Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 16

09-16 Jin’s Home

Once the hubbub caused by Jin’s return had settled some.
The village headman Gheebeck spoke to Jin as their representative.
“Jin, welcome back. The village has been waiting for your return.”
“Of course, it would be a great loss to the world to have a Magi Craftsman as excellent as you remain in our village. However, when you’re tired, when you’re sad, when you want to come back, this village will welcome you always.”
He said and took Jin’s hand. Jin squeezed his hand back vigorously.
“Thank you very much.”
The village chief then turned to everyone and,
“Come now, everyone. This is enough. You’ll surely have a chance to talk to Jin later. Let’s let him relax now, no?”
He said and gestured for everyone to disperse.
“Jin, see you later then.”
“Jin, later I’ve got something to tell you.”
“Jin nii-chan, let’s play again later~”
Everyone exchanged a word with him, some returned to their homes and others to the fields.
Remaining were Jin, Reiko, Hannah, Elsa, Barbara, Martha, and Gheebeck. Gheebeck then told Jin something.
“Jin, you probably aren’t aware of it but you’re not a wanted man or anything like that. After what happened Fahlheit-sama came around and told Earl Walter that he had acted rashly. Quite the contrary, apparently His Majesty the King wanted to employ you.”
Jin felt relieved after hearing that. At the very least him being here wouldn’t cause the village any trouble.
Gheebeck then added,
“Now Jin, you can go to Martha-san’s place. Barbara, get in the house.”
Gheebeck opened the door and retired indoors.
“Yes, uncle. Elsa-san, see you later.”
Barbara also went inside the house.
“Come on, we should also go home.”
Martha said and took Hannah’s hand. They began slowly walking but immediately stopped, and turned back to look at Jin who was standing still.
“Hey Jin, what are you doing. Let’s go home.”
“Sister and Reiko-chan too, come on. If you’re coming back then you’re coming home.”
Martha said and then Jin began walking with Elsa and Reiko.
After a short walk they were at Martha’s house.
“Come on, Jin. Aren’t you going to show your sister your home?”
Being told so, Jin looked back towards Elsa and held out his hand.
Elsa made a little nod and took Jin’s hand.
“So that you could come back any time, I’ve kept your room as it was, Jin.”
Martha said.
It had been kept clean, not a single speck of dust was in sight.
Looking at the room’s state, tears welled in Jin’s eyes.
“Welcome back, Jin.”
Martha said once again and finally Jin’s tears spilled out.
Reiko quietly handed him a handkerchief.
Seeing Jin like that, Elsa simply grasped his hand tightly in silence.

*   *   *

Martha brewed tea and Jin drank it. Hannah and Elsa were also seated around the round table. Reiko was standing behind Jin.
“Ahh, it’s been a while since I last tasted this.”
The place where the tea plants were harvested from affected the taste after all. Not to mention how lately Jin had been drinking only Egelia Kingdom’s specialty Teee, so he had missed the taste of Kaina Village tea which was like green tea.
Jin took a deep breath. In front of him were Martha and Hannah.
“Excuse me…”
Jin was about to say something, but Martha spoke before him as if interrupting.
“Jin, I’ll say this first. I have no intention of questioning you in detail about anything. It’s the same with everyone in the village. We all know you’re not an ordinary person. We also know you can do things that usually can’t be done. So unless you want to talk about how you got came here or such, you don’t have to talk about it. Remember that.”
Martha went and said, then Jin was at a loss for words.
Because he had been worrying about how to explain things.
“Thank you very much. If I spoke frankly it might cause trouble for the village instead, so you saying that makes me feel at ease.”
If it was kept to just villagers it’d be fine, but starting with the feudal lord the kingdom’s officials would probably come to know it too. Jin wanted to avoid any unnecessary trouble.
At that moment Hannah spoke, like she couldn’t bear it any more.
“Hey hey onii-chan, let’s go gather herbs in the mountains!”
Hearing that, Jin remembered how last year he had gone picking herbs with Hannah to pick.
“Hmm, okay. Shall we go after I see Elsa off?”
Thinking that Mine was probably worrying about her, Jin replied but he got an unexpected response.
“Eeh? Let’s go together with Elsa onee-chan.”
“Jin-nii, I want to go too.”
Jin smiled awkwardly and nodded.
“Got it, let’s go together. …We’re not walking, right?”
Hannah quickly nodded and,
“Yeah! Me, I’m riding on Mint!”
She replied. Hearing that, Jin thought.
“Hmm, I wonder if the other golem horses are free?”
Right now it was the beginning of farming season. The golem horses were surely used in clearing and cultivating the land, transporting materials and such.
“Ah, that’s right. All the horses are probably taken out, right?”
Martha guessed based on the current situation.
“Eeh, can we not go then?”
After seeing Hannah’s disappointed face, Jin briefly left his seat.
Then outside the room he took the ManaCom from his pocket and contacted Hourai Island for something. He then returned to the room, turned to Hannah and said,
“Hannah, it’ll be fine. More importantly don’t you have to prepare the lunch boxes?”
Hearing that made Hannah very happy.
“Really? We’re going? Ya~y! Granny, I’ll help you so make lunch boxes!”
“Yes yes, wait a moment.”
Martha got up while smiling and took Hannah with her to the kitchen.
Jin explained to the puzzled-looking Elsa what he had done.
“I instructed horse golems to be sent here from Hourai Island.”
And then after calling somewhere again, he handed the ManaCom to Elsa and,
“Mine is worried. Apologize to her properly.”
He said. Elsa took the ManaCom.
“Umm… Mother? …Mmh, I’m sorry. Um, now, I’m with Jin-nii. And so, I want to, look around here a bit longer and come back after that. ….Mm, I understand. Thank you.”
After talking about something with Mine, she returned the ManaCom to Jin.
“Jin-nii, thanks. Mother, she said ‘oh well’ after I told her I’m with Jin-nii, and she gave her permission.”
“I see, that’s good.”
Jin then faced Reiko and said,
“Reiko, give that thing to Elsa please.”
“Yes, Father.”
Reiko took a bracelet out of her pocket. It was the bracelet that protected from the excessive Magic Energy disorder.
In the first place, to hand this over Reiko was called back and this fuss happened.
Although maybe it should be called a fortunate error as thanks to that Jin returned to Kaina Village.
“This is a bracelet to protect you from the excessive Magic Energy disorder, Elsa. It also stockpiles the surplus Magic Energy. When using magic, if you cast it with the sense of pushing the Magic Energy through the bracelet, it prioritizes using the Magic Energy stored inside the bracelet first.”
“Really, now?”
Elsa stared fixedly at the bracelet. She had no idea there existed such a Magi Tool. Actually, it would probably be unmakeable if it weren’t for Jin, Elsa thought intuitively.
“Yeah. By wearing this as much as possible, you won’t have to worry about the excessive Magic Energy disorder anymore.”
“Thank, you…”
Her defect called the excessive Magic Energy disorder could be kept at bay with this bracelet. She no longer had to mind the illness that she had always worried about. Elsa thought it was like a dream.
At that moment, Reiko looked outside as if she had noticed something.
“Father, it appears that the horses have come.”
“Huh, that’s fast.”
Jin stood up and went outside. Elsa rubbed her eyes and followed him.
Jin, Hannah, Elsa, and Reiko went outside and saw Jin’s favourite horse golem Koma, and the horse golems made for the time Elsa and Reinhardt were invited to Kunlun Island.
Most likely one of the SP had brought them along, but whoever did it was nowhere to be seen.
“Ah, it’s Onii-chan’s horse-san~”
Hannah seemed to remember Koma.
Elsa too recognized the horse golem she had previously ridden on and quickly straddled it. …Wearing a skirt.
Well, this time she wasn’t wearing a dress so by holding down the front she seemed to be able to manage.
“The lunch boxes are done. Oh my, if it isn’t Koma, and this one is? Did Jin call you? As amazing as ever, I see.”
Martha came from the house holding a basket with the lunch boxes in it and said. As she finished with ‘As amazing as ever, I see’ you could probably say she was used to it.
“Thank you very much. Well then, let’s go.”
Reiko took the basket and a flask.
Then the three horse golems and one Automata headed towards the mountain.

*   *   *

“Ah, it’s been a while since I last saw this scene.”
“It’s a nice view.”
Jin was gazing at the view of Kaina Village he hadn’t seen in a long time, and Elsa was enjoying the view for the first time.
Afterwards, it turned out that the herb-picking was in name only and the four enjoyed a picnic.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 15

09-15 Hometown

The morning after Hannah’s sleepover. After waking up, in front of her was Elsa’s sleeping face.
Light blonde hair, long eyelashes, and clear white skin.
Hannah thought of her that way. While looking at Elsa’s sleeping face, on the other bed Barbara woke up. For the women in the village, even the village chief’s niece, morning came early.
“Ah, I slept well. …Hannah-chan, good morning.”
“Good morning.”
The two exchanged greetings. Their voices also waked up Elsa.
“Good morning, Elsa onee-chan.”
Hannah greeted the sleepy-faced Elsa. Seemingly remembering about last night, Elsa smiled sweetly and greeted her back.
“Good morning, Hannah-chan. Good morning, Barbara-san.”
Then the two dressed themselves and went to wash their faces.
Of course, the water well was outside. Elsa had grown used to Kunlun Island’s conveniences, but she still remembered how in most of the inns she had stayed overnight in during the trip there had been a courtyard with a water well where she could wash her face.
“Elsa onee-chan, you can go first.”
Hannah said and operated the pump. Water began rushing out. Elsa’s eyes went wide.
She had heard last night about how Jin had built a pump, but seeing it in action was surprising after all.
The pump drew water from the bottom of the deep well without using magic. Jin had made something wonderful, hadn’t he?
One I too want to make things like this which are helpful to everyone. Such a thought, while still small, grew within Elsa’s mind.

The breakfast was white bread made out of sieved wheat flour, salad made out of edible wild plants, grilled river fish, and tea.
“This tea, it’s a little unusual, but it’s good.”
“Oh, you know, that tea was made out of certain leaves picked from the forest.”
This morning Hannah too was eating with her.
“Is that right?”
It was a somewhat popular drink in the northern parts of Cline Kingdom, but Elsa who was from Shouro Empire hadn’t drunk it before now.
“Next time, want to try coming to pick them with me? The Kherries are also still blooming in the mountains so it’s pretty.”
At Hannah’s invitation Elsa felt like she should maybe try going. She then agreed without thinking.

*   *   *

Next thing they knew, it was suddenly noisy outside. Apparently the villagers all together were making noise.
“Has something happened, I wonder?”
Barbara stood up and was about to go look outside when the door opened.
Gheebeck stepped inside.
While slightly out of breath, Gheebeck turned to Hannah and told her,
“Jin-kun has come back.”
The same noise came out of the mouths of all three of them. The fastest one to speak after that was Hannah.
“Onii-chan has!”
And then she quickly ran to towards the entryway.
She opened the door and went outside, and saw Rock, Jonas, Linus, Bill, Jeff, Dave, Howard, Rick, Tom, Yan, Surei, Kurt, Jim, Patty, Mario, Jessie, and Martha.
There was a crowd of a great number of villagers.
And the person everyone was looking at was, unmistakably, Jin. Reiko was with him.
All villagers present were speaking to Jin as they pleased.
“Jin! What have you been up to! You didn’t get in touch with us at all!”
Said Martha.
Jin slowly walked towards Hannah.
So as not to hinder him, the villagers made way. Tears welled up in Hannah’s eyes. She looked downwards as she didn’t want to show her teary face to Jin.
And when Hannah once more raised her eyes, Jin was already in front of her.
The words she had been thinking she’d say if Jin came back had disappeared somewhere, and the only thing that came out of Hannah’s mouth was simply
“Welcome back, Onii-chan.”
Facing Hannah, Jin softly smiled and,
“I’m back.”
He said just two words.

Hannah couldn’t take it any more and leapt at Jin with all her heart after a running start. Jin gently caught Hannah.
“Onii-chan, onii-chan…”
Hannah’s face was already completely tear-stained. Jin tenderly hugged her and kept stroking her back gently.

“…Don’t disappear again, okay.”
Hannah pleaded while tears still welled up in her eyes, and Jin looked a little bit bothered but the next moment he smiled and nodded.
Hannah once again clung to Jin.
Meanwhile, Reiko was looking at the two while smiling amiably.

Hearing the voice, Jin looked up and there stood Elsa.
“Elsa, I’m glad you’re okay. I realized you were here last night, but there was no way I could come here in the middle of the night so I came in the morning.”
Jin said, Elsa was also moved to tears and,
“You’re not, angry?”
She asked. Jin looked puzzled.
“Why should I be angry? You disappeared, I searched, and found you. That’s all. You’ve probably already reflected upon this by yourself, right? Then there’s nothing more for me to say.”
Jin replied and at last tears began pouring out from Elsa’s eyes too.
“I’m, sorry.”
Elsa said, leaned on Jin and silently cried.

*   *   *

Jin waited for Hannah and Elsa to calm down, then stood in front of the villagers.
And then,
“I’ve caused you worry.”
He made a deep bow.
The first one to rush over to Jin was Rock. He put his arm around Jin’s head and put him into a headlock.
“Owowowow, R-rock-san!?”
“You arsehole, just disappearing without saying nothing like that. Ain’t nothing more unfriendly than that!”
Rock said while smiling.
Then Jonas, Linus, Bill, and Jeff too, everyone laughed while watching the spectacle.
And next Jin was lifted up.
“Jin! Welcome back!”
“Jin! Welcome back!”
While several people said so, Jin was tossed in the air.

While being jostled Jin too cried silently. This was his second hometown, he realized.
Not a single person asked where from and how Jin came back.
Everyone had realized that Jin wasn’t just a normal magus, but despite that no one kept him at arm’s length.
Jin had come back, and that was enough to make everyone happy.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 14

09-14 I’m Back

Elsa, Barbara, and Hannah were gathered in Gheebeck’s house and talking.
“So… Where did we leave off?”
Barbara said and tilted her head, then,
“…We were talking about the person who left the village.”
Elsa replied. After hearing that, Hannah said,
“You mean about Onii-chan?”
This time Elsa tilted her head,
She said, and didn’t look to understand. Noticing that, Barbara elaborated.
“Hannah-chan is talking about someone called Jin who said he had come from, what was it? Japan? He’s a Magi Craftsman, you know?”
“Eh? No way, Jin-nii!?”
Hearing that, even Elsa got so surprised she stood up from her seat.
Hannah was also surprised when she heard Elsa.
“Jin-nii? Onee-chan, you said Jin-nii, right? Onee-chan, are you Onii-chan’s little sister?”
“Mm, I’m Jin-nii’s sister.”
Hearing that, Hannah lit up.
“Jin onii-chan! He got back home okay! Hey, hey, is Onii-chan well? Where is he now? What’s he doing? How about Reiko onee-chan?”
Hannah threw questions at Elsa at rapid succession, overwhelming her.
“Ji–Jin-nii is at home. He’s well. He’s building all sorts of things…It seems. Reiko-chan’s with him too.”
Elsa could barely reply.
“So that’s how it was, I’m glad… I was so worried all this time! Not just me, everyone was!”
“Yes, that’s right, Elsa-san. Because your elder brother is a benefactor of this village, and one of us too.”
“Very interesting. Jin-nii never told me.”
Elsa said and that surprised Barbara and Hannah a little.
“Is that right? As a matter of fact, …”
“Hey, you know what? Onii-chan, he…”
“Jin-san built us a hot spring.”
“Onii-chan built Mint for me!”
They both began talking about Jin to Elsa so she got confused.
“Wa–wait a moment. Please speak one at a time.”
Elsa said while smiling awkwardly, then Barbara and Hannah exchanged glances and laughed.

“Hannah-chan, did you have dinner yet?”
After things had calmed down a little, Barbara asked Hannah.
“Yeah, I’ve eaten. I also told granny I’m going to elder-san’s house before leaving.”
“I see. In that case, are you going to have a sleepover? If you do then you can talk with Elsa-san at ease.”
Barbara said to Hannah. Hannah gladly accepted the offer.
“Yeah! A sleepover!”
Barbara then went to tell Hannah’s grandmother Martha that Hannah is spending the night here.
In the meanwhile, Hannah spoke a lot about Jin. Once Barbara came back the three once more talked together.
That continued into the night until Hannah’s eyelids began to droop, and so they moved to the bedroom.
Hannah ended up sleeping with Elsa on the same bed. Because she wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Eheh. Together with Onee-chan. Good night.”
“Mm, good night, Hannah-chan-”
Soon Hannah sounded like she was asleep.
Barbara and Elsa continued their conversation in a low voice so as not to wake Hannah up.
“You see, Hannah-chan has no parents so she’s lonely. And then last year, Jin-san came along, they lived together, and she took to him. And then again, he disappeared.”
“…Oh, so that’s what happened.”
“Yes. And that’s why because you’re Jin-san’s little sister, she’s so…”
Hannah was clinging to Elsa’s right arm with her small hands.
“Hannah, chan.”
Elsa gently stroked Hannah’s head. Hannah’s hair smelled like the sun.

*   *   *

Next day, when the sun had risen.
“Half past eight, huh. In Kaina Village that’s half past six. I wonder if everyone’s awake by now?”
Jin couldn’t stay still and was fidgety.
“Father, isn’t what you said that you’d go to Kaina Village to meet her at eight o’clock?”
Reiko reminded him.
“I did say that, I’ll have to calm down.”
Seeing Jin like that, Ann had a question.
“Master, if you want to visit them that badly why haven’t you gone there until now?”
Being asked that, Jin hmmed and replied.
“I suppose I didn’t want to cause any trouble.”
“What do you mean?”
“Uhm, when I was in Kaina Village I was suspected of building the golems that had been attacking here and there, or something like that.”
“But were those not false charges?”
“Yeah, of course.”
“Then there’s no reason to be worried, is there? Surely everyone’s worried about you?”
“I’d be glad if that was the case, but I’ve been hesitating going there as I thought they might’ve thought of that as just getting rid of a nuisance.”
“What is that. Master, you sometimes think in a hopelessly pessimistic manner, don’t you?”
Ann said it so clearly that even Jin couldn’t suppress a strained laugh. You could say the cause of that was the traumatic incident in Jin’s past.

Back when he was a company employee. There was a certain subsidiary, or actually, as the company Jin was in was a subsidiary it was a subsidiary of a subsidiary. He was sent to work in their factory as a temporary worker for two weeks.
He didn’t know whether it was because the company employees had no motivation, or for some reason, but at any rate it was terrible.
More specifically the inside of the factory was a mess, the materials weren’t even sorted, the machine tools were out of oil and made terrible noise, and the maintenance was poor.
Jin struggled hard to inspect everything individually, give instructions how to keep things in order, and made manuals on how to maintain the machinery. In particular, he made the manuals outside working hours.
As a result after two weeks the inside of the factory was so clean you could hardly recognize it and the machines worked silently.
When Jin’s temporary transfer was over and it was time for him to return, the workers told him how grateful they were. However.
After leaving the factory Jin noticed he had forgotten some documents so of course he went back to get them. And at that moment.
(Good grief, he made me fill something as bothersome as a check sheet.)
(Hey, I knew where everything was before. Now that they’re all tidied up I don’t know what’s where any more.)
(What a self-important bastard, and just because he was from the parent company.)
(Well, he’s no longer here so let’s do things as we used to.)
He heard voices like that from beyond the door. Jin felt his whole body grow weak as he wondered what he had worked so hard for those two weeks.

Because of such an experience, Jin had become timid.
“And also, you see, I don’t want the Unifilers to eye Kaina Village.”
But Ann refuted Jin’s logic.
“No, master. That kind of half-heartedness won’t defend against the Unifilers’ evil grasp. You must proactively shut them down.”
“You can say that, but.”
“Anyhow it’s been decided that you’ll now go to Kaina Village to meet with Elsa-san. And then you’ll greet everyone. I’m sure everything will go just fine.”
“I wonder.”
After being admonished by Ann, Jin discarded his little remaining hesitation. He had slightly intended to stealthily go there and stealthily bring Elsa back home with him.
“Father, it’s a little early but shall we go?”
It was nine o’clock. At Kaina Village it was seven o’clock.
“It’s late enough that Martha-san and Hannah-chan have already woken up and finished breakfast. Rock-san and the others have surely gone to work on the fields by now.”
“I see. That’s probably true.”
After Reiko said that to Jin, he stepped inside the Warp Gate to Kaina Village with mixed feelings.
Then he appeared inside the shelter. He tried briefly inspecting the place. There didn’t seem to be any deterioration.
“Father, let us go.”
Hurried on by Reiko, while figuring out whether he did or didn’t want to go Jin climbed up the stairs, opened the door and went outside.
The weather was clear. The spring sun’s rays poured on endlessly and Jin squinted.
The area had originally been rocky but grass had grown in the surroundings, it was indeed spring. It also worked well as camouflage.
“It’s been about a year since I first came here, huh.”
Jin was reminiscing about the events of last year while slowly walking towards the village.
A villager’s voice interrupted his thoughts.
“Oh, isn’t that Jin?”
“It’s Jin! Jin has come back!”
“What? It’s true, that’s Jin!”
In response to that voice everyone came out of the houses and fields to gather.
“Ooi, c’mere everyone, Jin’s back!”
“It’s true, Reiko-chan is with him too!”
And then everyone rushed over towards Jin. Some of them were even people who had neglected farmwork to come.
“Jin! You look lively!”
Rock said.
“Jin nii-chan, where did you go off to~? everyone’s been worried about you~!”
Kurt said.
More and more people gathered.
“Jin! What have you been up to! You didn’t get in touch with us at all!”
Said Martha.
And then there was Hannah, in front of the village chief’s house.
“Welcome back, Onii-chan.”
There were only two words Jin could say to that.
“…I’m back.”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 13

09-13 Search

“Hmm, doesn’t look like she’s in Blue Land either…”
Jin was still in Hourai Island looking for Elsa.
“What will I say to Mine…”
It was now 8 o’clock on Hourai Island. The time difference between here and Kunlun Island was one hour. As it was 7 o’clock on the other island, it was about time for Mine to find Elsa not coming back strange.
“Well, I guess I have to tell the truth…”
Jin had an image of the old Mine burnt in his mind, so he couldn’t imagine any other result than getting yelled at.
Despite that Jin warped to Kunlun Island and met with Mine.
“Jin-sama, it seems that Elsa is late, has something happened?”
Seeing Mine’s concerned expression, Jin got cold feet. But he braced himself and,
“Elsa has… gone missing.”
Jin told her the truth.
“Eh? Gone missing? Elsa has? What happened?”
Thankfully, Mine accepted the truth without flying into a rage and grabbing Jin. Of course, she looked worried.
“As a matter of fact…”
Jin explained his conjecture of what went on earlier. After hearing the basics, Mine muttered a few words.
“That kid… She surely was curiously peeking into the Warp Gates, wasn’t she?…”
The guess was rather on point but it did not change the current situation.
“Anyway, since I’m searching for her with all I can, don’t worry… That’s probably too much to ask, however, I’d like you to at least not worry too much.”
Jin said. His remark had a somewhat confusing feel to it but that was unavoidable.
“Mh-hm, Jin-sama is the person who saved her and me. As you’re once more searching for Elsa, I trust in you.”
Being told so Jin could feel the pressure, but without showing that on his face he nodded in a big way,
“Leave it to me.”
He said and left behind Kunlun Island.

“Master, why do you think Elsa-san was able to warp?”
Ann came and asked him. More precisely, she wanted to confirm something to find out the cause.
“Hmm, maybe the authentication didn’t work well, or perhaps…”
“She was wearing something with Master’s Magic Energy in it, don’t you think so?”
After hearing that Jin sharply clapped his hands together.
“That’s right, that has to be it! I wonder why I didn’t think of that sooner?”
He couldn’t think of any other reason than panicking after Elsa’s disappearance.
While reflecting, Jin gave instructions to Laojin.
“Laojin, like when you looked for Elsa earlier, look for my…”
His instructions tapered off.
“My Lord, what’s wrong?”
Laojin seemed puzzled and asked. Jin looked like he had understood something and said,
“Right, that’s probably it! Elsa was wearing the brooch I gave her to as a present! Isn’t that right, Reiko?”
Jin basically wasn’t very mindful of people’s attire. That included his own.
“Let’s see, that’s indeed the case. If I recall correctly I think that she had the brooch on her chest.”
Reiko hadn’t paid much attention to it either. Like father, like daughter, you could say.
Well, in Reiko’s case she was probably just barely concerned with anyone except for Jin.
“Laojin, that appears to be the most probable one. The same brooch Elsa had last time she was searched for. Please look for it.”
“As you wish.”
Laojin used the Magi Radar and began searching for Elsa.
The search locations were the places where Warp Gates had been established.
Port Rock, Blue Land, the ruins of the eighth subdivision, and then…
“My Lord, there is a reaction from Kaina Village.”
Some 30 minutes after Laojin began the search, he reported of a discovery.
“So it was Kaina Village!”
Jin was relieved for the time being as she wasn’t anywhere dangerous.
“Surely she carelessly went outside and the barrier kept her from coming back, huh.”
The specialty of this sort of barrier was that it was easy to get out from the inside, but you couldn’t get in from the outside. It mainly had something to do with the flow of Magic Energy used to cast spells, but let’s not go into details right now.
“Even so, Kaina Village, huh…”
Jin sighed and had a faraway look in his eyes.
“I’m certain I left Kaina Village on December last year, and now is April so it’s been about four months since then…”
He couldn’t tell whether four months was long or short. A lot of things had happened during that time. No, too many things.
Now that he had received the title of Egelia Kingdom’s Honorary Magi Craftsman, he could probably return to Kaina Village at a moment’s notice without any harm.
However, he wanted to avoid inconveniencing the village by all means.
“Anyhow, I don’t have any option other than going there tomorrow morning, do I?”
But, she was worried about Elsa too. No matter how good the people of Kaina Village were she was probably feeling lonely.
Then Jin got in touch with Gon, Gen, and the SP dedicated to Hannah.
“Iris speaking.”
Iris of the SP spoke as the representative. Jin briefly told her of Elsa’s disappearance and asked if she had by any chance happened to see Elsa around there. Her reply was,
“Yes, a young lady thought to be her did indeed come here.”
“A lady named Elsa of around 16 or 17 years of age is staying in the village chief Mr. Gheebeck’s house. She has platinum blonde hair.”
She was unmistakably Elsa.
“She seems to have received a warm welcome from the village chief ‘s niece Barbara. Hannah-chan is also with her.”
Hearing that, Jin felt relieved.
“Got it. I’ll go meet her tomorrow. Until then, take care that nothing happens to Elsa and of course Hannah.”
“Yes. I shall have Gon guard the house’s surroundings.”
And then the call was over.

Now it was past nine PM on Hourai Island. The time difference between here and Kaina Village was a little over two hours so there it was seven PM. It was already total darkness. It was time for the households to go to sleep.
Even if he went there at this time it would be useless. Or rather it would probably cause trouble and maybe even an uproar.
Jin calmed his inner conflict by thinking such thoughts. Then he spoke to Reiko.
“Reiko, there’s no doubt Elsa warped to Kaina Village.”
“Kaina Village, is it?”
“Yeah. Tomorrow, let’s see, at 8 AM local time should be fine. I was thinking of going to meet her.”
Jin said with a determined look on his face.
“Father, you’re returning to Kaina Village, right?”
Reiko asked as if to confirm.
“Yeah. At the very least I have to show everyone I’m safe, and the rest I’ll decide afterwards.”
Right now Jin wasn’t even afraid of taking a whole country on. But he wanted to avoid strife. More so because of Kaina Village.
“I was thinking of going there as Egelia Kingdom’s Honorary Magi Craftsman.”
Just in case he’d be assertive.
“Yes, I’ll bring Peach Blossom and the Magi Cannon with me.”
“Um, you won’t need either.”
He thought those things won’t be needed in Kaina village, and he wished they wouldn’t become needed.
Jin fell asleep half-anxious and half-expectant of tomorrow’s reunion.

*   *   *

“So Elsa-san was in a Warp Gate malfunction?”
This was Kaina Village chief’s, Gheebeck’s house. It was evening.
After a slightly early dinner, Barbara and Elsa were chatting. Although it mostly composed of Barbara talking about various things and Elsa responding.
“Mm. Although malfunction may not be exactly what happened.”
“That right? But, a Warp Gate, huh. Are those things common?”
“Eh? What do you mean?”
Barbara explained to Elsa who looked puzzled.
“Last year too, a person who was warped by a malfunctioning Warp Gate came.”
Hearing that Elsa was a little bit startled.
“A-and, that person is?”
“They’re no longer here. It was a misunderstanding but the feudal lord of this area, Earl Walter distrusted them groundlessly and they ended up leaving the village. Although the misunderstanding has been cleared already, they’ve not returned so we can’t tell them that.”
“And then that…”
Elsa wanted to say something, but at that moment Gheebeck came. By him was a small girl.
“Oh my, Hannah-chan, what are you doing here this late?”
It was nearly five PM. It was no wonder Barbara asked that.
“You see, I was wondering about Elsa onee-chan.”
Elsa was slightly surprised and looked at Hannah.
“Yeah. I thought, isn’t it lonely after appearing here by herself?”
Hearing that, Elsa smiled.
“Thank you. …Hannah-chan, right?”
“Mh-hm, ah, that’s right, I never told onee-chan my name, sorry.”
Hannah said and quickly bowed her head. Elsa giggled and smiled as she saw that.
“It’s okay. I was saved thanks to Hannah-chan, after all.”
The two had a conversation like that, then Barbara brought them another chair and,
“Hannah-chan, sit here. I already asked Elsa about many things. Hannah-chan, you also want to talk with her, right?”
She said. Hannah nodded in a lively manner.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 12

09-12 Lost Child Elsa

Turning back time a little.
In the Warp Gate room from where Reiko had left for Jin.
Elsa was walking around and gazing at the lined up Warp Gates until Reiko’s return.
Names like “Kunlun Island”, “Port Rock”, “Blue Land”, “Ruins of the Eight Subdivision” and so on were on display but as they were all written in Japanese, Elsa couldn’t read them.
“…These are, all Warp Gates. …Where do they lead, I wonder?”
She looked around while thinking so. Occasionally she also peeked inside them. Inside Magi Formulas were written with letters she couldn’t read.
The construction of the interiors was also interesting. The ceilings too had some kind of a pattern she couldn’t understand either.
“Some day, will I also be able to make something like this, I wonder?”
While thinking about that and looking up, her foot caught on something by accident.
And she fell over. Into the Warp Gate in front of her.

All Jin’s Warp Gates required verification of his Magic Energy Pattern.
And on Elsa’s chest was the brooch she had received from Jin.
Yes, back when Elsa had disappeared, Laojin (back then called Laozi) had searched for it using the Magi Radar.
In other words, Elsa was recognized and ended up warping unassistedly.
Some ten seconds after that was when Reiko came back.

*   *   *

After hearing from Reiko that Elsa had disappeared, Jin hurried to the Warp Gate room.
“Just in case, please investigate the other rooms.”
“Yes, I’ll command the maids to do so.”
Jin then looked around in the Warp Gate room. The most likely possibility seemed to be that she had accidentally warped using a Warp Gate, but how did she pass the Magic Energy pattern authentication?
He left that question for later and went around investigating the Warp Gates, but found no clues.
Warp Gates produced no heat when running, as they were Magic Energy self-sufficient models there wasn’t a decrease in Magic Energy or anything like that either.
“Hmm, if there only was a Warp Gate activation counter or something I could immediately tell which one she warped with.”
Jin grumbled, but it was too late for that now.
Before long, a report came from the maid golems stating that Elsa wasn’t inside the research facility or in a 50 meter radius surrounding it.
“Argh, if only I had recorded not just Reinhardt’s but Elsa’s Magic Energy too for a situation like this!”
“Father, please calm down.”
“Master, I heard something has happened.”
Reiko calmed him down, then Ann came along.
“Let’s put together and think about what we know so far. The likeliest possibility is she accidentally warped using a Warp Gate. But where?”
Ann thought logically and advised Jin.
“Ah, that’s right. First, Kunlun Island. I tried silently asking the maid golems there but she hasn’t come back. In that case, the Warp Gate next to it is very likely.”
That was the Warp Gate that went to Port Rock.
“Could you try contacting Cattleya and Lotus who are following Marcia, Reiko?”
And in this way Jin and the rest searched for Elsa.

*   *   *

While in her fallen-down pose, Elsa appeared in a different Warp Gate.
“Where, is this?”
Unless she exited the Warp Gate temporarily she couldn’t return. If it wasn’t like that, then if one was slow in getting out of the Warp Gate one might get sent back to the original location.
Elsa slowly got up and exited the Warp Gate.
She was in an unexpectedly large room similar to a basement. There was a dim light, probably coming from Magi Lamps somewhere.
Using that light to scope her surroundings, Elsa saw that there was nothing but the Warp Gate she had just exited from in the room.
She knew that if she went in it she would likely return back to the Warp Gate where she came from. Therefore she wasn’t very worried under the circumstances.
At the side of the basement there were stairs. She was just a little interested. Elsa thought that since Jin had set up this place, it shouldn’t be a very dangerous place.
If she returned now she would surely be scolded. If she was going to be scolded no matter what, then, as if her former tomboyishness resurfaced, she walked towards the stairs.
On top of the stairs there was a simple door. She tried gently opening it and outside it was still daytime. Although on Hourai Island it was already the evening.
Finding that mysterious, Elsa walked out without noticing. She was in an empty meadow, near which a large river flowed.
One step, two steps, Elsa moved her feet towards the river. For some reason or another she wanted to go there, but just before reaching it changed her mind.
“If I don’t go back now they’ll get angry.”
Elsa felt guilty thinking of how by now Reiko had probably come back, found she wasn’t there and how they must be looking for her right now. She turned to rush to return, but then was shocked.
“There’s no… door.”
The door from which she surely exited just now was nowhere to be seen. Even though the door she came out of was supposed to be around the small dirt hill, no matter where she looked that door wasn’t there.
In a panic she tried looking for it by placing her hands on the ground and patting around the area, but there was no sensation of anything like a door.
“…No way.”
Elsa groped around some more. Her hands and knees became covered in mud, but she didn’t have the mindset to care about that right now.
After doing that for half an hour, she even lost track of the original location. All she could see were her own footprints. You could no longer tell where they began.
“What now…”
When she had been kidnapped Jin had tracked her down. He would look for her again, right? But supposing he got angry from her using the Warp Gate at her own convenience, he might not look for her.
“I’m… sorry…”
Unintentionally coming to a pessimistic conclusion Elsa became disheartened and wanted to cry, but at that moment.
“Onee-chan, who are you?”
Someone called out to her from behind.
Elsa looked and saw a girl eight or nine years old. She had slightly dazzling braided blond hair and was holding a basket with wild herbs in it.
“Where did you come from?”
Being asked once again Elsa pulled herself together and replied.
“I’m, Elsa. Where I came from, I don’t know.”
Then the girl said,
“Hm? So a lost child?”
Elsa replied with a nod.
“Is that right? Then follow me. Let’s try going to the chief-san’s place.”
The girl said and began slowly walking. With nothing else to do, Elsa followed the child.
Soon after following her they reached a small village. Stakes had been pushed into the ground around it to make a simple fence.
“Elsa onee-chan, over here.”
While holding the basket the girl kept walking on a road to the center of the village. Elsa who had stopped walking to look around quickly went after her.
There were curious things Elsa had never seen before here and there. One of them was something which looked to be made out of bronze that had a simple roof over it, and judging from how its surroundings were wet it was a place related to water.
She was interested in what it was, but the first priority was herself. Elsa followed the girl while matching her pace.
“This is chief-san’s house.”
The girl stopped in front a building that was slightly finer compared to the other houses and said.
The girl raised her voice to reach beyond the door.
After a brief while the door opened and a young woman appeared. She was probably around the same age as Elsa was. However, one part of her was overwhelmingly more grown up.
“Oh my, what’s wrong? Uncle hasn’t come back yet. He’s perhaps making the rounds around the fields, I think.”
The woman said, then the girl pointed at Elsa and spoke.
“Is that right? You know, this onee-chan, she’s a lost child.”
“A lost child?”
The woman looked a little puzzled and turned to ask Elsa.
“Is that so? Ah, I’m Barbara. I’m the niece of the village chief Gheebeck.”
“I’m, Elsa.”
“Elsa-san, is it. Where did you come from? It doesn’t look like you’ve got any luggage…”
When asked Elsa nearly reflexively said Kunlun Island, but quickly held her tongue regarding that.
“I don’t know. I found myself here before I knew it. Then I met this girl.
Barbara tilted her head after hearing that and,
“What a curious tale, isn’t it. Well, such things happen too.”
She didn’t appear to consider it doubtful. She then looked up at the sky and,
“It’ll soon get dark, so if you’d like you’re welcome to stay at our house.”
She said, inviting Elsa. Elsa looked that the sky which had become dim and decided to accept the offer.
“Thank you. I’m very grateful.”
With that Barbara spoke to the girl.
“Good job, Hannah-chan. We’ll care for Elsa-san so there’s no need to worry.”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 11

09-11 Again, Elsa Disappears

The conversation between Laojin and Reiko continued.
“So, just we aren’t enough to persuade My Lord, right?”
“That’s correct. After all we’re something Father created, unfortunately we have to accept we don’t have that much influence.”
Both parties seemed to be of one mind.
“So, what are we going to do?”
Laojin asked Reiko.
“I’m reluctant to do this, but let us ask Elsa-san.”
Reiko replied. Looking at her frown, it was a rather difficult decision for Reiko.
“In that case, Reiko-san, please bring Elsa-san from Kunlun Island along with you.”
“Got it. Take care of Father in the meanwhile.”
After exchanging such a conversation, Reiko warped to Kunlun Island by herself.
“Good day.”
Reiko called out to them and she entered the large guesthouse where Elsa and company were. It was Jin’s property in the first place so she had no need to hold back, but she was being polite.
“Hello. …Oh my, Reiko-san?”
Mine came and looked a little surprised.
“Hello. As a matter of fact, I have a request regarding Father that I’d like to ask Elsa-san about.”
“Me? What?”
Elsa turned up from behind Mine.
Reiko explained Jin’s current state to the two. Elsa and Mine quietly listened. About how he was attempting to oppose the Unifilers. About how he was conscious of the war. About how he was worried about what he could do…
“He does not seem as happy as before. I am worried about that.”
Reiko concluded and brought the explanation to a finish.
The two stayed silent for a while, and the first one to open her mouth was Mine.
“Jin-sama has, because of what happened to Elsa and then Reinhardt-sama, a grudge with the Unifilers it seems.”
“To be frank, I’m happy that he’s doing it for me. But I wish Jin-nii didn’t push himself too hard.”
Elsa also gave her opinion. Mine continued.
“Surely Jin-sama is losing his composure because he’s chasing after too many things at once, don’t you think?”
Elsa also shared that view.
“I think so too. This too, and that too, I feel like he’s coveting for too many things like that.”
Reiko took some time to think about it, and she got the feeling that what the two said was probably right.
“So, what do you think we should do?”
That was the thing Reiko wanted to know the most.
“He needs a break, don’t you think?”
The one who replied was Mine.
“A break, is it…”
Reiko mumblingly parroted her words, but she seemed to think that was a good idea.
“So, how should I have Father take a break then, I wonder?”
Reiko couldn’t come up with anything.
This time the one who replied was Elsa.
“As long as it’s something fun, I think it’ll be enough.”
“Something fun, is it…”
Once more Reiko could do nothing but mumblingly parrot the words. She appeared to be a little sad. She was probably feeling disappointed as she couldn’t think of that herself.
“In that case, won’t you please ask Father, Elsa-san?”
“Yes. If rather than me Elsa-san asks, then surely Father will have more of a change of pace.”
Elsa sympathized with Reiko’s slightly sad feel and nodded.
“Mm. If you’re fine with me. Please wait a moment.”
Elsa said and went to adjust her clothes. Mine who was left behind said,
“Reiko-san, I think it’s also fine to go somewhere where Jin-sama can feel at ease.”
She gave Reiko her own opinion.
“Somewhere he can feel at ease, is it.”
After hearing that, Reiko thought what could a place where Jin felt at ease be. But before she could finish that thought Elsa came back.
“Sorry for the wait.”
Elsa’s outfit consisted of a deep blue long skirt, a white blouse with a light blue scarf, and the brooch she got from Jin.
For now they were the best clothes Elsa had.
“Mother, see you later.”
“See you.”
After a simple exchange, Elsa used the Warp gate with Reiko.
Once they appeared in the Warp Gate room on the first floor, she was led to the workshop by Reiko.
It was the first time Elsa was in this workshop, and she was curiously looking around at everything.
Back at the workshop, Jin was giving instructions to Laojin who assisted him. Once he noticed that not only Reiko but Elsa too entered the room, he was surprised.
“…And that’s how it is, can I leave the preparations to you, Laojin?”
“Yes, certainly.”
After finishing instructing Laojin, Jin was flustered, turned to Elsa, and,
“Elsa, what’s the matter?”
He asked. Elsa replied immediately as if she had already thought of a reply.
“Teach Magi Engineering to me, too. Ah, Jin-nii called it, Magi Craft, right?”
“To you, Elsa? Magi Craft?”
“Yes. I want to try. Can’t I?”
Head tilted a little down Elsa asked with upturned eyes. Jin was weak to requests from his family.
He hesitated a little, but soon agreed,
“Fine, I’ll teach you.”
He replied.
“Can’t wait.”
Elsa said, also delighted.
Reiko who was watching them from the side thought,
(Come to think of it, some time ago Father did mutter something about that…)

*   *   *

“Yes. That’s the standard way to use Magic Energy.”
Jin’s coaching began immediately. Beginning with how to use Craft Magic.
Normal magic did most of its work outside, but Craft Magic did most of its work inside the material.
In other words, instead of seeing it by sight it was necessary to sense the Magic Energy.
Jin began from having her comprehend that difference.
“Aww, it’s hard.”
“Keep it up. Because once you can do this the rest will become easier.”
It was indeed a sight exactly like a brother teaching his little sister. A heartwarming sight.
By now, worries about new weapons, military preparations, and such had disappeared from Jin’s mind.

*   *   *

In the end, Jin’s coaching of Craft Magic to Elsa continued until it was around two hours to dusk.
As a result, Elsa became somewhat able to handle and sense Magic Energy, and also learned the basics of the Craft Magic spells [Softening] and [Forming].
[Softening] in particular was very profound with Jin being able to even make figurines using it, but the best Elsa could make was something like a cup.
“This, is interesting.”
Even so, using the memorized spells of [Softening] and [Forming], Elsa was playing with a lump of copper kneading it like clay.
Seeing Elsa who said so and smiled Jin couldn’t help but smile himself too.
Seeing that Reiko felt relieved. And then she neared the two and informed them of the time.
“Father, Elsa-san, it’s already 5 o’clock. It’s about time to wrap up.”
“Ah, it’s already so late, huh.”
“Time flies when you’re having fun, no?”
And so Elsa decided to return to Kunlun Island for the day.
“Well then, see you tomorrow. Shall we return here to continue from where we left off tomorrow after lunch?”
“Mm, Jin-nii. I’m looking forward to it.”
Reiko and Elsa then headed for the Warp Gate room on the first floor together.
“Elsa-san, thank you for today.”
Reiko said and,
“No problem, I had fun too. Looking forward to tomorrow.”
Elsa replied.
They soon arrived in the Warp Gate room. At that moment Reiko received a call from Jin through her internal ManaCom.
“Reiko, I forgot I had something to give to Elsa. Please come here to pick it up.”
Reiko then said,
“Elsa-san, Father contacted me and said he has something to give to you, so I’ll quickly go get it. I’ll be back soon so please wait here.”
“Mm, got it.”
Reiko then hurried back to where Jin was.
“Ah, Reiko, sorry for calling you back.”
“No problem, what would you like me to do?”
“Yeah, I was thinking about giving this to Elsa. Well, I could do it lunch tomorrow too but since she’s here I wanted to give it to her early.”
Jin said and held out a bracelet.
“It’s a bracelet to protect Elsa from her excessive Magic Energy disorder. It has the effect of converting surplus Mana to Ether and storing it.”
It would be far simpler to release it into the air instead of storing it, but as Jin thought it was a waste he had the bracelet store the surplus Magic Energy.
Despite being busy he hadn’t forgotten about Elsa’s illness.
“Well, she’s with Mine now so it’s not really necessary but.”
Mine had been the most worried about separating from Elsa who would end up damaging herself, but looking at the two lately the situation had seemed alright to Jin.
Because of that whenever he had spare time he had worked on it, and before he knew it he had recently finished it.
“I understand. I’ll go give it to her.”
By all rights Elsa would’ve been happier if Jin gave it to her but, after all as a simple enjineer he didn’t realize it.
And thus Reiko went to the Warp Gate room on the first floor with the bracelet.
And no sooner than that, she came back and reported with a concerned voice.
“Father, Elsa-san has disappeared.”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 10

09-10 From One Thing to Another

After returning from Kunlun Island to Hourai Island, Jin was thinking about Fritz.
“Master, the prototype Magi Jammer is complete.”
Then Ann came along to inform him. Jin changed his focus.
“Alright, let’s test it at once. Let’s see. Reiko, sorry but could you be the test subject?”
“Yes, gladly.”
And so they tried pointing the Magi Jammer at Reiko and activating it.
Its shape was roughly that of a cube, with one of the sides having a sort of a parabolic generator device attached to it.
“How is it?”
“I do not feel anything in particular.”
As it interfered only with casting, Automata like Reiko or golems like the SP weren’t affected movementwise.
“Alright, in that case try using some magic please. I suppose something like a [Light Ball] would do.”
He chose a magic with no attack component, namely the [Light Ball].
“Yes. …[Light Ball]. …Father, I cannot cast it.”
“Alright, it’s a success!”
Despite reciting the chant, the accompanying Trigger’s Magic Energy completely vanished like mist. Therefore no magical phenomenon got cast.
Jin and Reiko together with Ann examined the effective range.
They found that apparently the effectiveness rapidly decreased with distance. The effectiveness was approximately inversely proportional to the cube of the distance.
They wanted to increase the current output by 50 times to make it useful for practical use.
“Hmm, I wonder if it’s the effect of the Ether in the atmosphere? It’s difficult to make a large-scale one…”
Because the jammer would be useless if it wasn’t active continuously, its Magic Energy consumption was also large. The effect of the prototype cube with edges about 30 centimeters long had a maximum range of ten meters at a 60-degree angle.
“Seems like the range would be too low even if loaded onto a Falcon or something and used from the air.”
If it flew 10 meters above ground it would work fine, but that would cause many other problems.
“What’s the next step…”
Jin was thinking.
“Even if it was used intermittently…”
Suddenly he realized it.
“That’s it! Intermittently!”
“Reiko, Ann, please give me the prototype.”
Jin rewrote a part of Control Core that managed the generator device. Simultaneously he thoroughly re-examined the Magi Formula and attempted optimizations.
“Alright, let’s try testing it now.”
And the test’s results. The effective range became two times larger than just now.
“It works!”
“Father, what did you do? I understood that you optimized the Magi Formula, but…”
Reiko asked, and Jin explained.
“Yeah. I made it run ‘intermittently’ and I used the Magic Energy saved doing that to increase the output. It seems to have a synergistic effect.”
Basically, it was made to run for 0.2 seconds and then rest for 0.4 seconds so the consumption was be reduced to a third. And that portion was used to increase the output when it was running.
0.2 seconds was plenty enough for the jammer to work, and the stop time of 0.4 seconds wasn’t enough for anyone to completely finish a chant, that’s gist of it.
In addition, inserting pause times allowed for increasing the running output. You could maybe compare it to electric current which can momentarily surpass the rated value of a resistor.
“As expected of Father.”
“Master, that’s amazing!”
Reiko and Ann praised Jin highly.
“Alright, with this the prototype Magi Jammer is alright. Let’s entrust the development of this thing too to Laojin and the Smiths. They can determine the optimal intermittent timing.”
As he had built the Smiths, Jin’s responsibilities were substantially reduced. Accordingly Jin could devote himself to research. Right now time was precious.

“Alright, now let’s think of methods to dispel spells like [Hypno] and [Seduce].”
Jin thought that this was the most important thing right now. Supposing that Elsa’s elder brother Fritz was affected by [Seduce].
No, beyond that, what if the leaders of the countries currently causing war were affected? The Unifilers were liable to do that much.
Jin was urgently thinking about what measures to take against hypnotic magic. For that, Ann’s knowledge was vital.
“Ann, what do you think? Can you think of any dispelling methods?”
“Yes. To put it in a single word, it’s a ‘shock’, but…”
“As before, huh…”
The weak thunder-type magic [Stun] did dispel the spell from Rucall whom he met at the ancient ruins.
He said that to Ann then,
“Master, that wasn’t [Stun], that was [Shock].”
She gave a reply.
“It was identical to the lightning-type magic [Shock] developed before the Great Magic War.”
“I-is that so.”
Thinking about it, because he had analyzed and put to use the Rod of Paralysis Beana had used, it wasn’t strange that there was another magic that was used as its model.
“There is another magic known as [Paralyze].”
As Ann said something very curious, Jin’s interest shifted there.
“It’s a weak lightning attack with a peculiar waveform. The waveform is…”
Most likely it was a magic that had the effect of paralyzing the nerves. That was Jin’s guess.
“I see. Not just the waveform, the intensity too is important after all. But it doesn’t seem difficult to use.”
For Jin, it was simple to use it to make a Paralyzer.
It was in the shape of a pistol, and shot out a lightning attack at the pull of the trigger. The reason it could transmit through air to reach the opponent despite the voltage being low it was likely because of magic.
He made it able to switch between emitting short shocks and continuous shocks. Like this it would be effective even against large crowds.
However, on Hourai Island this weapon wouldn’t be effective against anyone but Jin. Because Reiko and the golems wouldn’t be paralyzed by it.
But as there was no way he’d test it on himself, he postponed the test firing until the time he once more confronted the Unifilers.
For the time being he also made ones for Reiko and his private SP golems, and decided to have them test it if the occasion rises.

“Alright, now let’s once again build a device that dispels hypnosis using [Shock].”
He began writing the Magi Formula for the [Shock] magic which too was in Ann’s memories.
“But this really is quick to do with a model to follow, huh.”
It’d be quick even without one, but no one told him so.
In under 30 minutes the prototype was completed. Its shape was the same as that of the Paralyzer. Sometime in the future he’d probably make something that could swap between [Paralysis] and [Shock].
“There’s no one to try this on either, huh.”
And so he decided to leave the inspection of this too to Laojin.

Then Jin started considering methods of the Titans’ deployment.
The Titans were most suitable for demonstrations of force, but their weakness was that carrying them out from Hourai Island took too much time.
For example, the place where the current conflict lies is about 600 kilometers away, and going there even on Falcon-1 would take an hour. Maybe he could make this take around ten minutes instead, Jin set his goals.
And that’s where the receiverless Warp Gate would come in.
By sending them out using this, even if there was some measurement error in the location it would be much faster than flying them in all the way from Hourai Island.
However, the problem that they couldn’t come back followed.
And then Jin once more began pondering.

Reiko was a little concerned about Jin as she had a feeling he was in a hurry.
And because of that, leaving thinking to Jin and Ann, she decided to go to the other room to have a discussion with Laojin.
“Reiko-san, what can I do for you?”
“Laojin, I’m a little worried about Father. I feel like he’s been somewhat in a rush these past few days.”
“Indeed. There’s not much of the sense of enjoyment from before, is there?”
“Mh-hm. In my opinion, it’s because of the Unifilers. In addition, I wonder if he’s not fretting over the war.”
“That seems to be the case. I feel that My Lord thinks he must take care of everything by himself.”
“Even though neither the war nor the Unifilers are Father’s responsibility.”
“Because most of My Lord’s knowledge has been transcribed to me I know. My Lord thinks that it is evil to not act when he has the power to.”
“Father is not evil!”
“I think so too. But My Lord really worries about that.”
“What do you think we should do?”
“Thinking about it normally, if both the war and the Unifilers were to disappear My Lord’s worries would disappear too.”
“I see, that’s indeed true.”
“Having said that, even if for instance they were annihilated using [Laser] My Lord would probably not be happy.”
“Certainly…On the contrary, Father’s worries would increase.”
“Difficult, isn’t it.”

The faithful subordinates, nay, the children had such a discussion without Jin knowing it. He had finally thought about ways to make use of the Titans, and now on top of that was considering how to execute those plans in practice.

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