Elsa spoke.
“Father is military personnel so he’s seldom home. Mother has a weak constitution so she doesn’t leave her room much. My brothers are so much older than me that we don’t really see eye to eye.”
He had previously heard of Elsa’s family structure, but hearing it again either way made him feel for her.
“There’s no way Rai-nii either could always play with me. Especially after he became a diplomat we’ve not been able to meet often.”
No doubt she didn’t have many friends of her own age. The cause of her not being very good at conversing must’ve been that too, Jin thought.
“When I was lonely, I wanted to get all the more solitary. Then I would remember the time I had fun.”
“By times you had fun, you mean…”
“When I was little. When I played with, or no, when my brothers and Rai-nii played with me.”
As expected, childhood memories seem to be special for everyone, Jin once again thought. The childish days when you knew nothing and only spent time playing.
In Jin’s case it had been an extremely short time, but certainly it had been like that.
“Jin-kun is a great Magi Craftsman. Even so, for that reason you’re isolated.”
Tonight, Elsa was frightfully sharp.
“…Is what Rai-nii said.”
But in fact it seems it was Reinhardt’s opinion told second-hand.
“Rai-nii said. The only people who can make up for isolation are the ones who share the same feeling.”
Jin was surprised that such a speech came out of Elsa’s mouth. However,
“…But, what did he mean?”
In any case, Elsa was Elsa.
Jin’s vaguely serious feelings had left somewhere. He once again looked at the night sky, then at Elsa.
“Aren’t you cold?”
Looking closely, in the middle of the darkness, Elsa was wearing only her nightwear.
“Mm. I’m fine.”
Even so, Jin removed his coat and put it on Elsa.
“Thanks. Jin-kun is always kind.”
Elsa thanked Jin and closed the front of the coat. Jin then said to her,
“Hey, during the day, we talked about the common people’s faction and chosen people’s factions, but are they in a bad conflict?”
“Nothing like that. Our country is mostly of the common people’s faction. Only a part of the nobles are of the chosen people’s faction.”
According to Elsa’s explanation, part of the nobles who employ Magi Engineers = Magi Craftsmen try to monopolize technology.
“They’re just immersed in their superiority complex.”
Elsa cut them down to size.
“But, Jin-kun hates something like that, right?”
“Yeah. Just building things that are liked is enough, but when people accept them gladly it makes you happy. That’s the time when you’re likely to be rewarded for your work.”
“Rai-nii also said something like that.”
Elsa then stopped talking and cast her eyes down as if hesitating to say something, but eventually like she had readied herself she raised her head and,
“Although Rai-nii told me not to talk about this.”
With that preface,
“I want Jin-kun to come to Shouro Empire. Then I want you to build many things that are liked, and things that are helpful.”
She then blushed just a bit,
“…Jin-kun, the look on your face when you build things, I like it.”
Elsa said, turned around and,
“Good night.”
She left the rooftop with those parting words.

“Things that are liked, and things that are helpful, huh.”
Jin who was left by himself muttered to himself. For some reason Reiko wasn’t in sight.
“To get rid of isolation, to settle down, is what it means, right.”
Right now Jin was alone. He didn’t belong to any country.
“Well, I did plan to sooner or later live in some country, but.”
His original intention behind touring countries during this trip came out.
“Shouro Empire, huh.”

*   *   *

Speaking of Reiko, at that time.
“Elder Sister, there was a man like this.”
She received a report from the ‘Hourai Island SP’ alias ‘Ninja unit’.
“A nuisance night by night, aren’t they. It would surely be a bother to expressly report this to Father, so please handle the disposal by yourselves.”
“Yes, understood.”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 04

07-04 Whistling

The next morning after they stayed in the depopulated village the weather had cleared.
“Aah, I haven’t seen clear blue skies in a while.”
Jin stretched his limbs and inhaled the refreshing morning air.
“Good morning.”
Reinhardt had also woken up.
“It looks like we’ll be surely be able to get to Delead from here before the day is over.”

Breakfast centered on preserved foods. Still, they were able to get some fresh vegetables to add a little color to their food.
After the meal that was plainer than usual, the group departed the depopulated village whose name they didn’t even know. Of course, they thanked the village head aplenty.
There was nothing strangers like Jin’s group could do to this village at the moment. They departed with painful reluctance.

And yet the sky was blue and the rays of the sun warm. You could say that spring was in full swing already. As they continued moving their moods also cleared up.
“The wind feels nice, doesn’t it.”
Jin’s carriage’s roof also had ventilation openings so they were able to comfortably ventilate. Reinhardt who was riding with them was also relaxing. Elsa was unusually for her nodding off.
Jin was talking with Reinhardt in a low voice so as not to wake up Elsa.
“Hey, Reinhardt. Is there a Guild in the town we’re going to this time?”
The Guild Jin was asking about was obviously the Guild for Magi Craftsmen.
“Hm? Probably not, I guess. Not without being at least a provincial city.”
“Is that so.”
It appeared that the town was still too small for the organization.
“Do you have some business there?”
Reinhardt asked, and Jin answered,
“Mh-hm, I was thinking about promoting the ‘vacuum cleaner’.”
Jin explained to Reinhardt that as the vacuum cleaner is a Magi Tool useful for commoners and nobles alike, if possible he’d like to have it get popular and in addition be as cheap as possible.
“That’s unbeneficial for you who helped me though, Reinhardt.”
When Jin said so, Reinhardt laughed and told him not to mind about something like that and,
“I don’t think that your way of thinking is bad, Jin. You’ve got my support.”
He said some such, then Jin bowed his head to Reinhardt and,
“Thank you.”
He said. Reinhardt then asked Jin,
“In that case, you must be on the common people’s faction’s side?”
“Common people’s faction?”
It wasn’t a word he was used to hearing. Actually, ‘commmon people’s faction’ was something Jin didn’t know of.
“Oh, there’s a categorization of common people’s faction and chosen people’s faction. People in the common people’s faction obviously want to have Magi Tools universally spread throughout the masses. And so what does that mean for the special people’s faction?”
“I guess it must be that they want to monopolize them for only a selected part of the population.”
“That’s exactly right.”
“And Reinhardt, you’re which?”
Jin asked and waited for Reinhardt’s answer. That answer could change how Jin behaved from now on.
“I’m of course…”
“Rai-nii is of the common people’s faction. Because of that he got into quarrels with Uncle.”
Elsa answered from the side.
“Oi, Elsa, don’t steal the words from my mouth.”
Reinhardt laughed, and on that subject,
“That’s because it’s boring when you two talk by yourselves.”
Elsa said and looked just a little miffed about it.
“No, that was because looked to be sleeping comfortably, Elsa.”
When told so Elsa got worked up,
“Liar. As if I would fall asleep.”
She said, and
“The weather’s good today, I guess this is why they say ‘in spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn’.”
Jin said.
“What’s that?”
Elsa asked with a puzzled look on her face. Reinhardt also looked interested.
“Let’s see, If I remember correctly, it means something like ‘it is comfortable to sleep during spring, and so when morning comes you keep on sleeping without noticing’.”
Jin replied. It was in fact Chinese poetry, but Japanese and classical literature weren’t Jin’s best subjects, and so he couldn’t explain any further.
“Hmm, ‘in spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn’, huh. That’s rather accurate. It perfectly suits sleepyhead Elsa.”
Reinhardt poked fun at Elsa who blushed and,
“I’m not a sleepyhead. Rai-nii is rude.”
She pouted and turned away from him.

As the talk had gone completely off-topic, Jin said,
“A-anyways, I was thinking about making the structure and manufacturing method of the ‘vacuum cleaner’ available to the public. If I did that, then anyone could…I mean, any Magi Craftsman could build one, right?”
But Reinhardt had a complicated look on his face.
“Hmm, even so, that’s not going to happen. It is correct that the Magi Craftsmen’s Guild is ahead in transmitting information, but the treatment of that information varies Guild by Guild…”
He had a rather unclear reply.
“What do you mean?”
Jin asked and,
“Basically, the Guild would consider that monopolizing that technology would bring them profits. That sort of thing didn’t happen in Blue Land’s Guild where we went to earlier, though.”
Reinhardt explained. In other words, he meant that the way received information was handled varied in every Guild.
“Hmm, is that so. That’s a problem, huh.”
Jin let out a single sigh.

His own meaning for living in this world. Just when Jin seemed to be about to find it he stumbled.
He felt vaguely weaker, he vaguely gazed out of the window, and he vaguely started whistling.
(Come to think of it, I think this is the first time I’ve whistled since coming to this world.)
Maybe he didn’t have the spare time, or he had simply forgotten to, but in any case Jin whistled for the first time in a while.
The melody was a pop music song from the latter period of Showa era. It was a song his orphanage director loved so he remembered the tune well.
While whistling he reminisced about those days.
Jin had been a part-time senior high school student.
Usually, when you were of senior high school age you’d leave the orphanage, but the orphanage director seemingly had wanted Jin to be his successor and so the director had had Jin commute to school from the orphanage. The surname of ‘Nidoh’ must’ve also been an indication of that desire.
During that school commute, Jin had often whistled. The tunes had been from songs the orphanage director had collected on their cassette tapes.
(Was I fired up with aspirations back then? Or was that just a reflection of me wanting to earn a salary soon?)
In any case, it was a world he could no longer go back to, a life he couldn’t return to. Jin now had no other option than to live on in this world.
(Making this world more pleasant to live in is presumptuous. However, if it’s just where my hands reach. I can do that much.)
In those days, Jin had thought things like ‘i want to make the orphanage a finer place’, or ‘I want to buy many different toys for the youngsters and children’.
(My predecessor was researching combining magic and tools. At that time it had been unacceptable, but today it’s accepted in the form of so-called Magi Craftsmen. I’m…)
After he had thought that far, the song was over, and so his whistling also stopped.

“Jin, what was that song just now?”
“I’ve never heard that before. It was a good tune.”
Reinhardt and Elsa spoke well of it.
Jin decided that some day for sure he’ll stop hiding his true identity from these two and speak about it honestly.
But as of yet, he didn’t have the courage to do so.

Jin was afraid of being treated as a heretic and rejected by his friends in this world, like his predecessor had been cast out by her colleagues.
Jin didn’t call himself a Magi Craft Meister as a result of having inherited his predecessor’s memories and experiences of being persecuted.

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