Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 17

07-17 Birthday

While they were waiting for Rucall to come to, Jin turned to face Reiko and,
“Reiko, you knew what Ann was going to say?”
He asked. Just now, she had explained instead of Ann whose speech device had a defect.
“Yes, Father. This girl is something like a cousin to me so with Magic Energy synchronization she could speak by proxy.”
“A cousin?”
Jin didn’t really understand what she meant.
“Yes. She and I share the same baseline design. I think it is likely that her design’s foundation is of the same family as that which Mother used. That’s why I can feel the Magic Energy waves and speak for her by just touching her like this.”
Maybe it would be fine to think of it as like two radios with nearly the same frequencies catching each other’s signal. At any rate, it turns out it’s possible for Reiko to talk for Ann. Maybe because of this she wasn’t especially jealous towards Ann, which had Jin feeling relieved.
“Hmm, I see.”
Jin was satisfied, but question marks still floated above Reinhardt’s head.
“Jin, what does that mean? Please explain it so that I can understand too.”
Jin apologized to Reinhardt.
“Oh, sorry Reinhardt. It’s supposition but, this Ann and Reiko have the same design. Of course the details differ, but the foundation is the same. That’s why she could be said to be Reiko’s cousin.”
“Hmm, in that case is Reiko-ch… Miss Reiko built according to ancient designs like her?”
Jin tried to remember just how he had explained Reiko to Reinhardt, but, he couldn’t remember. He had the hunch that he had told to Beana she was an Artifact Jin had found, but he felt somehow hazy about what he had told Reinhardt.
“Yeah. Originally Reiko was an Artifact-class Automata, but when I found her she was pretty damaged. And so, while keeping the design as it was, I rebuilt her using new materials and that’s the current Reiko.”
Explaining it like that apparently satisfied Reinhardt, as he nodded his head on a grand scale multiple times and said,
“I see, now I understand better. I can also understand why Reiko-ch…Miss Reiko has such a high power.”
“Reinhardt, you don’t have to call her a ‘miss’ after all this time. Right, Reiko?”
There was a slight delay, but as it was Jin’s instructions and she didn’t feel particularly animous towards Reinhardt either Reiko agreed.
“Is that so, thanks, Reiko-chan.”
“…No problem.”
“Ann, I’ll give you maintenance later.”
“Y. es. Th. Ank y. Ou v. Ery Muc. H.”
During their bustling, the fainted Rucall made a slight movement. The first one to notice was Reinhardt.
“Hey, you awake?”
Reinhardt tried giving Rucall a few light slaps on his cheeks, and finally he opened his eyes.
“Ugh…Where is this?”
“We’re inside the ancient ruins.”
“Ancient ruins?”
It appeared that a part of his memory had vanished, and so as the representative Reinhardt explained the events so far to him.
“Hmm, something like that… Certainly, I can faintly remember… I think. By the way, could you untie this?”
Rucall said, looking around at his body bound by the robe’s sleeves.
It seemed like he had returned to sanity, and so cautiously they untied the clothes binding him.
“Ohh, that’s more comfortable. Incidentally, you said this is inside ancient ruins?”
“That’s correct.”
“Hmm, I spent who knows how long searching for the secret of the ruins, and you who came here just today found it…I should just retire…”
So docile as if he was a different person from the one who was under the effects of [Hypno], this must’ve been Rucall’s true character.

“Alright, what’re you going to do after this?”
Reinhardt went back to square one. The investigation of the ruins was basically over, and it was past midnight by now.
“I’m a bit tired. I’ll go back to my cabin.”
Rucall told them that he lived in a cabin he had built near the ruins. Jin and Reinhardt also decided to first go back to the carriage and sleep until morning, then when it’s bright outside pay a visit to Rucall’s cabin.
“It would be good if Elsa was still asleep though.”
Reinhardt said. Jin also agreed, thinking that if she woke up and found that the two had disappeared, she would get angry.
And so they quickly returned to the carriage.
The result.
“Reinhardt-sama, Elsa is resting well.”
The two felt relieved. So as not to wake the sleeping Elsa, they both silently entered the carriage, reclined their seats and began to nap.
Reiko and Ann were outside the carriage. Reiko didn’t let down her guard, and Ann too was acting as a sentry with her body’s abnormal condition.

*   *   *

The next morning.
“Leaving me behind you two went to the ancient ruins. You’re both terrible.”
Sure enough, after Elsa had woken up and noticed Ann outside, they ended up having to explain just where she had come from.
“Sorry, Elsa. You looked to be sleeping so well, so I thought it would’ve been rude to wake you up.”
“There could’ve been danger, so I didn’t want to take you to such a place. Please understand, Elsa.”
“I don’t.”
The angry Elsa was unapproachable.
With nothing else to do they decided to first put in order the breakfast preparations.
Using the stove Jin had made they boiled water and made soup. By dipping sliced bread in the soup it became a simple breakfast.
Because they hadn’t expected that the village would be this empty, the soup was thin but there was nothing to do about it.
“Well, this is good too once in a while.”
While saying so Reinhardt glimpsed at Elsa’s direction, but her mood didn’t seem to have improved.
Considering the atmosphere, Reiko dropped a bombshell announcement of sorts.
“Father, isn’t today your birthday?”
“I-is that how it was?”
Remarked Elsa, Reinhardt and Jin, in that order.
“Yes. There is no doubt that Father’s birthday is today, on the first of April.”
Jin’s information which he had copied to Reiko included his birthday.
By coincidence, the day Jin was summoned to this world was also the same first of April. It was Jin’s birthday in two ways.
“Aah, I’m 21 too now, huh.”
It had also now been a whole year since Jin came to this world.
“I-is that so. Jin, today, let’s go back to Yada Village and celebrate.
Reinhardt said, looking disconcerted.
“No, it’s fine, I’m already 21 so.”
But Jin didn’t look particularly happy.
“Don’t mind that. It’s the day to celebrate the day Jin-kun was born. That’s a very important day.”
Elsa said.
Elsa was supposed to be angry, but after hearing today was Jin’s birthday she seemed to have inadvertently forgotten about it.
“I-I guess so.”
In the first place, Jin who was from an orphanage had birthday parties until the end of his lower grades of primary school. After that he was on the side of those who threw the parties.
And so, Jin who wasn’t used to being celebrated could only hide his embarassment.

First of all, they were going to visit Rucall’s cabin, and after talking return to Yada Village, and this time they left together with Elsa.
En route, there was a great sound as if something something was broken, after which it once more became silent.
“What could’ve that been, just now?”
“I don’t know. Reiko, don’t lower your guard.”
For now Jin gave Reiko orders, and while wary of their surroundings they moved towards Rucall’s cabin.
That cabin was 50 meters away from the ruins along the cliff in a sunken place.

“What is this?”
The cabin was crushed as if it had been trampled on by a giant foot.
Rucall was nowhere to be seen. Was he crushed along with the cabin, or did he escape? As they couldn’t see any blood, they preferred to think he had managed to escape.
“At any rate, nothing we can do about something like this.”
“You’re right, shall we go back to the carriage for now?”
While feeling not quite alright, Jin’s group returned to the carriage, told about it to Ann and the bulter Claude, and tried hearing their opinions.
Thereupon Ann made an outrageous statement.
“Sure. Ly thi. S Ca. N’t me. An that. The Gigantes. Is. Ta. King a. Ction?”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 16

07-16 Blue-haired Ann

The ancient Automata came to life and spoke. In other words, they were witnessing history, but.
“Mig. Ht. You. Be M. Y mast. Er? My. Na. Me. Is. Ann.”
The Automata knew her name was Ann, but regarding anything other than that,
“My. Apologies bu. T I. Do not. Have any. Other. Infor. Mation.”
She unfortunately said. As expected, even the Automata must’ve had her important information erased. It was an obvious measure against the possibility of capture by the enemy.
“Hmm, looks like there’s nothing more to see here.”
Reinhardt concluded after investigating the room where the golems were.
“And so, what are you going to do about these golems and that Automata?”
At that moment, a voice could be heard from the passage they had come through.
“Hoh, hohahahahaha! Extraordinary! Most extraordinary! Good work, and thank you!”
It was the self-proclaimed archeologist they had met during the day, Rucall.
“Rucall! Why are you here!”
Reinhardt asked and Rucall laughed again.
“Hahaha, didn’t I tell you I’m investigating these ruins? For the sake of the Unifilers!”
“The Unifilers!”
It turned out that Rucall was an underling of the Unifilers.
“During the day, I thought you weren’t ordinary people, so I sent a report by pigeon. Then in the evening, a reply arrived. To my surprise, Reinhardt and Jin, you’re the two talented people we Unifilers have our eyes on, aren’t you!”
In his excitement Rucall fluently talked on and on.
“Shouldn’t I then loyally offer this finding, along with you two to the Unifilers! Uhahahahaha!”
Rucall let out a laugh like he had gone mad.

Then, Jin felt a light tug on his sleeve and turned around to look. There was the Automata from just now, Ann.
“Mas. Ter. Tha. T per. Son’s. Stra. Nge st. Ate is…”
It was hard to comprehend and her voice was low, but Jin listened carefully to what Ann had to say.
“I see. It’s good that you told me. Thanks, Ann.”
Even after Jin finished listening to what Ann had to say, Rucall was still hooting and hollering while laughing.
“Uhahahahaha! Come on, you both, won’t you come with me!”
Jin only had a single thing to say to Rucall.
“Make me.”
To Jin’s cold reply, as you’d expect Rucall stopped smiling and had astrange look on his face.
“What, did you say?”
“I said make me, you fanatic.”
Jin went even further.
“Unifilers? You really think you can do such a thing? In that case you aren’t even a fanatic. Just an idiot.”
After Jin went that far, Rucall’s face turned bright red and he flew into a rage.
“Wha-wha-wha-what are you saying? You bastard, do you even understand what you’re talking about?”
Jin said indifferently,
“Unifying the continent, right? In the first place, Dinar Kingdom’s rule extended over just a part of the continent at its most. And even thought because of the population shortage it then couldn’t maintain itself, collapsed and turned into smaller nations, you say you want to unify the country into a one similar to that time’s with force? You make me laugh. Oh, I suppose Unifilers are then a comedy troupe?”
Even Reinhardt was wide-eyed in shock at the un-Jin-like sharp words, but it goes without saying that Rucall was the one who was most shocked.
“Do you have a poor memory? How many times do I have to say it?”
“You’re making fun of me!”
“Yeah, that I am.”
“D-d-damn you!”
“You’re red like a lobster…Oh, if I say it like that you probably won’t understand. Oh yeah, you’re like a boiling kettle.”
“H-hey, Jin?”
Reinhardt said worriedly as Jin was acting unusual. Jin replied with a low voice.
“Ssh. Wait just a bit longer.”
“Rather than magicians, aren’t Unifilers a group of idioticians?”
“N. Ow.”
At Ann’s mark, Jin fired a spell.
Then Rucall collapsed on the spot.
“Ohh, it should be over now.”
Jin took a breath and Reinhardt asked a question.
“Jin, what was that magic just now?”
“Ah, you mean [Stun]? It’s a magic that, utilizing lightning magic, gives the other party an electric shock for barely an instant, paralyzing them. It’s effective againts human opponents.”
Jin explained and Reinhardt admired,
“Hmm, is that also a benefit from ‘science’? You make me want to take lessons in science from you more and more, Jin.”
“Yeah, when we’ve got the chance.”
Jin had also come to think that way little by little.
“First is this guy.”
Using the fainted Rucall’s own robe they tied him up. They tied him up and Reinhard asked Jin a question seeming marvelled.
“Hey Jin, earlier when you faced this guy you stirred him up a lot, but was there a reason behind that?”
Jin nodded. He then replied to Reinhardt with a question.
“Did you feel that his response was somehow strange?”
“Hm? Yeah, come to think of it. But isn’t that what you’d expect from a religious fanatic?”
Reinhardt replied, but Jin said no.
“Try to remember. Dominique too felt like that when she showed her true colors, right?”
Reinhardt tried recollecting what happened that time. And then he thought that indeed, maybe what they both had in common was their seeming abnormal excitement.
“Well, she did get so upset that I thought it strange.”
He replied and Jin said that’s exactly what he felt like, and nodded.
“Well, I hear that there’s a possibility that that might be because of the influence of [Hypno].”
“What’s [Hypno]?”
It could very well be described as a version of hypnotism magic. But where did Jin get that information, Reinhardt was surely thinking. Then he noticed that the Automata was next to Jin and,
“Could it be, you heard it from that Automata?”
He asked. Jin smiled and replied to confirm.
“Yeah. Ann told me that.”
Ann began to begin the supplementary explanation, or so they thought, when unexpectedly the one who began to speak was Reiko who had moved next to Ann without anyone noticing.
“The magic known as [Hypno] is something that appears to manipulate targeted people as one pleases, but that is not the case.”
It was a detail both Jin and Reinhardt were hearing for the first time.
“In the case of [Hypno], manipulating everything about the target person is impossible. Then speaking of what it is able to do, it can guide the target’s actions. In other words, in Rucall’s case he was made to continue investigating the ruins, see.”
The two reached comprehension then.
“Ah, so that’s why in spite of not having any results, he spent ten years in a place like this.”
Usually, one wouldn’t be in ancient ruins that seemed to hold nothing to find for ten years. The two felt much better knowing the reason for that.
“In addition, having him report to the Unifilers supporting him, that much it can do.”
“I see. So, why did you know he was affected by [Hypno]?”
Reinhardt asked the most pressing question and,
“The person under [Hypno] enters a light state of agitation with things regarding the party who bestowed them with their ‘goal’ and ‘directions’.”
She explained. Indeed, Jin said and nodded once.
“Is that so. Certainly at that time Dominique also felt like that.”
“Rucall wasn’t just in a light state of agitation though.”
There was also a reply to Reinhardt’s doubts.
“It appeared to be the degree of excitement associated with orders instilled forcibly.”
“I see. In that case, doesn’t that mean Rucall wasn’t originally a Unifiler. But why stir him up so much?”
Reinhardt’s question was only natural. At that time even to Jin, Ann had only told him to provocate Rucall. And the answer to that question was,
“That is because if the affected person receives a shock when they have reached their highest state of agitation, they wake up from [Hypno].”
And that was Ann’s explanation conveyed through Reiko.
“You mean that therefore, there’s a possibility that Rucall will wake up from [Hypno] now. Alright, shall we try waiting until he comes to?”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 15

07-15 What Was in the Ancient Ruins

Jin and Reinhardt were in the middle of the pitch black room into which they had broken into.
Jin used light magic as illumination. With that their surroundings became visible.
“What could this place be…”
Reinhardt posed a question.
The room was a bit large, and only a few old-style desks and chairs had been left behind. The design of the desks and chairs resembled the design that Jin’s predecessor used.
“Isn’t this either an office or the control room?”
Jin also had only a guess to go on.
“But there might be a room beyond this one. Let’s search.”
And so, with the exception of the wall they had punched a hole through, they went to investigate the three walls, ceiling, and the floor. This time a passage was soon found. There was a door on the furthest wall of the room. Althought it had been camouflaged so that you couldn’t tell at a glance.
“Should we try going?”
After such a brief exchange, Jin and Reinhardt continued even deeper.
They followed the just unveiled passage for about five meters and there was another door.
“I’ll open it. Jin, you be on your guard.”
Reinhardt said, and as a precaution Jin prepared to fire a spell at any moment.
Then Reinhardt opened the door.
Simultaneously with the door opening the room lit up. It seemed that the room’s magic lamps hadn’t stopped working.
“This is…”
What appeared in front of their eyes were empty bookshelves.
“It’s like a storeroom for documents.”
Reinhardt looked over the bookshelves and said his conclusion.
“These were left behind.”
Only two books, made out of parchment-like paper had been simply closed and left behind on the corners of the shelves.
“Is anything written on them?”
Jin decided to try reading. Jin noticed that these books were written in the characters from an ancient era, and he could read even 1000-year-old magical letters.
For the time being, Jin pretended to read them with difficulty, as explaining how he learned to read this would be difficult.
“Fifth…month….23rd day… The invasion…of the devil race….Decision….made to….abandon…the fort….”
It was a record like a journal. Surely something from the time of the Great Magic War. That’s how Reinhardt thought.
“Documents…weapons…food…taken…out…as much as…we could carry”
Jin read aloud while Reinhardt nodded, and he analyzed it.
“I see, so there were too many places to guard from the devil race’s invasion, and this fort was abandoned, is that it? And in so doing, they took out everything important.”
“Just…in case…the hall…of…the Warp Gate…was…covered up”
“Oh, so the ones who hid this were from our side. Conversely now we had trouble finding it though.”
Like Reinhardt said, although the Warp Gate was buried, the future descendants of the same side first digging it up was an ironic tale.
Jin closed the record and,
“Well, nothing important has been written down, really.”
He said, but Reinhardt shook his head and,
“No, It’s a document that approaches the truth of the Great Magic War, even if it’s just a bit. Let’s take it and go.”
Reinhardt said. Taking documents like this from a foreign country’s historic ruins was surely practically a criminal act, but they told themselves that it was preferable to having it fall into the hands of the Unifilers.
“There’s also the option of sending it to King Egelia after translating it.”
While thinking so, Reinhardt put the documents in his pocket.

“Now then, in that case the armory is most likely empty, don’t you agree? Well, let’s just try looking around there too.”
Beyond the storeroom for documents there seemed to be the armory. If you ask why Jin knew that, it’s because that was written on the door.
Because the door had become ancient, or maybe because it had been locked from the inside, in any case no matter how much Jin and Reinhardt pulled the door didn’t open.
As a last resort, Jin called out to Reiko.
Reiko who heard Jin’s voice immediately came.
“Yes, Father.”
“Try opening this door, please.”
Reiko promptly pushed on the door, and forced it open in one go. The hinges creaked but somehow didn’t break in the end.
“This is…”
The door was opened, and ahead were a number of unmoving golems stretched about. Dust had piled up, and both Jin and Reinhardt covered their nose and mouth with a handkerchief.
“Battle-type golems? No, they’re simple household golems.
Jin examined the unmoving golems, and judged them to be not golems for battle but for household chores.
“Five golems, huh. Doesn’t look like anything in particular is broken though.
Reinhardt also leaned over to check up on the golems. The magic lamps here were dark, and he couldn’t see well so he didn’t catch the details.
“Feels like they ran out of Magic Energy.”
But Jin refuted that.
“…No, that’s wrong. Look at this. Come on.”
Jin opened the golem’s chest and showed it. In there, a certain something was missing.
“There’s no…Control Core?”
Reinhardt grasped the situation at a glance, and went to examine the other golems.
“This golem doesn’t have one either.”
“Neither does this.”
The result of Jin’s and Reinhardt’s investigations was that out of the five golems, not a single one had a Control Core.
“It’s impossible that the Control Cores just disappeared. That means that someone disabled these golems, doesn’t it look like that?”
“I wonder. That’s the likeliest possibility though.”
Even Jin didn’t know what the truth was.
“These golems weren’t that important. At least not something they’d take along while evacuating. If that’s the case, it would be better to take only the most important part. …Is the feeling I get.”
Jin agreed with Reinhardt’s conjecture and,
“There might be something about it in the documents from earlier, let’s take a close look after we’ve returned.”
He said in addition. He then heard Reiko’s voice.
“Father, there’s one more in the back.”
Jin shifted his attention to the back of the room Reiko spoke of, and he saw something like a human silhouette in the darkness.
Jin brightened the place up, saw the human shape better. It was an Automata wearing old maid clothes. She had been left alone sitting on the floor. A similar amount of dust as on the golems had accumulated on her.
“An Automata, huh…”
Jin crouched to examine the Automata. He cleaned up the dust using magic.
Her build was that of an adult woman type. The [Magical Skin] used as skin still barely retained its flexibility.
Her hair was dark blue. Maybe the color was different from a human’s on purpose.
“This one has a Control Core!”
Jin who had been investigating yelled out in surprise.
“The reason she isn’t moving…Lack of Magic Energy doesn’t seem likely.”
That’s because this Automata had an Ether Converter installed.
“Oh, I see. She received some kind of an impact, and the Magic Energy links inside snapped.”
At last Jin’s sharp powers of observation discovered the defective part.
“Alright, let’s repair her.”
If he knew where the fault was, there was no damage Jin couldn’t fix.
“[Joint], [Fusion].”
He joined the broken parts of the Magic Energy Circuit together, and mended the Magi Device that had begun disintegrating.
“Alright, [Start-up].”
Then after giving her enough Magic Energy for starting up, the Automata came to life.
While creaking a little, the Automata opened its eyes and stood up.
“Might you. Be the one. Who woke me. Up?”
Maybe the speech mechanism was broken as there were some pauses while the Automata spoke.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 14

07-14 Sneaking Into the Ruins

After that, they had lunch in the carriage. The butler Claude tactfully went outside to eat, and it made Jin feel a bit guilty, but no matter how Jin tried to persuade him he stubbornly didn’t listen and so that’s how things were.
The dinner was bread and fruit prepared beforehand. And then at the critical moment Jin took out his thermos flask.
“Ah, hot. Why?”
Elsa was surprised that the Teee inside the thermos flask had retained its warmth. Jin smiled and,
“That’s something called a ‘thermos flask’.”
He explained.
“Does it use magic?”
Elsa tilted her head and asked.
“No, it keeps the contents warm as if it used magic, but it doesn’t utilize any particular magic. Although I did add [Clean-up]’s Magi Formula to it, but that doesn’t have any connection with the heat insulation.”
“Then, why?”
“Yeah, I’m also interested.”
As not just Elsa but also Reinhardt was interested, Jin adjusted his sitting posture to begin explaining while drinking the Teee.
“This is also something I learned from my teacher, but there’s three ways to transmit heat.”
He began like so. Both Reinhardt and Elsa were listening intently.
“First is conduction. It’s the transfer of temperature between objects.”
“Uh-huh, if I put a metal spoon in hot soup, the handle will soon become hot.”
It seemed that Reinhardt immediately digested it.
“Next is radiation. When you hold a hand out near a fire it gets warmer, right?”
After the question this time Elsa replied.
“Mm. Even from a distance, it’s warm. You say that’s radiation?”
Jin gave a nod to Elsa’s question, and started to speak of the third way.
“The third one is convection. As air or water for example warm up they become lighter and ascend, and as cold air is heavier it comes down. Convection is the repetition of this cycle the air does.”
“I see, so when you heat up a cold room with a fire, and the ceiling is warm while the floor is cold, it’s that.”
Reinhardt said, and Elsa also spoke of her experience.
“A bath. Without stirring it, only the top is hot while the bottom is cold.”
Jin clapped his hands together and,
“That’s right. You two are good, huh.”
He spoke well of them.
“So, this thermos flask, the walls of the container have a hollow structure, and the air inside has been drawn out. Having done that, there’s no way for heat to escape using convection or conduction.”
Jin said, and Reinhardt’s face lit up,
“And so that’s why it doesn’t cool down very much! Amazing, Jin, what’s that discipline called?”
He got somewhat excited.
“It’s ‘science’. It’s the study and attempt of explaining all the phenomena of nature.”
Jin explained, and Elsa gave out a rare smile,
“I see now. One of the reasons Jin-kun is amazing is that he knows this science thing. That’s why all the Magi Tools Jin-kun constructs make sense.”
She said. Jin nodded and,
“Elsa, that’s exactly right. The science I learned from my teacher, they learned from their teacher, who again learned from their teacher, and like that it is the knowledge attained after thousands of years.”
He explained.
“Hmm, I would’ve also liked to be taught by Jin’s teacher!”
Reinhardt said, seeming frustrated. Possibly the reason Reinhardt hadn’t asked prying questions regarding Jin’s teacher was out of consideration for him.

*   *   *

Day turned to night.
The moon that told of was hanging right in the middle of the sky. That meant it was minutes to midnight.
“Now then, shall we go?”
Reinhardt asked in a low voice.
Jin agreed.
Elsa was sleeping on the reclining chair. And so Reinhardt gave orders to the butler Claude.
“Claude, please stay here and watch over Elsa. Me and Jin will go to the ancient ruins.”
“Yes, as you wish.”
Because Reiko followed them as a guard, with Claude there were no worries. Well, and because the SP were guarding the carriage from the shadows.

Although they traveled the road during the day, during the night walking was hard. Even more so as to be safe they were walking without lighting any lamps. Nevertheless, with the guidance of Reiko to whom darkness was irrelevant Jin and Reinhardt could be at ease.
And then at last they arrived at the entrance to the ancient ruins. From inside the light of magic lamps leaked out, likely because the lamps had been left on.
“Reiko, please somehow check that there’s no people inside.”
According to Jin’s instructions, Reiko disappeared using [Stealth] and approached the entrance of the ancient ruins like wind, peeked inside, and returned without making a sound.
Although there was no way Jin or Reinhardt saw this.
“It’s fine, there is no one.”
The two were relieved by the report and again set foot inside the ancient ruins.
“Now then, Jin, where should we start? You’re probably well-informed so I’ll follow your instructions.”
Reinhardt said. Jin lived in a mansion that had a Warp Gate, even though it was small, and for that reason Reinhardt must’ve referred to Jin’s judgment.
After thinking for a bit Jin replied.
“It must be underground. If it’s an important storehouse, surely you’ll build it underground. And I dare say there’s no doubt it’s hidden using concealment magic.”
Reinhardt agreed with that reply, saying,
“That’s most likely the case. But, concealment magic? That’s troublesome.”
But Jin shook his head in denial.
“That only prevents searching through magical means.”
“If there’s a cave on the other side of the wall, the sound it makes when you hit it is different, right?”
“So basically, let’s use [Sonar].”
Jin explained and Reinhardt gave a pat on Jin’s shoulder in praise.
“I see! I didn’t notice that! Let’s try it right now!”
And so Jin and Reinhardt both went to using [Sonar] magic to search the floors and walls.
“Not here…”
When Jin was about to start on the next wall, Reinhardt yelled.
“Jin! Come see this!”
“What’s up, did you find it?”
Jin ran in a hurry to where Reinhardt was.
“Uh-huh. Behind this.”
Then Jin allo tried investigating using [Sonar], and indeed he noticed that on the other side of that wall there was a large cave.
“Having done that, next is how to get to the other side.”
They could use earth magic to dig a hole, but thinking about the future leaving traces behind would be kind of bad.
Eventually, they decided to dig a different hole from outside.
They went outside temporarily. Reiko who had been standing guard accompanied them to a place around fifty meters away.
“Alright, let’s dig around here I guess.”
As there was a protrusion of rock making it hard to see it from outside, they chose that place and finally work began.
Jin dug the hole,
And Reinhardt strengthened the walls to prevent a collapse.
Reiko went out to throw the resulting debris far away.
Like that, after approximately an hour, finally the hole pierced through.
“We did it!”
A large room spread out beyond the hole.
Jin and Reinhardt carefully stepped inside.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 13

07-13 The Secret of the Ancient Ruins

“Jin, what’s wrong?”
Reinhardt who had noticed Jin’s unusual look asked worriedly.
Then, while a single drop of sweat trickled down his forehead,
“This is… a giant Warp Gate.”
He said.
“This, is a Warp Gate?”
Reinhardt and Elsa were surprised, but the most surprised one was Rucall.
“W-w-wha-what! Di-did you call this a Warp Gate? H-how could you tell!?”
His face went red and then blue, but eventually he stammered something out.
“Why you ask…Well, there’s no other answer than because I recognize it.”
Jin who had used Artifacts known as Warp Gates multiple times by now said and dodged the question, but he unmistakably recognized it as a Warp Gate Artifact.
“Uh, mm, I, uh …It took me ten years of investigation before grasping that and you say you saw it at a single glance!? That’s ridiculous!”
“Uh, well, sorry about that.”
Jin apologized to the agitatedly yelling Rucall without really understanding why.
“Oh yeah, look, over there, you see that portion of a magic formation where that paving stone is upturned? Isn’t that evidence of a Warp Gate?”
Jin tried telling him, but Rucall became more deranged.
“As if I’d know! In the first place, there’s no way something like the magic formation used in a Warp Gate would be circulated!”
It looked like saying anything would be pointless by now, so,
“Jin-kun, let’s go.”
Elsa pulled Jin’s sleeve. Jin also thought that it’d be better to leave him like that for now, and left the spot.

“So, you say this is a Warp Gate… It’s huge, isn’t it.”
Reinhardt said in an impressed voice.
“Yeah. Even I didn’t know a Warp Gate could be this big. Well, it looks to be no longer functional though.”
Jin said. However, it seemed that the air conditioning still worked while faulty. Cool in summers and warm in winters. Caverns are like that, sure, but considering a shallow place like this air conditioning just makes sense once you think about it.
While Jin was thinking about things like that, Reinhardt turned to ask him.
“Hey, Jin, what do you think a Warp Gate as large as this was used for?”
“From its size I would say probably transmitting large quantities of goods or crowds of people.”
Reinhardt nodded and,
“I think so too. Isn’t this most likely one of the fortresses from the Great Magic War?”
He spoke of his conjecture. Jin agreed with him too.
“I see, that possibility is very likely…”
Then, Rucall who had recovered cut into the conversation.
“You people! You really think so! That’s the same conclusion I came to after ten years! There’s no mistaking that this is a region’s fortress from the time of the Great Magic War!”
The excited Rucall continued chattering.
“The Great Magic War! That was the battle which the devil race and mankind bet their whole existence on! The devil race was strong, and humans were weak! But, humans didn’t perish. Why do you think that was?”
Rucall asked Jin. Jin replied with a guess.
“Was it the Ether Stampede?”
That appeared to be the correct answer.
“That’s right! Ether Stampede, using that, although temporarily, all the Ether in the atmosphere vanished. The devil race couldn’t keep on living without Ether. However, humans, with the exception of powerful maguses, could live even without Ether.”
When Jin heard that he felt a chill down his spine. Supposing another Ether Stampede happened not Jin, Reinhardt, nor Elsa would likely survive. And Reiko too would probably become unable to operate.
“Was the technique for an Ether Stampede handed down?”
Jin then tried throwing a question like that at him.
“Hm? No, no. Including that, most of the techniques from before the Great Magic War weren’t handed down. And for that reason, I am studying these ancient ruins!”
Jin was relieved for now. There didn’t seem to be an immediate danger. However,
(Maybe it’s better to think about countermeasures against an Ether Stampede.)
Jin thought in his heart.
While Jin was like that, Reinhardt asked him another question.
“Hey, Jin, if this is a fortress, do you think there’s something other than a Warp Gate?”
“Hmm, a commander’s office, living quarters, a sickbay, mess hall, and finally…”
Jin spoke out while thinking, and eventually little hesitantly,
“…An armoury.”
He said.
Reinhardt agreed with what Jin said.
“I think so too. Somewhere in these ruins, I thought, shouldn’t there be hidden weapons from the past.
He continued further.
“If they were to fall into the hands of the ‘Unifilers’, I think that…”
After explaining this far, even Jin understood Reinhardt’s worry.
“That’s certain. It’s fine if there’s none, but if there are any we have to do something about them.”
Jin had the same opinion. He then looked over at a wall and,
“If this is the chamber for the Warp Gate, it’s something like an entrance hall. There must be a basement floor just like this aboveground one. In that case, if there’s a storeroom it must be underground on the same floor or deeper, don’t you think?”
Jin said, and once again Rucall spoke out.
“No no. There’s no other floor or anything like that. Even though I may look like this, I can use a little bit of magic, and I investigated at least that much. But it was useless. There are no other rooms other than this one.”
He said. Jin was going to try to object to that, but on second thoughts he held his tongue. Instead, Reinhardt spoke,
“In that case, it’s fine, isn’t it. Well then, if there’s nothing more to see here, let us go.”
Jin and Elsa were of the same mind, and so the group left the still muttering Rucall behind in the ruins and went out.

Outside, the sunlight was dazzling. The elder who had guided them was not there either.
“Now then, what shall we do until the night?”
Reinhardt asked. Hearing the question, Elsa looked puzzled.
“Eh? Aren’t we going back?”
Jin allayed her worries.
“Well, let’s to the carriage at least. You’ll hear the details inside.”
And so the group lazily walked, and returned to Jin’s carriage. It was the early afternoon, and the spring winds felt pleasant.
“Alright, now let’s explain.”
After returning to the carriage, they sat in the cabin and closed the door.
“Reiko, please keep watch so that people don’t come close.”
“Yes, Father.”
Jin made doubly sure with his precautions, and suggested for Reinhardt to begin explaining.
“Alright. Elsa, earlier, you heard about the Unifilers, right?”
First was the explanation to Elsa.
“The Unifilers scheme to revive Dinar Kingdom. That means those guys surely want lost technology desperately.”
“Mm, I understand.”
Next Jin took over and began to talk.
“If those ancient ruins are the remnants of an old fortress, there’s no way it’s just that room. I can guarantee that.”
“Then, that means, that.”
“Right. An armory surely exists. And past technologies too.”
Then Reinhardt once more took over and began talking.
“By all rights our course of action ought to be to get in touch with the appropriate agencies of Egelia Kingdom and have them investigate, but looking at the present state and how it’s been left as-is for dozens of years, at the very least the lot in Uremlin are entirely incompetent.”
Uremlin was the closest provincial city. Reinhardt knew fairly well what to say and when.
“In addition, that Rucall fellow is suspicious. Way too suspicious. Why would one room like that take ten years?”
Jin had the same opinion. No matter how you look at it it was suspicious. Reinhardt brought it all to a conclusion.
“I thought that for now, we should take measures so that Unifilers can’t benefit from this.”
Jin agreed with that and,
“Yeah. They’re people who would manipulate Reiko and golems made by others. We don’t know what kind of dirty tricks they have. We must go ahead before them on this one, I think.”
He said. Finally, Reinhardt said,
“Moreover, the so-called ancient technologies are also interesting!”
He brought the explanation to an end. After hearing that Elsa felt her shoulders lose strength.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 12

07-12 To the Ancient Ruins

The day Jin’s group would head to Keine Village, the weather had been clear since morning.
As planned, they departed towards Keine Village with Jin’s carriage. The lineup was Jin, Reinhardt, Elsa, and the butler Claude.
Reiko sat in the coachman’s seat.

Just like it had been said, the road was rather poor. It was of course uneven, there were abrupt slopes, places where it got narrower and large rocks were strewn about.
In spite of such a bad road, Jin’s carriage kept going and they arrived in Keine Village before noon.
“We’re early, eh? Just as expected from Jin’s carriage!”
Reinhardt commended the carriage again.
“Alright, now where could the so-called ancient ruins be?”
After parking the carriage in a suitable open space Jin observed the surroundings. This Keine Village had the atmosphere of a deserted mountain village. It was much more declined compared to Kaina Village.
“Are there really something like ruins here?”
If there was such cultural heritage-like thing here wouldn’t it be better for this place to be a little more populous, Jin thought.

“Hey you, you came here to see the ruins, right?”
Jin turned to face the voice, and there stood an old person with a crooked back leaning on a cane. They seemed to be from this village.
“Uh, yeah. The ruins of…Keuwan, was it? Certainly we thought we’d want to have a look.”
Jin explained their reason for coming here and,
“Oh-hoh, I thought so. The ruins, eh. Ya got some strange tastes.”
The elder said with a slight accent and laughed,
“In that case, over here. I got spare time anyways, so I guess I’ll be yer guide.”
They then began to walk towards the mountain.
Jin’s group exchanged glances.
“What do you want to do?”
“Well, how about we try going along?”
“Mm. I think that’s fine.”
“There doesn’t seem to be any danger. I couldn’t feel any bloodlust or ill will from that person.”
Apparently the butler Claude was a top-class swordsman in the past, and he judged the elder to not be a danger.
“Alright, in that case shall we go? Oh yeah, Jin, will the carriage be fine?”
Reinhardt asked worriedly, but Jin just smiled and siad it’ll be fine.
“I locked it, so.”
Far from just a lock, secretly the SP were standing guard so Jin could leave behind the carriage without a worry, but Jin couldn’t say that.

“Oi, what’s wrong?”
The elder at the end of the road turned around and yelled. Jin quickly took out the luggage and,
“Okay, let’s go.”
He began to walk. Reinhardt and the others also started walking. Elsa noticed that Jin curiously had luggage this time so,
“Jin-kun, that, what is it?”
She was interested and asked. Jin replied with a smile.
“This? Various necessities.”
He said and began to explain.
“Light, water, food, and rope are packed in there.”
After that clarification, Claude raised his voice in approval,
“Oh my, Jin-sama has thoroughly prepared, haven’t you. Unlike yesterday’s sightseeing in the mines, ruins receive practically no maintenance, you see. Illumination and water are necessary for sure.”
He said and pointed at his own luggage. Apparently Claude also made his own preparations.
This time for the first time in a while, Reiko was walking by Jin with ‘Peach Blossom’ in hand, as if to prevent being separated.

“You guys, you brought a lot of stuff but there’s no need for something like that.”
The elder who went in front of them absent-mindedly said.
“The ruins aren’t that large, you see. We’ll just take a quick peek inside, and it’ll be over after that.”
“Is that right?”
Jin asked and the elder nodded.
“Yesh. If it were a little more noteworthy there would be a lot more people, see.”
Apparently it would be quite a let-down. But, as they had already troubled themselves they kept carrying the luggage they had.

After ten minutes of walking, they arrived at the face of a huge cliff.
“A cliff…?”
“It seems to be at least a hundred meters tall.”
“The entrance is over there, check it out.”
The elder pointed at the nearby vertical cliff that was all granite, and at its base was the entrance to the ancient ruins.
“There’s no dangers or anything. Sometimes during hot summers we locals go in to cool off.”
The elder’s explanation somewhat dampened their interest, but as the group had come for expressly this, they moved towards the entrance.
“It seems to be somewhat disappointing.”
Reinhardt said but,
“Even so this is my first time in a place like this. Maybe it’ll be unexpectedly interesting once we enter.”
Elsa said. Jin kept walking in silence. Then, Reiko suddenly stopped and grasped Jin’s hand.
“Father, there is someone in the ruins.”
Just like she said, from the entrance of the ruins a single person came out.
“Oh, how curious. Visitors, eh?”
“Oh, teacher, investigating the ruins today too I see.”
This person seemed to be an acquaintance of the elder as they called him teacher. He too was old enough to be called an elder. No hair was found on top of his head, and instead on his chin was a magnificent white beard.
But his back was upright, and from his grey eyes one got an impression of overflowing vitality. He was wearing a white robe-like coat, indeed giving him the atmosphere of a researcher.
“Mh-hm, if I don’t come here once a day I can’t calm down.”
He said, turned to Jin’s group and,
“Young people having an interest in ancient ruins like this makes me the happiest I can be as a researcher. I am Rucall, the town archeologist.”
“I’m Jin. This is Reiko.”
“I’m Reinhardt. And this is Elsa.”
“My name is Claude and I am their butler.”
As the man named Rucall introduced himself, so did Jin’s group introduce themselves and greet him.
“I’ve investigated these ruins for ten years now, but there’s still a very much left that I do not understand. Even so, would you like me to be your guide for a bit?”
Rucall offered. They were honestly thankful to have a person who’s done research on the ruins as a guide rather than just look around aimlessly.
“That’s right, in that case if you would, please.”
Reinhardt acted upon the group’s interests and said.
“Alright, then come this way.”
Rucall led the group to the entrance of the ruins he had just himself left.
The ruins’ entrance was a crack in the cliff’s granite, giving a really rather weathered and crumbling sensation, but after stepping inside that impression was blown away.

“Wha…What is this?”
It was a wide room with many chairs, benches, and beds. Scattered around were piles of trash.
“Hahaha, you must be surprised. This was originally a wide empty room, but as this place is cool in the summers and warm in the winters, the locals started using this place for summering and wintering. And because of that the condition is like this.”
Rucall explained. Likely for that reason magic lamps were set up here and there, and although it wasn’t as bright as during the day, it was still plenty bright.
“Oh, so that’s how it was.”
“It was so sudden, so I got surprised.”
After Rucall’s explanation Reinhardt and Elsa laughed and said, while only Jin had a frown on his face.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 7 Chapter 11

07-11 Side Story 6: The Melancholy of King Egelia

The king of Egelia Kingdom, Harold Ruan Autocracy=Egelia was melancholic.
“King, what shall we do now?”
The Minister of Financial Affairs, Baloroot, asked while casting his tired eyes on some documents he had in his hands.
“The national budget of about three years disappeared, huh.”
Finally the settlement of affairs after the incident of the golem party from some days ago was over.
The restoration of the broken castle, replacement of the destroyed golems (mostly by Reiko), the countermeasures for the new golems, the consolation money for domestic and foreign guests… No matter how much gold you had it wasn’t enough for the situation.
And on top of that,
“Father, good morning.”
“Your Highness, good morning.”
The business with the third prince Ernest. Today too he was accompanied by his favorite maid golem, Lotte.

The third prince of Egelia Kingdom, Ernest, was not the child of King Egelia’s princess consort, but one born of a mistress. Therefore his right of succession to the throne was after the uncle who was the King’s younger brother.
However, the prince in question absolutely did not care about it, and grew up wild and uncontrolled. As a father, seeing that was sweet, but as a king that was honestly speaking a headache.

“Mmh, morning. Ernest, do you have any plans for today?”
“Yes, Father. Studies of science and good manners in the morning, and practice of horseriding and fencing in the afternoon.”
“Is that so, keep it up.”
The busy king exchanged few short words with his beloved son, and then went back to his official duties.
“There was also Lotte and the business with that carriage, wasn’t there.”
The king once again remembered the cause of his headache.
They had begun compensating for the labor shortage by means of golems 12 years ago. After Prince Ernest was born, in practically no time all of his retainers except for his wet nurse had been replaced with golems.
It was the most important necessity that the people who took care of the members of royal family could be trusted. People like that were few, so the other princes, the king, and the queen took precedence.
You could say that it was just inevitable that Prince Ernest who was fourth in line for the throne was put on the back burner.
As a consequence, Prince Ernest turned out to be fond of golems.
“But he’s still the best-qualified of them all.”
The first prince was too soft-hearted and couldn’t be depended on, the second prince was quick to fight, and not suitable for politics. His younger brother would make for a decent king, he thought, but as a parent the current king wanted to have one of his own children who shared his blood to inherit the throne, that was simply human nature.
Prince Ernest’s intelligence and personality both were good. He was also liked by the knights and soldiers around him.
Currently, because of his lineage and age he could only be bestowed the right of succession, not chosen as the crown prince. When Prince Ernest turned 15, the King was planning to ascertain the talents of all of his children and then name the crown prince.
“…If he just wasn’t too attached to that golem.”
A king’s foremost responsibility was the preservation of the family line. The thing most to be avoided was internal squabbles over succession. Although Prince Ernest was of the king’s own seed, right now he was worried about the prince’s future.
“I’ve heard that there is a woman who was the model for Lotte, but even though she’s a commoner, she’s the fiancee of Earl Kuzuma.”
As the prince was 13 years old, there was no end to guessing how serious he was, but the King had heard Prince Ernest had suddenly proposed to the girl called Beana.
“Should I just be relieved that he doesn’t seem to lack an interest in human women?”
King Egelia who had thought it through that far shook his head and returned his focus back to the official documents in front of him.

*   *   *

“Ahh, I’m tired.”
“Good work, Your Highness.”
After his private tutor’s lessons Prince Ernest was relaxing and drinking the Teee Lotte had brewed for him.
“There’s still the etiquette teacher who will come after this.”
“That’s right. Please study diligently.”
“Yeah, thanks.”

*   *   *

“What? You can’t?”
“Yes, my apologies.”
The breath of Minister of Magic Kelhidore was taken away after he heard the report of his subordinates.
It informed him of the fact that they were unable to copy the horse golems Jin had built for the carriage he had gifted to Prince Ernest.
“Even though the golems in question are right in front of you?”
The golem horses Jin had built and left behind. Their size and shape were exactly that of normal horses. That much was just moderately good. The number one wonder was their movements.
Four-legged walking wasn’t something like just moving the left and right legs alternatively and it working out fine. On modern Earth using high-speed cameras their movements could be analyzed, but in this world magi neither knights nor Magi Craftsmen could accomplish it.
Incidentally, the [Transfer Info] magic that Jin used often was rather popular before the Great Magic War. Using it the information of the movements could be extracted from real horses, but that magic had been long since lost.
And because of that preconception even Minister of Magic Kelhidore did not realize it in spite of receiving a report from the Royal Secret Maid Rianna herself whom Jin had used exactly that magic on. It was a frightening notion. Although, even Rianna whom the magic had been used on had somewhat muddled the contents of the report so the magic’s true nature wouldn’t be revealed.
“Hmm, I guess we can’t make anything more than a lookalike.”
The King who had seen the horse golems Prince Ernest had had Jin build for himself had given the order to make similar golems to use in the royal carriages.
For the next few days, not only King Egelia but the Minister of Magic Kelhidore too continued being greatly perplexed.

*   *   *

“Which reminds me, wasn’t there a Royal Secret Maid who followed Jin?”
While on a break in the middle of his business, the King suddenly remembered it and asked the Minister of Defense Judol who was next to him.
“Yes, you mean Laila Soluz?”
“Ah, so she was called that. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t she the little sister of Airi Soluz from the Imperial Guard’s magi knights team?”
“Yes. Both of the sisters have a great deal of latent Magic Energy. The little sister doesn’t seem to have manifested it yet though.”
Judol explained. But the King waved his hand to interrupt,
“Oh, that’s not what I mean. Would it be possible to have her follow Ernest?”
“Yes, currently she’s not attending as a Royal Secret Maid, um, how should I put it, because Laila doesn’t seem to be cut out for the job.”
“Mh-hm, mh-hm, in that case there shouldn’t be any problems. Alright, at once have that, Laila Soluz did you say, appointed as Ernest’s maid. But have her look like a guard to the outside.”
“Okay, understood.”
As he turned 13 his guards were added to. With that as the official cause, Laila was decided to become Prince Ernest’s maid.

“Did you hear, Laila! Congratulatios!”
“Isn’t that a huge promotion!”
Even her fellow Royal Secret Maids were congratulating her.
“Maybe if you’re fitting for the Prince couldn’t you even aim to become his mistress!”
Said the Royal Secret Maid who followed Beana, Lisa.
“I wonder if someone like me is fit for the duty…”
Laila herself was anxious rather than delighted, and bewilderment took precedence over joy.
The squad leader Rianna gently encouraged the doubting Laila.
“It’ll be fine. I’ve heard that the Prince is kind, and in addition, doesn’t this seem like a direct order from the King?”
But that only made her wither even more.
“Eeehhh…From the King, why me?”
“Uh, I don’t know about that.”
While filled with anxiety, Laila headed towards Prince Ernest’s room.
She knocked, and entered the room. There was Lotte waiting upon Prince Ernest..
The Prince noticed Laila and greeted her while smiling,
“Yo, Laila. It’s been a while. Your complexion doesn’t look so good, are you okay?”
Laila was astonished that the Prince remember her and,
“Y-your Highness, how come you happen to remember lowly me?”
She asked with a sensation of being little flustered. As a matter of fact, this was a major lese-majeste. Because she spoke to the Prince without even a greeting.
But the Prince didn’t show to mind it in the slightest and,
“Haha, aren’t you the one who brought clothes to this here Lotte. Since then, right? That’s why I said it’s been a while.”
He said, and Laila finally remembered that someone in her status shouldn’t go without greeting him and,
“E-excuse me! My name is Laila Soluz and I am here today because I’ve been appointed to be Your Highness Ernest’s maid! I may be lacking but I’ll do my best in my efforts to serve you, that being the case it is a pleasure to meet yow-”
Laila frantically spoke out, but maybe because she wasn’t used to talking like this, at the very end she bit her tongue.
Looking at her, Prince Ernest laughed merrily.
“Laila, you don’t have to be so tense. My father told me that I should have you as someone to talk to or consult with without thinking too hard about it. Let’s get along from now on.”
Laila hastily bowed. Simultaneously a dull thump could be heard.
Because she had forgotten about the table in front of her and due to the depth of her bow, she ended up hitting her forehead into it with force.
“La-laila, are you okay? That was a somewhat terrific sound.”
“Hyeah, I’b fime.”
Laila’s life in her new workplace was just beginning.

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