Magi Craft Meister Volume 5 Chapter 22

05-22 Cheater

Elsa cried who knows how many times.
Finally, Jin raised his head.
“Elsa, Reinhardt, sorry for the trouble. Valentino, let’s settle things.”
“Heheh, are you prepared?”
Valentino boasted arrogantly, while Jin stood relaxed. Reiko didn’t move.
“Alright, Albus, break his neck.”
Valentino gave out the ruthless order.
Reinhardt tried to stop Albus, but there was no way it could be stopped by a flesh-and-blood human, and he was sent flying.
“I won’t let you hurt Jin-kun!”
Elsa too stepped forth to protect Jin, but Jin gently pushed her aside by the shoulder..
“Thank you, Elsa. Thank you, Reinhardt. But I’ll finish this myself.”
Jin said and took a step forward.
He invited Albus.
With Valentino’s shout, Albus attacked.
Elsa closed her eyes. Reinhardt also averted his eyes, but then opened them wide to see the spectacle that followed.
“Wha- what…?”
Albus’s hands were about to grasp Jin’s head, but they stopped just 50 centimeters away, unable to touch him.


“What is this! You bastard! What did you do!?”
Jin replied in an indifferent voice,
“It’s just a simple physical defense barrier.”
But Valentino’s grin only got wider and he laughed,
“Ha, hahah, you seem to be using some kind of Magi Tool for defense, but I wonder how long can it last? Albus can move without recharging for two or three days!”
Hearing that Jin smiled and humphed,
“Oh, is that so. You didn’t bring an Ether Converter after all?”
“What are you saying!?”
Jin then faced Reiko and gave her instructions.
“Reiko, after I’ve neutralized this thing, could you see that Valentino doesn’t escape?”
“What the… You bastard, what are you talking about…”
Valentino was confused as he couldn’t understand Jin’s attitude or what he was talking about.
Jin didn’t pay him any attention and applied the Magi Language he had learned from the earlier analysis.

In an instant, Albus freezed.
“[Write In]”
Albus began to move again. But instead of Jin, it faced Valentino.
“Wha- how- what’s wrong!? Albus, he’s that way! Not this way! Do- don’t come hereeeeee!”
No matter how much Valentino ordered, Albus didn’t stop, and soon caught Valentino.
Snapping sounds could be heard as the bones in Valentino’s both arms were broken by Albus’s grip.
After that, Albus trampled on Valentino’s right foot.
“Oh, that’s bad.”
In a hurry, Jin said,
Realizing that without saying the Keyword, soon Valentino’s arms may get torn off.
And yet, Valentino foamed at the mouth and lost consciousness from the pain of having the bones of his arms and foot broken.

“*Huff* That was a bit tiring.”
Jin took a deep breath.
“Elsa, excuse me but could you give that guy some simple healing magic?”,
He asked. But Elsa replied,
“Why? He tried to kill Jin-kun. So even if he was killed by you no one could complain.”
To which Jin said,
“Mm. It’s just my selfishness. It would be troubling to let him die like this. I want to have him pay for his crimes properly.”
Elsa tilted her head a bit and said,
“I understand. You mean healing and then hurting him again. The repetition will work as punishment.”
A terrifying line like that came out.
After hearing it, while thinking that she’s indeed a person from this world, Jin tried to calm her down,
“Elsa, a cute girl like you shouldn’t be saying such savage things.”
For an instant, Elsa’s face turned red… Or so it felt.
“…Okay. For now, I’ll give him pain relief. [Schmerzmittel].”
Looks like the pain’s gone for now, but his arms are still twisted into a strange shape.
“Reiko, put splints on his arms and then tie him up.”
Reiko enthusiastically followed instructions when her turn to act finally came.
She was too enthusiastic and moved the broken arms so forcibly that Valentino let out a groan of pain, even though he was still affected by [Schmerzmittel].
Even Valentino’s mouth was gagged, and his arrest was completed.

“Next, what we’re going to do with this guy.”
Reinhardt managed the situation afterwards.
“He’s an internationally wanted criminal, so I think it would be best to take him to Elias Kingdom.”
“Sure, that sounds fine.”
But, since the group didn’t have the resources to do it, the second best option of choosing some appropriate muscle to escort Valentino back to Egelia Kingdom was chosen.

“Ahh, one of the carriages was broken to pieces.”
The carriage carrying food and water was destroyed by the golems.
They collected the salvageable food scattered about, but most of the water went to waste.
“Looks like it’s impossible to make it to the town of Phantol by today. Let’s go to the nearby Rufaat Village for water supplies today.”
Because Schwarz Ritter couldn’t be repaired here, the captured Albus carried him all the way to Rufaat Village.
In the carriage where Schwarz Ritter had been, the available space was used for the surviving food.
That’s that.

Afterwards, as the discussion about what to do with the boulder that blocked the road was about to begin.
“Aah, what a bother. Reiko, smash it.”,
Jin ordered somewhat recklessly.
“Yes, Father!”
Reiko, who hadn’t been able to do much gladly walked towards the boulder and hit it in silence.
The rock of about three meters in diameter crumbled apart. It goes without saying that except for Jin, the faces of everyone watching became stiff.
Reiko started picking up the boulder pieces and tossing them like wastepaper all the way to the other side of the cliff to clear the road.

While Reiko was tidying up the boulder pieces, Reinhardt turned to Jin.
“So, Jin, could you tell me all about that magic in detail?”
Then, Elsa approached too. It wasn’t particularly a secret matter, and thinking ahead, on the contrary it needs to be spread as a countermeasure.
“Got it. First of all, the magic that Albus used was a kind of Craft Magic called [Overwrite].”
Its purpose is to prevent the proper execution of the original instructions by overwriting the Control Core, he explained.
[Erase] and [Write In] were the results of analyzing that process.
“Bu- but how is such a thing possible without even touching the Magic Crystal!?”
Reinhardt’s surprise was no wonder. That’s because the common knowledge was that without contact, or in other words, without touching, it was impossible to inscribe the intricate and precise Magi Formula onto a Magi Crystal.
“Oh, that’s a mystery. Should we take a look?”

Reinhardt was assisting in the investigation of Albus, and then,
“Hey, Jin! This is it!”
What Reinhardt found was a shining light blue gemstone. No, Magi Crystal.
“This is Elradrite.”
It was a gem that amplified magic. Using its special characteristics, normally impossible amounts of Magic Energy could be produced, and it would even be possible to [Overwrite] without contact.
“I see, it’s done like this.”
The two accepted that as explanation.
“I wonder how come Jin was able to perform the feat that was only possible after amplification.”,
Reinhardt admired.
“It wasn’t simple. Even having analyzed the method, it wouldn’t have been possible without accumulating and storing Magic Energy.”
Jin explained when Reinhardt muttered something.
With the bracelet’s protection, he was able to relax and gain time, he said.
“But I was worried.”,
Said Elsa who had neared them at some point, and Jin apologized honestly.
“Then, after I understood the process, I faced Albus and applied it on him instead. First I removed the Magi Formula with [Erase], then using [Write In] wrote instructions to catch Valentino.”
The explanation ended with Jin saying that because of the distance, he wasn’t able to write the Magi Formula precisely and the end result was broken bones.
“Well, the bone business was just him reaping what he sowed.”
Reinhardt said, hinting that Jin shouldn’t worry about it.

“Father, the boulder has been disposed of.”
Exactly then Reiko was finished with the boulder, and the road looked clear to pass.
“Okay, let’s depart.”

They were already in Egelia Kingdom.
The group set their sight towards Rufaat Village.
The thin clouds in the sky showed that spring was near.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 5 Chapter 21

05-21 The Secret Weapon

The battle between Schwarz Ritter and the two mystery golems continued.
First, Schwarz Ritter moved to confront the golems one by one, and succeeded.
In a one-on-one fight, Schwarz Ritter held the advantage.
Schwarz Ritter kicked one of the mystery golems with all of his strength, sending flying and crashing against the cliff face.
“Good work! Now attack the lower half of the body!”

Schwarz Ritter obeyed his master Reinhardt’s commands, and let loose a series of kicks aimed at the other golem’s legs.
Jin felt admiration watching those moves.
“Hmm, excellent movements. The joints have a very wide range of motion. That’s evidence that the amount of joints is very close to a human’s.”
The mystery golem lost its foothold and fell down due to Schwarz Ritter’s sweeping kicks aimed at both legs.

In preparation to fight the approaching second golem, Schwarz Ritter gave the off-balance golem a back kick to finish it off.
“A flexible body, as I thought.”
Jin admired the golem again. Schwarz Ritter had the most humanlike joints he had seen on a golem since coming to this world. In other words, it would be easy for a human to program the motions. That’s why the movements flowed so naturally.
“But Father’s golems still come out on top.”
Reiko whispered something like that when Jin praised Schwarz Ritter. For Reiko, seeing her master who’s a supreme craftsman praise someone else didn’t make her happy.

The golem who was smashed with a back kick had a huge dent on its abdomen.
“Great, just press on like that!
In response to Reinhardt’s instructions, Schwarz Ritter put all of his strength into a tackle. A dull sound echoed.


The golem with a dented abdomen took the tackle head on, and it launched over ten meters away alongside the cliff wall. Its right arm and left leg tore off, and it could no longer stand.
“Good work, now finish the other one off!”

Schwarz Ritter grabbed the golem that was somehow still standing by the head, lifted it up, and smashed it against the cliff.
It made a staggering metallic noise. The golem sank five centimeters into the rock, and its limbs tore off. It could no longer fight.

“Alright, I’m going to take out the Control Cores of these guys, so help me out.”
Reinhardt ordered and searched the chest of the golem in the wall with Craft Magic, then the Magi Crystal was extracted.
Then he walked towards the other golem. Schwarz Ritter walked along with him.
At that moment.
“Father, something’s coming.”
Reiko’s voice. Before Jin got time to warn Reinhardt, they appeared.

“My my, long time no see, Reinhardt.”
A golem a bit shorter than Schwarz Ritter at around 180 centimeters appeared, along with a man.
“Well, we’ve got our differences, but for now I don’t have any business with you. The one I’ve got business with is…”
The man, Valentino, looked at Jin with eyes full of hatred.
“You commoner bastard.”

*   *   *

Valentino had come here. His goal was clear.
His target was the man who had uncovered his crimes. In other words, Jin.
“Schwarz Ritter.”
As Reinhardt was about to command Schwarz Ritter to catch Valentino, he said,
“Give it up. Your golem is indeed excellent. But, it’s just a helpless doll in front of this Albus.”
Hearing that didn’t stop Reinhardt in the slightest.
“Jin is my friend. Of course I’ll defend him.”
He said, and gave the order to Schwarz Ritter.
“Protect Jin from that golem!”
That just caused Valentino to smile faintly and laugh,
“That’s fine too, I’ve been meaning to test Albus’s capabilities.”

Jin and Reiko stood together to protect Elsa and the other travelers.
“Father, that golem possesses something that causes my analysis to fail.”
Reiko reported such a thing.
The greyish white golem had, at least on surface, what looked to be Mithril plating.
Height approximately 180 centimeters, just below Schwarz Ritter’s.
Without mistake, the design was the same as those of the golems that just caused a ruckus.
Jin judged from appearance that the structure and strength were both far inferior to Schwarz Ritter’s.
“Father, please try analyzing the Magic Energy pattern.”
“Hm? Got it. ……What’s this!?”
“Wha- What’s wrong?”
Elsa was surprised and asked in a worried voice because of Jin’s sudden outburst.
But Jin just muttered,
“Mana Core… Flow is… But despite that, the output’s too large…”,
Completely absorbed in his analysis of the opponent.

“Schwarz Ritter, go!”
“Albus, go.”
Schwarz Ritter and Albus clashed. For a moment, it seemed like Schwarz Ritter was overwhelming Albus.
“Albus, overwrite.”
Albus emitted a dull light in response to Valentino’s phrase.
When the light dimmed out, Schwarz Ritter had stopped all movement.

*   *   *

“Father, that light is dangerous.”
“Mm-hm, I know.”
Jin perceived it with his analysis, according to it the Magi Formula in the Control Core had been overwritten.
Therefore, Reinhardt’s Schwarz Ritter ceased to be capable of making normal movements.
“Reiko, will you be fine?”
If Reiko was affected by that, it would be a dire affair.
“…I do not know. There is too little information.”
“I see. Reiko, hide behind me for now.”
“Eh? But-”
“Just do as I say!”
And Jin desperately considered what to do next.

*   *   *

“What’s wrong, Schwarz Ritter!?”
Reinhardt yelled, but Schwarz Ritter kept standstill and didn’t make a move. No, if you looked closely, you could see his body quivering irregularly.
“Schwarz Ritter!”
While Reinhardt was yelling in vain, Schwarz Ritter was pulled down by Albus, and he fell.
Without any hint of getting up, he lay on the ground, sometimes convulsing and quivering as if he was nervous.
“Schwarz Ritter…”
Albus approached step by step.
“Reinhardt, give up. I only want to rip off the head of that commoner. If you let me do that, I can overlook the rest of you.”
“Don’t joke with me! As if I would sell out a friend!”
“…[Wind Bullet]”
As Reinhardt was yelling, Elsa cast a Wind Bullet from behind.
But it was repelled by Albus without suffering a single wound.
“Miss Elsa, please don’t do pointless things. Do you think normal magic could scratch Albus?”
But Elsa didn’t listen,
“[Wind Bullet]”
This time the spell hit cleanly. But the end result was the same.
“If you know it’s pointless then quit it. …Now then, commoner. Any last words? You should be honored by the extreme lengths I’ve gone to because of the embarassment you caused me.”
Jin was simply looking down and quietly muttering something.
Reiko was standing behind Jin as if she was hiding.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 5 Chapter 20

05-20 The Revenger

He was a former nobleman.
He was born the third son of a marquis, and was raised up without much trouble. Because his elder brother inherited the estate, he was raised comparatively freely.
He had a limited talent for magic, but still studied diligently.
Until from one day onwards, he started to grow crooked.
While playing as a child with a toy as that had been given to him, it broke.
He thought he’d be scolded, but that didn’t happen. Instead, a new toy was given to him.
After a while, he lost interest in that toy and broke it on purpose.
And as he thought, instead of getting scolded he got another new toy.

His lessons were taught by a home tutor.
So that he’d not get upset, the tutor constantly praised him, and the boy believed him.
This state of affairs went on, and as no one ever challenged him in anything, he developed a baseless self-esteem.
His heart grew arrogant with the pampering and his ears wouldn’t hear anything but flattery. Knowing nothing of failure, he became overconfident in himself.
He found his pleasures in wasting money on extravagance, playing around with women, and harassing those weaker than him.

Eventually, he came to desire the marquis’s estate.
He started planning what he needed to do to get it.
He skillfully hid his crooked personality, and in other people’s eyes he was just a snob.

At the age of 20, he obtained the position of the feudal lord’s assistant.
Around the same time, a mysterious collaborator taught him a new power.
He already knew of the power of money, women, and authority. Now he also knew of the power of violence.
With enough compensation, it was simple.
Using his authority and assets, some treasure here, a jewel there, and a certain organization would sweep it all under the rug.
There was nothing that could pose a problem.

But one year ago, he tasted the flavor of his first failure.
The country had a monopoly on precious gems. So when anyone had questions or problems, they came to his office.
When a business contract caught his eye, he hid it in a boat with a strange shape. He then immediately went back to destroy the evidence.

And that’s when the failure happened.

The boat vanished.
When he next saw it, it was taking part in a famous local contest. That boat was floating in a place where it attracted the attention of the public.
He’d either get his hands on the boat or destroy it and the evidence with it.
But both attempts failed. The other party was more formidable than expected.
Failure tastes bitter.
The man swore revenge on the person who caused that bitterness. He didn’t think even a bit that the resentment was misplaced.
He soon found out about his nemesis’s movements. The other party was traveling together with a noble who was returning to his country.

The mysterious collaborator gave the man even more power to use.
With it, he aimed to take revenge on his nemesis.

The name of that man’s nemesis was Jin.

*   *   *

The carriages continued on the sloped path after passing through the border fortifications.
“Once we pass through that valley over there, the road leads from this peninsula deeper into the continent.”
Elsa explained.
The road ran between tall cragged rocks, and the part where the road is its most narrow was coming up.
During the Great Magic War, spots like these were likely used to defend against the Devil race’s invasion.
That’s the last rough spot on the way, and the rest of the way the road is even and can be traveled with leisure, Elsa explained.

“What kind of city is Blue Land? I never went inside the walls, so please teach me.”,
Jin asked and Elsa replied,
“Blue Land is a Fort City. It’s the economic center of Egelia Kingdom.”
The lesson started.
Roads from Blue Land stretched to all directions, and the trade with the surrounding cities, towns, and villages was prosperous.
It was also the contact point of trade with Elias Kingdom, and the feudal lord Duke Blue was King Egelia’s cousin.
The surrounding land was divided into farmlands and ranches, governed by an Earl, and mines governed by another Earl.
The explanation ended with,
“I’m poor at exposition. But if there’s anything you’d like to know, just ask.”
Jin asked what was on his mind,
“Do you… know who these Earls are?”
Elsa immediately replied,
“The one governing the farmlands is Earl Kuzuma. Governing the mines is… If I remember right, it was Earl Guarana.”
It was as Jin had guessed. Well, he thought, as long as he didn’t show his face to Earl Guarana, things should work out.
At that moment, the carriage suddenly came to a stop. Jin was about to fall off his seat while he was lost in thought, but Reiko immediately caught Jin before he fell.
“What’s wrong?”
Elsa asked the coachman.
“Milady, looks like a it is a landslide. Seems it has blocked the road.”
Elsa peeked out of the window, and indeed, there was a large boulder on the way.
Jin saw it too, and got off the carriage with Reiko.
From the next carriage, Reinhardt also got out and examined the boulder.
It was three meters tall and three meters wide. The road was also just about that wide, and the surrounding rock walls were approximately 20 meters tall.
Even if you wanted to move it, it didn’t look like there was a place to put it.
“That’s unfortunate.”
Reinhardt complained. Jin thought that he didn’t have a way to get rid of the stone either, and asked if Reiko had any ideas.
“Jin, I’ll show you what my golems can do!”
Reinhardt said and went to the back carriage where luggage was held.

He spoke the Keyword.
The hood of the luggage carriage came off, and a human-shaped body woke up.
It was a jet black, two meter tall golem.
“Stand up, Schwarz Ritter!”
The golem slowly got off the carriage and stood up.
“Jin, this is my Schwarz Ritter. It’s an Artifact, but it still may not be a match for Miss Reiko…”
In the middle of Reinhardt’s speech, sounds of earth tremors could be heard from behind.
“What’s that!?”
Turning around, behind them in the middle of a cloud of dust they saw two golems. It appeared as if they had jumped off the cliffs from above.
A height of 20 meters is nothing to laugh at, so that meant they were rather advanced golems.
Suddenly the golems attacked the food carriage in the rear. With one blow the carriage was destroyed, and bits of food scattered around like droplets of water.
“What are you doing!”
Reinhardt turned back to Schwarz Ritter who was just standing around.
“Schwarz Ritter! Stop them!”
After a brief reply, Schwarz Ritter went to face the two golems.
The enemy golems were about as tall as Schwarz Ritter, and their color was a dull silver. But Jin was very familiar with that appearance.
“Aren’t those…”
They were the same kind of golems that attacked during tax collection back in Kaina Village. But compared to those, the power and movements of these golems was on a different level.
But Reinhardt’s Schwarz Ritter wasn’t just an ordinary golem either.
With the flexibility granted by his capability for autonomous movements, he was able to take on the two golems one at a time.
First he circled behind one of them and gave it a strong kick. That golem was blown off into the distance away from the carriages.
Schwarz Ritter approached the remaining golem, who reached out with both hands to grab him.
Schwarz Ritter sidestepped the grab and circled around to grab the golem from behind, and just like that lifted it above his head.
“Right on, now hurl it away!”
Schwarz Ritter didn’t need to wait for Reinhardt’s instructions, and was already taking aim at the rapidly approaching remaining golem. He flung the one he had grabbed at the other.
Jin saw the fighting, and as his first priority was to ensure his and Elsa’s safety, he ordered Reiko to focus on defense unless she herself was in danger.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 5 Chapter 19

05-19 Kunlun Island’s Situation Report and Departure

That night Jin took out the ManaCom and tried to contact Soleil or Luna on Hourai Island.
Luna picked up the call.
“Luna from Hourai Island speaking.”
“Ah, Luna, it’s me.”
“Has anything unexpected happened?”
“No, everything is going well.”
After hearing that Jin was able to relax, and asked for a report on Kunlun Island’s progress.
“Yes, regarding Kunlun Island…”

According to Luna, Kunlun Island’s situation was as follows.
The dummy mansion was complete. The living spaces, workshop, dining room, and running water were all in order. Things were also made to look aged.
Some raw materials were also brought in to not raise suspicion.
Stationed on the island were five subordinates of the 5-colored golem maids: Topaz-100, Amethyst-100, Ruby-100, Aqua-100, and Peridot-100.

Three spare Warp Gate systems to Hourai Island were also completed.
Food stores were being filled to capacity.
It was possible to harvest a lot of the naturally occurring Citran and Appleles, but only few Pelshkas.
Some mining was also done to make it look like the mineral resources were being dug up for use.

“Good work, you’ve achieved a lot in this short time.”
Jin praised Luna and the others.
With this, it should be soon possible to deceive Reinhardt and company when they’re invited to the island.
“Okay, can you also make it look like it wouldn’t be strange to find artifacts on that island?”
“Yes, I think that can be done.”
Even though the orders were somewhat vague, with the information transferred from Jin and Reika, Luna and Soleil should be able to handle it.
“Alright, I’ll leave it to you. The reason I was asking is that I’ll probably be coming back before long.”
With that the transmission came to an end.

Now using the hidden Warp Gate to get near Blue Land should be good, Jin thought.
“Looks like this’ll work out.”
After resolving all the pending problems, Jin could relax for the time being.

*   *   *

Next morning.
“Farewell, Miss Elsa. Jin-dono, thank you for everything. I hope we’ll meet again.”
After breakfast, Marquis Firentsiano bid his farewells when Jin and Elsa departed from the villa.
They were heading north, to the border of Egelia Kingdom.

“Rai-nii is here.”
Elsa said and looked where Reinhardt was waiting in a carriage to meet them.
Because Reinhardt is a diplomat, he had pay a visit to the royal castle before leaving.
The line of carriages was led by the carriage of Reinhardt’s guards and servants. Next was Reinhardt’s carriage. After that, Jin and Elsa’s carriage. After that, Elsa’s guards and servants. Finally there were the carriages carrying everyone’s luggage and food.
“Oh, I forgot to make a damper again.”
Jin muttered.
“Hee hee, Jin’s an unexpectedly forgetful person.”
Elza who was sitting opposing Jin giggled. Reiko clung to Jin tightly and said,
“Please leave it to me, father. I won’t let father fall ill a second time.”,
She was operating as usual.
Slowly the line of carriages continued towards the border.

*   *   *

The capital Bolgia was located on top of a plateau 300 meters above the sea level. After crossing the Delft mountain pass the rest of the way continued with a gentle slope.
After the mountain pass, the group stopped to stay a night in a town called Metroff.
Nothing particularly worthy of note happened during the night, and the next day the path was easy and mostly downhill.
Even though they headed north, the climate didn’t change that much because of the change in elevation.
“We’ll arrive at the border soon.”,
Elsa said while looking out of a window.
Just as she said, in half a day the group had arrived at the border.

The border fortifications that were still standing since the Great Magic War still triumphantly towered over the surroundings with a majestic appearance.


After the passing of 300 or so years, the stones were weathered, wind and rain caused moss to grow over it, and vines had spread rampant thanks to the sunlight.

“What a ruin.”
Jin’s short description of the fortification as a ‘ruin’ was appropriate for the appearance.
“But inside they’re the same as they used to be.”
Elsa added.

The commanding officer of the garrison came out to confirm the paperwork for passage.
“My apologies, but this is part of the job.”,
While saying so, the officer opened the carriage doors and checked the passengers’ identities.
This was to make sure people like Valentino who were on the wanted list couldn’t escape the country.
After checking even the luggage and finding no problems with the group, the commanding officer ordered a subordinate to open the gate.

The gates made a hefty sound as they opened.
The iron gates were 50 centimeters thick. A Magi Formula to make them resistant to magic was drawn on the surface.
“Their age sure is made clear just by the appearance.”
Jin bore such thoughts.
The carriages passed through the gates into a tunnel inside the fortification. The tunnel’s walls also had Magi Formulas carved on them.
“Hmm, the style is rather old but it looks efficient.”
Jin murmured while gazing out of the carriage’s window.
“Jin-kun, you can read the characters written on the walls?”,
Elsa asked with a surprised look on her face.
Jin said he could surprising Elsa even more,
“Not even Rai-nii can read more than half of the characters on these walls”
“Ah, is that so? It’s because they’re rather old. Judging from their form, they age at least 1000 years back.”
Elsa was speechless, and Jin carried on,
“There’s some old Artifacts that have been found where I come from, so I know a lot about things like this, see?”
Somehow satisfied with that explanation, Elsa said,
“Jin-kun is indeed mysterious. It makes me want to know more and more things about you.”,
And stared at Jin.
Jin didn’t realize it, but next to him Reiko pouted and glared at Elsa.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 5 Chapter 18

05-18 New Specialty

Jin and the others got onto the carriage that was waiting on the border of commoners’ and nobles’ districts, and returned to marquis Firentsiano’s villa.
“Let’s see.”
Jin took the topopoes he bought, and headed to the kitchen. In there, the dinner preparations were underway.
Even though meals had to be prepared for Jin and the others in addition to the Marquis, the atmosphere didn’t seem to be busy.
“Oh? Honored guest? How may I be of use?”
A man in the prime of his life, who seemed to be the head chef noticed Jin.
“Umm, good day. Could I use the kitchen for a bit?”,
Jin said and showed the sack he was carrying. Seeing it, the chefs wondered,
“Could those be topopoes? Why bring such commoners’ food here?”
“Isn’t a part of them poisonous?”
Everyone asked similar questions. Jin smiled and explained,
“Poisonous? That’s only the ones that are sprouted. The sprouts contain poison. These ones haven’t sprouted so they’re safe.”
“Is that so? So there was such a thing…”
“Hmm, now that I think about it, I’ve heard that before.”
“Do you mean the sprouted topopoes are edible if you gouge out the sprouts?”
Jin faced the chefs and made an exaggerated nod.
“And so, I’d like to make a tasty snack out of these, could you lend me a hand?”
Jin said, and the head chef-looking man volunteered.
“If that is the case, then I shall assist honored guest.”

First, they washed all the dirt off the topopoes.
Then they were made into thin slices and let to steep in water for a short while.
The water was then drained, the slices fried in high temperature oil, and seasoned while they were still hot.

That’s right, Jin was making potato chips.
As expected of the master chef’s skills, he made slices thin enough to see through.
Jin thought about different options for seasoning, but decided to first start with simple salt.
Using a saucepan made for frying, the prototype was done in no time.

“Huh, that was simple.”
“Now, time for a taste test.”,
Jin said and took a potato chip and was about to eat it, when Reiko swooped in from his side, seized the chip, and ate it.
“Uh, oi. Reiko.”
“If it’s poison tasting, leave it to me.”
Reiko commenced to measure the toxicity with the analysis function of her mouth.
“Toxicity, none. The saltiness seems to be just right, too.”
Alright, Jin thought, and took two or three chips and bit into them all at once. The taste he had missed spread in his mouth.
“Mm, that’s a good result.”
After seeing all that, the master chef timidly picked up a single chip and put it in his mouth.
“De-delicious! The crisp texture, and the crunchy feeling goes very well with the oiliness and the salt…!”
The other chefs who heard the head chef’s praise, having spare time stretched out their hands one by one to grab potato chips.
“That’s goooood!”,
“How can something this cheap taste so good!”,
“Things like this is why they say quality of the ingredients isn’t the only thing that decides the taste!”,
and similar opinions were heard all-around.
Just like that, the prototype potato chips disappeared in no time.

“Oh my, I’m no match for honored guest.”
The head chef shook Jin’s hand.
“These can be a light meal as themselves, and they also go well with ale.”
“If you experiment with the seasoning, I’m sure you can make them even more delicious. I’ll leave it to you.”
And so potato chips were added to the day’s dinner menu.

*   *   *

At dinnertime.
Marquis Firentsiano joined the others for the evening meal.
“First, let’s talk about the matter of the distiller. For putting the mass production system in order, would a reward of two million Torr suffice?”
Reinhardt was fine with it, and Jin nodded. With that, the Marquis’ work talk was over.
“Reinhardt-kun, Miss Elsa, Jin-kun. Let’s not stand on ceremony tonight. I propose a toast.”
Everyone raised their glasses. The glasses they used were transparent, and had the Marquis’ crest inscribed on them. The design depicted some sort of a bird of prey.
When the glasses were empty of the first round of wine, the head chef came over.
“This is a new dish.”,
He said, and laid on the table the potato chips from earlier.
“Oh, interesting indeed.”
The Marquis promptly picked up a chip and ate it. Seeing that, Reinhardt and Elsa also ate some.


“How tasty. As expected of head chef Mathias.”
“Yes, it’s good!”
The head chef replied to the compliments,
“Forgive me, but this recipe was taught to me by the honored guest.”
Truly honest to a fault.
Elza who heard that was surprised,
“Could… Could this be… Topopo?”
“Eh? Topopo?”
“Topopo? This?”
Both Reinhardt and Marquis Firentsiano were astonished by Elsa’s words.
The head chef feverishly explained that yes, it is topopo, but there’s no need to worry about any poison, and that it is quite delicious when cooked. Jin continued,
“Rather than in the topopoes itself, there’s poison in the sprouts of the topopoes. You could call it a defense measure against animals who would eat their hard-grown sprouts.”
Everyone nodded as they heard Jin’s explanation. Certainly, almost all topopo-related food poisoning cases have occurred after spring. In other words, many days after harvest time.
Most importantly, right now it’s an edible dish. Or rather, a treat. Or rather, a snack. Or rather…
“Topopo chips.”
Jin said.
He’s eaten them for years though.
“I see. I feel like I understand why Reinhardt-kun called Jin-kun a bit unique for a Magi Craftsman.”,
The Marquis said and grabbed topopo chips.
“They make you want to have another.”
He had yet more.
“Marquis, that’s unfair.”
Reinhardt also grabbed more chips. Jin started eating them too.
Left for last, Elsa nervously reached out and put a single chip in her mouth. Soon everyone was eating, and in the blink of an eye the heap of topopo chips had disappeared.

“Oh my, there’s nothing more a chef can ask than having the plate eaten clean.”
The head chef said and bowed.
Looking like something was on his mind, Marquis Firentsia turned to Jin and said,
“Jin-kun, no, Jin-dono. May we make these topopo chips in our house, no, in our city of Bolgia?”
Jin nodded while smiling,
“Yes, of course. Think of it as thanks for your hospitality.”
“Alright, thank you. Then, let’s carry on with the meal. Please enjoy yourselves to the fullest this evening.”

*   *   *

Some time afterwards, Bolgia’s topopo chips would become known as a famous specialty, and as topopoes gain popularity, thanks to the increased produce demand farmers’ livelihoods ease, and the country’s tax yields increase.
Derivatives like fried topopoes and mashed topopoes also come to fame. Marquis Firentsiano receives praise for his deeds in the years to come.
The use of refrigerators to preserve ingredients spreads too aside with the topopoes.
Regarding that, Jin warned to not store topopoes that were going to be fried in oil in the fridge, and the information was spread along with them.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 5 Chapter 17

05-17 Commoners’ District

After parting with Reinhardt, Jin, Reiko, and Elsa arrived at the commoners’ district.
Jin was more interested in this part of town. The nobles’ district, to him, felt sort of lifeless.
Elsa was eager to come too.
“I’ve wanted to go here before but no one would take me.”
That’s not unexpected. There’s not much in common in the lives of the masses and the viscount’s daughter. In the first place, it seems the way of this world is that a noble’s daughter wouldn’t be let to go out like that anyawy.
“It’s all thanks to Jin.”,
She said while looking grateful.

Jin thought that to others they surely looked like a noble’s daughter and her retainer traveling incognito. But had no idea what Reiko looked to be.
“Ah, that, what’s that?”,
Elsa pointed curiously at a street stall and asked Jin.
“Those are grilled skewers. Didn’t they sell those at Port Rock?”
“I only saw them from a distance. Neither Mine or grandpa bought any for me.”
They probably thought skewers aren’t proper for a fine lady to eat.
“Want to eat one?”
Elsa’s eyes sparkled and she nodded in agreement to Jin’s question. Jin said that he got it and asked,
“Reiko, could you go buy two of those skewers?”
Reiko grabbed Jin’s wallet.
She responded with yes, and moved towards the skewer stall. Soon she was back with two skewers in hand.
She gave one of them to Elsa, and one for Jin to eat. The restaurant’s meal was a bit too refined for his tastes.
“Hmm, I preferred the ones I had in Port Rock”,
Jin muttered his opinion while eating. At the same time, Elsa was elegantly eating the skewer one bite at a time. They kept walking on.
“But it’s still delicious. It’s my first time eating something like this.”
If nanny Mine saw Elsa eating a grilled skewer while walking like this she’d surely scold her, Jin thought. But it’s fine to once in a while enjoy yourself like this, he concluded.

At that time, someone’s foot pushed out where Elsa was going to step next. Elsa, engrossed with the skewer, trampled on the foot.
The foot’s owner yelled in a loud voice. It was a young man about Jin’s age who gave off a lowbred impression.
“Oi, young lady! Watch where you’re walking, will ya?!”
He was over a head taller than Elsa. The hoodlum looked down at Elsa threateningly.
“I’m sorry. I accidentally stepped on your foot. I apologize.”
Elsa apologized in her usual tone. Seeing Elsa’s attitude seemed to annoy the man.
“Oh, is that it? It’s over with just an apology? Young lady.”
“What else can I do?”
Elsa was going at her own pace.
“The bones could be broken, ya know? I need money for the doctor’s bill.”
But Elsa’s response was different from what the man expected,
“If that’s the case, I’ll use [Soothe]. Show me the injury.”,
which seemed to confuse the man.
“N- no, uh, if you just give me the money I’ll go get treatment myself. Hey you! The small lad over there, you’re the attendant, right? What are you gonna to do about the young lady’s carelessness?”
The man turned his attention to Jin.
Wondering if this was the right time, Jin said,
“Elsa, let’s just go. This guy’s only trying to scam money out of you after getting his foot stepped on on purpose.”
But after Jin called it a scam, the man got angry.
“Don’t mess with me! Who did you call a scammer?!”
he shouted and started moving to hit Jin. But.
The fist stopped just 30 centimeters away from Jin. It was the physical defense function of Jin’s bracelet. There’s no way a normal human could break the barrier that can stand Reiko’s attack (at 50% strength).
“Just quit it. Next time you’ll really get hurt.”,
Jin said to the man who glared at him.
“I- I’ll remember this!”,
The hoodlum left with a parting threat.

“Well, because things like this can happen, the old man and nanny Mine didn’t want to bring Elsa to a place like this.”
Jin explained to Elsa.
“You can find people like that anywhere. So, let’s head back.”
Thinking about Elsa, Jin suggested going back to the marquis’s estate for now. But she replied,
“I’ll be alright because I’ve got the ring Jin gave me. So I want to look around for a bit longer.”
Jin was fine with it as long is was just a bit longer. He looked at the surrounds, and there was nobody around because of the quarrel just now.
Let’s find a better place to walk about, Jin decided, and brought Reiko and Elsa with him back to the main street.

There were a lot of small shops on both sides of the main street.
Stores selling ready-made clothes, tools, and foodstuffs.
Jin was in a foodstore, looking at something he found.
“Isn’t this… a potato?”
He held it in one hand and looked. The color, the shape, no matter how you looked it it was a potato. He even stealthily used [Analyse] on it and it was unmistakably identical to a potato.
“Lad, are you going to buy it?”
The old man at the store asked, and Jin bought a pile of potatoes.
“Alright, 50 Torr for the pile of topopoes.”
It was unexpectedly cheap.
The total price was 70 Torr after also buying a sack to put them in.
“Jin, those… are you going to eat them?”
Elsa asked the delighted Jin with concern.
“Mm, that’s right. I’ll need to borrow the kitchen for a while this evening.”
“If I’m not wrong… aren’t those Devil Bulbs?”
“They’ve got a name like that? They’re genuinely edible though.”
“I’ll definitely not eat them.”
Afraid for some reason, Elsa took some distance to Jin. Seeing that, Jin handed the sack over to Reiko.
Only then did Elsa inch back closer to Jin.

Afterwards, they visited a store that sold cheap accessories, and a store that sold weapons for self-defense.
Elsa expressed some interest in a narrow dagger, but Jin stealthily used [Analyse] and found out that aside from its appearance it was a shoddy product.
Jin had to drag Elsa out of the store to explain.
“Is that so? Mother had a dagger like that, so I was a little curious.”
After hearing that Jin decided to craft a similar one himself when he got the chance.

*   *   *

“I’m a little tired.”
About midway on the main street there was a plaza, and Elsa sat down on a bench. It’s no wonder, since they walked a lot.
After finishing the Citran juice bought from a nearby stall, Jin turned to Elsa and asked,
“Then, isn’t it about time to go back?”
Elsa agreed. The sun was setting and the wind was getting colder, so it was a good time to return.
“Elsa, aren’t you cold?”
“Mm, I’m okay.”
“But the wind’s only going to get colder, so I’m going to have to ask you to drape this over your shoulders.”
Jin said and put his overcoat on Elsa’s shoulders.
“Thanks. …It’s warm.”
“If you catch a cold, the old man and Mine will kill me.”
Elsa smiled at Jin’s remark, while Reiko replied with “I will protect father.”

The expected quarrel with a hoodlum didn’t occur, and the group headed towards the nobles’ district.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 5 Chapter 16

05-16 At the church

Reinhardt, who learned that the refrigerator was Jin’s work asked,
“Jin, when did you make this? Didn’t you say you’ve not been into this city? That means you made it in another city, so…”
It seemed like the piled up falsehoods were going to start toppling down, so Jin spoke frankly.
“Let’s see, it was in Blue Land”
“Blue Land?! I was making plans to go there next! And you’ve been there!”
Jin explained that he’s not seen all of the town. Only outside the castle walls.
“Hmm, is that’s so, then how did you go to Blue Land?”
While thinking about how the Port Rock investigation incident revealed Reinhardt’s poor reasoning skills, Jin replied
“…There’s a Warp Gate exit on the outskirts of Blue Land.”
“Oh, wouldn’t that mean if I went to Blue Land I could visit Jin’s home?”
It’s here, Jin thought. Sooner or later this day would’ve come.
“But isn’t there a barrier that restricts who can use the Warp Gate? I wonder if it’s possible to modify the restriction?”
Reinhardt kept rapidly throwing out pointed questions. Jin simply hoped Kunlun’s development was proceeding well.
“Hmm. I wouldn’t know without trying, but I think that as long as we entered together it would probably work.”
Jin decided that that’ll do as an answer for now.
Reinhardt was also satisfied with that, then told everyone that it’s time to go to the next place and went outside.

They lined up and got in the carriage which headed to the main street. The central street was paved with stones, so there was very little dust.
“This road is also pre-Great Magic War. Because [Hardening] and [Reinforcement] have been applied to it, it has lasted this long.”
If carriages with iron wheels driving over it don’t wear out the stone paving, it must’ve been indeed reinforced with magic.
And at the end of the central street it stood.
“That’s this country’s oldest church.”
Even though it can’t be called popular, as expected religion hasn’t disappeared.
The church was entirely made out of stone, and it reminded Jin of some World Heritage churches he saw on TV.
“Everyone can visit it freely.”
Reinhardt said, stopped the carriage, and beckoned Jin to follow. Looks like it’s become more of a tourist attraction-like thing, even though it’s a church.
“There’s something I want to consult you about.”
At the entrance, while wondering how much alms to give, the gate opened. Gates five meters wide and ten meters tall, shaped like arches.
Inside, the floors were polished so that you could see your own reflection, and the walls were filled with engravings and murals. On the ceiling, there were skylights made of colored glass here and there.
“Indeed, it is an amazing piece of art.”
“It’s my first time here too. It’s very interesting.”
Jin and Elsa gave their respective opinions.
“Isn’t it? Modern techniques can’t reproduce even a single piece of that colored glass.”
Reinhardt pointed his finger at a piece of stained glass modeled in the shape of a flower.
“Because of the Great Magic War?”
“That’s right. It was a detestable war.”
Jin agreed. The Great Magic War caused this world’s culture and civilization to not only stagnate, but to even regress.

After a walk through a long corridor, the group arrived in the innermost place of worship.
“Hey, look at that.”
Reinhardt pointed his finger at one of the paintings on the ceiling.
Jin’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Drawn there was a small circle rotating around a larger circle. And rotating around the small circle there had been drawn an even smaller circle.
That is, the picture depicted a star, a planet, and a satellite.
“Do you know what this is?”
Jin slowly opened his mouth to respond.
“…The sun, this world, and then… The moon, isn’t that right?”
Reinhardt was shocked after hearing Jin’s response.
“Jin! Isn’t this your first visit here? Why do you know the conclusion which took countless of successive generations of researchers to arrive at!?”
The surrounding tourists sent puzzled looks at Reinhardt’s sudden loud outburst. Elsa, who noticed this, chided Reinhardt,
“Rai-nii, you’re too loud. It’s better to have that talk in some other place.”
Reinhardt understood and let the matter wait for a better spot.

*   *   *

It was lunch time, so Jin and the others went to a nearby restaurant. Luckily a private room was empty, and they sat down there.
“Now then, Jin, give me an answer to my previous question!”
Reinhardt asked Jin with a ragged breath.
“Before I answer, could I ask a single question? …Was my previous opinion considered heresy?”
This was an important matter. Even on Earth, when the heliocentric theory came to deny the old Earth-centric theory, many people were… Names like Copernicus and Galileo sprung into Jin’s mind.
“Uh? Not particularly, there’s no such thing.”
But Reinhardt gave Jin an unexpected reply.
The earth is round, and that could be easily confirmed by boarding a boat. It can also explain why there are four seasons.
Certainly, this world’s horizon looks spherical. Jin was fairly certain this world was smaller than Earth.
“Well, I’d say there exists people who think the world is flat.”
The roundness is an optical illusion, they’d say.
Then they’d finish with the words that it doesn’t even matter in our day-to-day lives.

“So, Jin, what’s your answer?”
If heresy doesn’t particularly exist then there’s not much to worry about. A weight was lifted off Jin’s shoulders. He was already thinking about how to escape with Reiko if worst came to worst.
“Oh, my teacher taught it to me.”
It was a doubtful line, but not technically a lie. His schoolteacher taught it to him, after all.
“I haven’t heard who taught it to my teacher.”
As expected, Reinhardt and Elsa misunderstand Jin’s reply.
“Hmm, Your master is indeed an amazing person.”
“That’s true. The theory started spreading through Shouro Empire only ten years ago.”
The theory itself goes back way further, but eventually a scholar used the drawing to explain various phenomena. That’s sort of a big deal.

“Excuse me. Here is your meal.”
At that moment, the food was brought in, and the topic changed to lunch.
Sauteed bird breast, grilled fish with herbs, a steak, and some light wine as a drink.
Jin didn’t recognize all the different birds, fish, meat, or fruit, but it was still delicious.
For dessert, it was Citran. Elsa looked like she loved it, and it was good that the compartment was private since she also begged to eat Reinhardt’s portion.
“Oh, Elsa, do you want to eat my portion too?”
“Is it okay?”
Elsa asked with a delighted look on her face, and Jin nodded.
“You can eat Reiko’s portion too.”
So as not to raise suspicion, a small portion was ordered for Reiko too.
In the end, Elsa ate everyone’s Citrans by herself and looked satisfied about it.

“Now then, Jin. In truth, I must do my last greeting rounds as a diplomat now.”
Reinhardt said after the meal.
“What are you going to do? Will your return to the marquis’s estate, or visit more places with Elsa?”
After considering the question, Jin asked if it’s okay that Elsa doesn’t take part in the rounds.
“Yeah. She’s not an official, you see.”
To which Jin replied,
“Then I’ll let Elsa decide.”
And to which Elsa said,
“I want to tour the town with Jin-kun.”

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