Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 23

09-23 Reinhardt and Donald Meet, Then

April 19th. Reinhardt had stayed the night in the provincial city Astan.
It had been a rather forced marched from Tunsten which he had stayed the night before. Because of that the plan of his childhood friend and company commander of the third Imperial Guard force Matheus, who was guarding him, was to stay there for three nights before departure.
This was also because the city of Astan had their homeland Shouro Empire’s supply base in it.
“The soldiers also want to rest, so let’s stay here for three nights. After that will be a forced march so get plenty of rest.”
Matheus said and told Reinhardt of the plan.
After staying in Astan for three nights, early morning on the 22nd they would leave Astan. And then by hurrying all day they would arrive in the evening of the 22nd in the provincial city of Pororon where they’d spend the night. 23rd day would be the town of Ganeez, and 24th the border town Toskoshia. Then if they immediately get the permit to pass through on the 25th they’ll enter Shouro Empire.
“At the latest, we’ll be walking on our homeland on the 27th.”
Matheus smiled and said. Then,
“You probably know this, but absolutely don’t go wandering off on your own, got it? Even visiting a brothel isn’t allowed. You’ll be seeing Berthier in ten days, you know?”
He didn’t forget to warn Reinhardt. This was because he had heard from the butler Claude that Reinhardt had the bad habit of going on walks by himself.
“…I got it.”
Reinhardt looked disgruntled. But everything Matheus said was correct so there was no refuting it.
“The journey with Jin was fun.”
Reinhardt thought so while lying down on the bed.

The 20th day began.
His confinement didn’t change from yesterday. Despite the weather being fine, Reinhardt had to stay confined in his room.
He was sometimes vacantly looking out of the windows, and other times slumping down on the sofa. A maid saw the bored Reinhardt and,
“Excuse me, master, there’s something I heard earlier by chance.”
She told Reinhardt about what she had heard in the lobby.
“From what I understand, it seems that right now Celuroa Kingdom’s Royal Magi Craftsman, the esteemed Donald Carou Alpha, is staying in this city.”
After hearing that, Reinhardt who was lying down on the sofa jumped up to his feet.
‘Alpha’. That represented the top position granted by Celuroa Kingdom’s manufacturing agency. Even though Reinhardt wasn’t yet acquainted with him, he of course had heard of the name.
“Hmm, I wonder if I could meet with him somehow?”
If he was to come here, there shouldn’t be any problems. Reinhardt thought so and called for the butler Claude, then discussed it with him.
“As you wish. For now, I shall go ask if it is convenient for the other party to visit.”
Although he didn’t know just how much authority the Celuroa Kingdom’s very own Honorary Magi Craftsman held, as Reinhardt was a diplomat they should at least be seen as equals.
Feeling excitement in his heart, Reinhardt waited for Claude’s return.
Then after nearly an hour Claude came back with good news.
“I have returned. The other party said that they will come for a visit this afternoon.”
“Ooh! Is that so! I cannot wait! Claude, Beth, Dory, please prepare to receive them.”
Reinhardt issued instructions for the butler and the maids. Due to the lodgings he was staying in he couldn’t do much, but as the side extending the invitation he wanted to do the best he could.
While holding down the excitement he felt more and more Reinhardt passed the time.

*   *   *

The person came accompanied by a golem.
He had a medium build and pure white hair. However, his blue eyes that seemed as if they were dreaming were filled with nothing but intelligence, and just a bit of madness.
“Nice to meet you, I am Donald Carou Alpha. Your invitation was an honor, Reinhardt-dono.”
“It is I who should say it is an honor to meet you.”
The two shook hands and exchanged brief greetings, and they first sat down at a table at Reinhardt’s suggestion.
“That’s a golem Donald-dono made, is it not?”
Reinhardt who had been impatiently waiting to talk spoke before the maids had brought tea.
“Indeed. It is number 457 which looks after me and my surroundings.”
The golem called number 457 was two meters tall. It was shaped just like a human.
Seeing it, a mutter leaked out of Reinhardt’s mouth unintentionally.
Donald who caught his words looked a little surprised.
“Why do you ask that? Could it be that Reinhardt-dono has also become capable of building endoskeleton-type golems?”
From Donald’s words Reinhardt could tell that his guess was on the mark.
“Well, yes. Because by making an endoskeleton the golems are able to move more similarly to a human, no?”
Reinhardt said and Donald made an exaggerated nod and,
“Indeed, indeed. Understanding that at such a young age, Reinhardt-dono is a remarkable person.”
He voiced his admiration. Reinhardt felt a bit shy. But, he wasn’t foolish enough to mention Jin’s name here.
“Recently, I too have realized something about golems’ structure, you see.”
Probably what stopped Reinhardt’s answer there was his experience as a diplomat.
“Hmm, Reinhardt-dono’s golem was Schwarz Ritter, was it not? If I remember correctly it destroyed Beta’s Adamas Warrior or something like that.”
In a word, Beta was the next rank of Magi Craftsman after Alpha.
“That’s already a story from last year. Your country can make much, much stronger golems now, can it not?”
This remark contained cynicism about the warp between Egelia Kingdom and Celuroa Kingdom, but Donald didn’t seem to mind it at all.
“Hahaha, that’s exactly right. It seems that Beta too has further improved upon Adamas Warrior, as technology is something that marches on, isn’t that right?”
“I agree with you on that point.”
What was left unsaid however, was that he didn’t approve of war.

After that the talk gained momentum and it was evening all of a sudden.
Donald said he wanted to come tomorrow too. It was just what Reinhardt wanted so he readily accepted.
And then Donald returned through the twilit streets.
“Ah, what an enjoyable while that was.”
Talks with other countries’ Magi Craftsmen were always fruitful. Even with the premise of talking while keeping mum about the their classified information.
“Reinhardt-sama, that went well, didn’t it?”
“Uh-huh. Because of you, Beth. Thanks.”
Reinhardt thanked Beth for telling him about Donald. Being thanked made Beth flustered.
“I am unworthy of such praise.”
“No, I’m being honest. Dory too, you’ve all done well. For nearly two years you’ve been away from our home country following me. That’s soon to be over. You can return to your families.”
“No, Reinhardt-dono. My family included, we’re all in indebted to you so it is just a matter of course to assist you.”
This time Dory replied.
“Even so, being away from your husband must be harsh. I feel sorry. But it’s father who had you married people follow me, so…”
So that Reinhardt who was already engaged would not have an affair with a maid during the trip, his father had decided to just in case have only married maids serve him. Incidentally, the two of them having modest bosoms was no coincidence. His father took even that to account in his decision.
“After all, surely the old master arrived at this decision after thinking about it deeply.”
The butler Claude said so from the side. He said this because he knew how Reinhardt liked huge breasts. The two maids did not suspect it went that far.
“Well, at any rate we’ll be back at home in around ten days.”
“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

*   *   *

The following day, in the afternoon of the 21st, Donald came as promised.
Today he was accompanied by another Automata along with the golem number 457.
The Automata had long golden hair like silk, skin as white as porcelain, and eyes so deep crimson they seemed to be burning. If she was said to be a human it could be believed.
“I am Elena.”
The Automata introduced herself. Even her voice was beautiful. It was a clear soprano like the sound of a songbird.
Reinhardt watched her in fascination without replying. He came to his senses when Donald spoke.
“Reinhardt-dono, what do you think? Elena is wonderful, don’t you agree?”
After suddenly coming to his senses, Reinhardt blushed a little.
In his position as a diplomat, he had a lot of chances to see beautiful women. Royalty, nobles’ daughters, wives of noblemen, their servants, and prostitutes.
But the Automata called Elena in front of her had beauty surpassing them all.
“Elena-dono, nice to meet you. I am Shouro Empire’s Magi Engineer, Reinhardt.”
Perhaps due to some modest pride, Reinhardt introduced himself Shouro Empire-style as a Magi Engineer.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 22

09-22 Hannah’s Efforts

“Laojin, first let’s hear the reports.”
After leaving Hannah on Kunlun Island, this was the first thing Jin said when he returned to Hourai Island.
“Yes. First, on the topic of the war between Celuroa Kingdom and Egelia Kingdom, Celuroa Kingdom has the advantage. Now, their army thought to be three battalions strong has captured Ikasanaato.”
Jin recalled the route he took on his journey. Ikasanaato was a city near the border. It had a fort, high walls, and a moat around it.
“If they’re assaulting that place, then it seems they’re only relying on strength, huh.”
Even Jin who was unfamiliar with military matters could tell that much.
“On the topic of the war between Frantz Kingdom and Cline Kingdom, Storsk has been captured. Cline Kingdom’s national army appear to be reorganizing some 40 kilometers away, a day’s journey.”
Both attacking parties were superior. Perhaps that was just natural.
Now it was spring, and in this world where career soldiers were few because of the population shortage avoiding war during the busy farming season was an unwritten rule. That is to say doing so would lead to the nation’s decline.
“However, I’m sure Celuroa Kingdom is using many golems to do the agricultural work.”
That was Jin’s guess, but it was roughly to the point.
“What should I do…”
Jin was perplexed. Jin had the strength to treat the aggressor as evil and suppress them. But simultaneously Jin’s strength was likely to disturb the world’s balance. People are afraid of those with power.
As a result the world would shun him, fear him, ostracize him. That’s what Jin feared.

“I see. Well then, Laojin, what was the most important matter you called me here for?”
Putting the conclusion on hold, Jin next asked Laojin a question.
“There is work I would like to ask My Lord to do.”
“Alright, let’s hear it.”
Then first of all Laojin explained about the projects he had undertaken while Jin was gone.

1. Build a harbor for the aircraft carrier’s use.
2. Starting with Celuroa Kingdom, investigate whether or not the important people of the administration are affected by [Hypno] or [Seduce].
3. Advance investigation of submarine resources by utilizing the Mermaid units.
4. Manufacture weapons for the golems.
5. Further improve on the receiverless Warp Gate.
6. Develop an aircraft that can carry Titans.
7. For heavy work, manufacture heavy-duty golems using the Titans as the baseline.
8. Mass produce Magi Jammers and Paralyzers.

Jin felt admiration after hearing all that.
“As expected of you. All things needed to advance my goals, and things I forgot about. That’s a big help.”
“Your praise honors me. In which case, is it acceptable to proceed like this?”
“Yeah, please do.”
To tell you the truth, Laojin was relieved. That was because he had been worried whether or not his actions were presumptuous. He also feared that if he made a mistake Jin would take that as a a sign of rebelliousness.
However, Jin simply genuinely commended Laojin for his preparations.
“Then I got it. I just need to make a Control Core for the heavy-duty golems, right?”
“Yes, very perceptive of My Lord.”
Laojin was permitted to make copies of Control Cores of existing golems for mass production. However, the development of new golem types was outside his jurisdiction.
Jin made the foundational Control Cores, and so they abided by Jin’s rules. This was a measure taken so that Laojin couldn’t make subordinates which only obeyed him. It did cause the production efficiency to lower somewhat when just like now, a need for Jin to make the necessary parts arose.
Although once Jin made one Laojin could copy them as many times as he wished.
“Master, please use this.”
Ann came holding a large Magi Crystal. It was yellow, the earth-attribute.
“Let’s see, its size is the same as a Titan’s, but it’s for heavy-duty work therefore…”
Jin thought while looking at the prototype heavy-duty golem. Its skeleton was made out of 18/12 stainless steel, with muscles out of Magical Fibers. Jin formulated a Magi Sequence fitting for the materials used.
“Speed is unnecessary. In exchange it’s required to be able of precise movements and must be sturdy, so.”
About five minutes later it was completed.
“Alright, please give this a try.”
Jin handed the Control Core made out of an earth-attribute Magi Crystal to Laojin.
“Thank you very much, My Lord. And now please name the series of heavy-duty golems.”
“Hmm, oh yes. Let’s see, let’s call them the ‘Daidara’.”
Apparently he got the name from Daidarabotchi. It was indeed a Jin-like name.
“Daidara is it, understood. For now, the plan is to make 50.”
The name aside, with this project Hourai Island would be improved even further.
Jin checked the details of the other projects and then warped to Kunlun Island where Hannah was waiting.
During that time Reiko watched Jin do all that without saying a thing, but she got the feeling that Jin had returned back to normal. She felt thankful to Elsa, Hannah, and Kaina Village from the bottom of her heart.

*   *   *

“That’s wrong. See, you peel it like this.”
“…Like this?”
“Yeah, well, something like that. And then, you chop them up to small pieces like this.”
“Will this do, Hannah-chan?”
After warping to Kunlun Island, Jin saw the three cooking something under the blue skies.
“Ah, welcome back onii-chan.”
“Jin-nii, it’s done very soon so wait a bit.”
“Jin-sama, Hannah’s teaching us how to make Kaina Village-style zousui.”
In short, it was barley cooked in boiling water with added vegetables, dried meat, and flavored with dried fruit. Sometimes starch was added for thickness.
It was good eating for breakfasts and midday meals.
Extensive variations could be made by varying the selection of the ingredients, using dashi, or devising different flavoring.
Jin liked zousui with something called Pasha in it, it was dried fruit of a plant called Bitis that closely resembled the Crimson glory vine.
Because Bitis with somewhat larger fruit than usual grew natively on Kunlun Island, the fruit had been harvested and dried. Apparently they had been used.
In addition, on Hourai Island’s mountainous area there also grew Frapes and Bluelues once seen in Moft Village, so they were harvested and under cultivation.
If those dried Bluelues were also put in it might taste good, Jin thought while fondly watching the three cook.

“Onii-chan, it’s done~”
Hannah who had been sampling the food yelled, and Mine turned off the stove. Elsa lined up the tableware on the table.
Today Jin could simply seat himself at the table and wait for the food to be brought to him.
“Ah, what a nostalgic scent.”
The piping hot zousui was brought. Everyone sat down and after saying ‘itadakimasu’ which had already become a habit they began eating.
Apparently Mine and Elsa had also quickly grown accustomed to this habit.
“Mhm, it’s delicious.”
“Tee-hee, I’ve lo~ong since memorized what onii-chan likes!”
Hannah who had guided them in the cooking declared proudly.
“Yes, the flavor is good, isn’t it?”
Apparently Mine also was pleased with the Kaina Village-style flavoring. And on top of that she seemed to also like Hannah.
“Hannah-chan’s a good girl. You work hard, and you’re cheerful and cute.”
“Tee-hee, is that so.”
Hannah seemed to enjoy being praised. Elsa also smiled while looking at Hannah.
The after meal tea was Kaina Village’s tea.
“What a lovely green, isn’t it.”
Mine voiced her impression of the green tea she had never seen before. Elsa had already had personal experience with it in Kaina Village.
“Mh-hm, its taste is also good. Inside the fresh bitterness there’s a faint sweetness to it, and the aftertaste is also refreshing.”
She also seemed pleased with the taste.
“Hannah-chan, won’t you teach me about other things later?”
It appeared that Hannah also got attached to Mine. That was a big relief for Jin.

The cleaning up was also done together by the three, and their harmonious work resembled not only that of a parent and child but of sisters too.
(Oh that’s right, Hannah has also lost both her parents.)
Hannah getting emotionally attached to Mine was perhaps only natural, with her still being of the age when she misses her mother. It was good that he brought her along, Jin thought.
“Alright Hannah, once the tidying up is done let’s all go see the ocean.”
Jin said and went to the kitchen to help with the cleaning.
Reiko was looking at Jin do all this with a relieved look on her face. Then she contacted Laojin to have golem horses sent to Kunlun Island.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 21

09-21 Side Story 10: the Story of the Magi Craftsman Called a Genius

In the eastern part of Celuroa Kingdom, a Magi Craftsman lived in a poor village on close to the border of Egelia Kingdom.
Originally he had been Celuroa Kingdom’s Royal Magi Craftsman, but he came to dislike living in the capital, retired, and secluded himself in his home town.
The man had a single disciple.
The child was a distant relative of his and while he had been in the capital he had discovered the child’s talent and made him his disciple.
The man used to have plenty disciples but few of them proved successful, and on top of that when he announced his retirement to his home town only the boy followed.
All the other disciples had families, or disliked rural areas, or had some other circumstances which they claimed as a reason and then went their separate ways from the man.
“You are my only true disciple.”
The man said, and imparted the boy his everything.

The man’s specialty was golems. Naturally he could make other Magi Tools too, but his strongest point was the manufacture of golems.
For a long time now Celuroa Kingdom had been supplementing the shortage in the labor force with golems. The man’s skills played a large role in that.
The golems the man made were clearly different from those other people made.
They could ‘talk’, that is, they were the autonomous type.
And they were ‘strong’. They boasted a power output thrice that of typical golems. In other words, one golem could do the work of three golems. Although work in which numbers were required was a different case.
Finally they were ‘beautiful’. Even among the brusque worker golems they had a refined form and appearance.

As the ‘beauty’ wasn’t simply because the man had been born with a sense for it, but because it was mainly about the ‘functional beauty’ of the craftsmanship, it could be taught reasonably well.
By the time the disciple boy became a young man, the boy–nay, the youth– had come to know nearly all the skills of the man and his instruction was finished.

And then came the time when the gears of fate turned.

*   *   *

“Are you the rumored genius Magi Craftsman?”
A man stood in front of the youth. He was maybe about five or six years older than the youth. He looked to have just entered his 30s.
“Who are you?”
Facing the suspicious youth, the man replied,
“You could say that I’m an emissary of ancient times.”
“So? What does this Mr. ’emissary of ancient times’ want with me?”
“Don’t you want to try spreading your wings, and using your abilities to your heart’s content?”
“What’s that you say?”
The man’s words were commonplace, but the youth’s interest was a little piqued by the expression “to his heart’s content”.
“Well, follow me and you’ll see for yourself.”
The man turned on his heels and promptly began walking. As if the youth following him was a matter of course.
He was somewhat offended, but his interest outweighed that. The youth simply began following in the man’s footsteps.

The man led him to an old mansion in the suburbs.
“Get in.”
The man turned to look back for the first time when he opened the door and invited the youth in.
And then the youth had a fateful meeting.

*   *   *

In front of the youth there was a perfect beauty.
Both the beauty in form and function were impeccable. No, there was a single fault.
It was the broken left arm.
“T-this i-is…”
The girl with golden hair, deep crimson eyes, and white porcelain skin.
The youth had never before seen an Automata this beautiful.
The girl then spoke.
“Good day, my name is Elena. Are you the man who will kindly repair my arm?”
Even her voice was sweet. The man was suddenly completely enchanted.
For a while he couldn’t speak and only stared at the red eyes of the Automata called Elena.
His concentration was broken by the speech of the man who had brought him there.
“How is it, do you think you can fix her arm?”
The youth shook his head in silence. He could tell just by looking. The Automata in front of her, Elena, was a work of art.
He couldn’t–no, ‘as of now’ he couldn’t fix it.
“One day, I’ll have you see me become able to fix it.”
The words spontaneously rushed out of his mouth.
The youth was again charmed by Elena’s devilishness.

The man’s words were not a lie.
The basement of the mansion was cramped with Magi Tools he had never seen before and Artifacts he had never heard of side-by-side.
And there were books written in an ancient language that contained writings of magics and magical technologies long thought to have been forgotten.
The youth was pleasantly surprised, thanked the man, and immediately began research to enhance his skills.

*   *   *

One, two, three years.
Time passed.
Five years, then ten years.
The time flew and the man entered the prime of his life.
He couldn’t yet fix Elena but his research was steadily progressing.

“He he, you seem to be having fun.”
Elena’s movements had already become smooth. That was because the restoration of her joints and muscles had finished.
However, reproducing her skin and bones was still impossible.
“I have faith in that you shall fix me.”
Sometimes the Automata visited the youth–nay, the man, and when she spoke with him face-to-face he kept up with his great efforts even more.

The man made multiple dozens of prototype golems. In the process his golem-making skill increased even more.
Golems specialized in combat were the norm. The power output which used to be three times greater than usual golems’ now boasted a performance of nearly double that.
It ought to be mentioned that he also made golems with the power of overwriting the instructions in the enemy golem’s Control Core.
And then the course of his research brought about golems which, utilizing the Magic Energy amplifying jewel Elradrite, could –although temporarily– increase the power output by ten-odd times.
There were countless others more.

Again, not limiting himself to just golems he made a Magic Energy-imbued sword. A shield that defended against magic.
Just as the man who had called himself the ’emissary of ancient times’ had said, the technology of the past surpassed the current technology by several levels.
During breaks from his research he went to visit ancient ruins, carried out relics from those ruins, researched them, and through piled up efforts approached the past even if it was just a little bit.

“Hmmh, this ancient weapon called Gigantes found in these ruins appears to have a rather interesting function.”
The youth was by now right in the middle of the prime of his life. Filled with energy, the flames of his passion rather than growing weak burned brighter and brighter.
“Gigantes, you say? That’s a failed work. With its intelligence being low, it can only go on a rampage, it’s an imbecile with nothing but brawn.”
At times Elena came to the man’s research laboratory and gave him advice or criticism.
“More importantly, if there are any Automata left in the ruins please destroy them.”
“Why is that? Elena.”
“Because they are all inferior models compared to me. I ma the one and only Automata. The queen of all Automata. That’s what I was built for. The Automata remaining in the ruins are conspirators who planned to rebel against me. They can’t be left alone.”
“Is that so, I understand.”

In a few of the ruins multiple blue-haired Automata had been found, but according to Elena’s request they were all disassembled and disposed of.
As some of the Automata had body parts which were compatible with Elena, in the 20th year Elena’s body had completely recovered.

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 20

09-20 Inviting Hannah-chan

The next morning after Jin returned to Kaina Village after a long time.
“Ah, what a nostalgic smell.”
The smell of unripe wheat. The smell of the households’ cooking. The smell of trees. The smell of the wind. Jin breathed in a lungful of it all.

After breakfast in Martha’s house, Jin brought up what he had decided upon yesterday.
“I was thinking about seeing Elsa off after this and going back to the research laboratory for now.”
The first one to reply was Hannah.
“Onii-chan, you’re going back?”
Jin who had thought she might say that at once added,
“Do you want to come along too, Hannah?”
Hearing that, Hannah nearly jumped with joy.
“Eh, really!? With onii-chan, to his house?”
“Yeah, as long as it’s alright with Martha-san.”
Before he had finished speaking Hannah had already run over to Martha and asked her while gasping.
“Grandma, hey, grandma! It’s alright if I go to onii-chan’s house, alright?”
Martha smiled faintly and said,
“Ah, it’s alright. But don’t cause any trouble for Jin, got it?”
“Yeah! I’ll do as onii-chan says!”
And so it was decided that Jin would return to Hourai Island, bringing Hannah too with him.

“Well then, Hannah, it may be uncomfortable but could I have you cover up your eyes until we’re there?”
“Yeah, su~re!”
Knowing how to go to there and such could direct unwanted trouble to Hannah, so Jin suggested this out of concern but Hannah only gladly accepted the idea.
Jin carried the blindfolded Hannah on his back. Just that pleased Hannah and she said,
“Onii-chan’s house. I can’t wait~”
And so on and so on, she was in high spirits the whole trip on Jin’s back. Elsa who was walking next to them looked at Hannah and smiled fondly.
Meanwhile they exited the village’s borders and soon arrived at the shelter which had the Warp Gate in it.
“I’m sure I came out of here too. And yet, after I left I couldn’t find the place any more.”
Elsa said and explained what happened the other day. Jin replied apologetically.
“Ah, that’s because there’s quite a few barriers put up to prevent anyone from carelessly wandering in.”
“Is that, so?”
“That’s right. There’s a barrier to hide the entrance. A barrier to protect against intruders. Barrier to prevent magical detection. Although none of them have any effect when coming out from the inside.”
Elsa tilted her head in puzzlement after Jin’s explanation,
“But, then Jin-nii can’t go in either.”
She voiced her problem. Jin also explained that.
“My Magic Energy pattern is the only exception. There’s an infinite variety of Magic Energy patterns so there’s hardly any people with the same one. That’s why no one except for me and the golems I’ve made can use it.”
Jin said and extremely naturally reached out towards a place that seemed to have nothing in it and made a show of opening the door.
Although Elsa couldn’t see it. Because the Magic Energy in the brooch wasn’t enough. Jin then took Elsa’s hand.
Elsa let out a voice in surprise.
The second Jin’s hand grasped hers, an open door appeared in front of Elsa. The door she had gone out of the day before yesterday. The door to return, which she couldn’t find no matter how long she searched for it.
“Come on, let’s go home.”
Jin said and led Elsa into the shelter by hand through the door. Reiko also followed them. And although they couldn’t be seen, the SP dedicated for Hannah, Iris and Azalea also followed.

*   *   *

The group first went to Hourai Island using the Warp Gate, then subsequently warped to Kunlun Island.
Once they got outside, Jin took off Hannah’s blindfold. Hannah who had been quiet ever since they had approached the shelter once again opened her mouth.
“Wow! This is onii-chan’s house?”
“Yeah, that’s right. How we got here, that’s a secret. Got it? And don’t tell anyone other than Martha-san about this, alright? If you can promise that then I’ll bring you along some time again.”
“Yeah! I promise! I won’t tell anyone! It’s a secret between onii-chan and me!”
Hannah happily promised.
“Elsa! Jin-sama!”
And then Mine came running. Despite what she said, she had probably been worried about Elsa after all.
Hannah looked dubious and asked.
“She’s Elsa’s mother.”
“Eh? Then she’s onii-chan’s mother?”
“No, Elsa is my adopted sister so we aren’t related by blood. And so Mine is just Elsa’s mother.”
Just how much of that Hannah understood was unknown, but she nodded once and intently stared at Elsa, then Mine who was hugging Elsa.
Mine had spoken with Elsa about something, but now turned to Hannah and,
“Hannah-chan, right? I am Mine. I’m Elsa’s mother. It seems you’ve helped out my Elsa, thank you very much.”
She said and lightly bowed her head. Hannah then blushed a little and replied only,
“Y-you’re welcome.”

“Well then, I’ve got to go do some work. I’ll be back in an hour or two.”
Jin said so in front of the mansion, then Mine spoke.
“Jin-sama, I apologize for the inconvenience Elsa caused you. Please let me have the responsibility of taking care of Hannah.”
This was a godsend to Jin who was thinking of having Reiko do that and,
“Then I’ll trust her to you, okay?”
She left Hannah in Mine’s care. Then,
“Hannah, sorry, but for just a little while, I’ve got a bit of work to do so could you please wait?”
Jin said to Hannah while looking concerned. Mine thought seeing Jin like that was unusual.
And then,
“Yeah! That’s okay! I’ll wait!”
Hannah replied cheerfully. Jin was relieved.
“Jin-nii, it’s alright. I’ll be with her too.”
As Elsa also said so, Jin could return to Hourai Island at ease.

*   *   *

“Celuroa Kingdom’s army is pressuring Egelia Kingdom’s army.”
“Frantz Kingdom’s army is overpowering Cline Kingdom’s army.”
Information was sent in from the battlegrounds.
“Ha ha, just as we’ve plotted.”
Then another voice spoke. It appeared to have come through some communication device resembling a ManaCom.
“The current declined countries can’t win against ancient technology, can they?”
“Ah, Elena. Did something happen over there?”
“No, nothing. It’s just that there’s someone very interesting in the city I am currently in.”
“Hm? Who is it?”
“The Magi Craftsman of Shouro Empire, Reinhardt.”
“What? You mean the Magi Craftsman Marcello once captured?”
“Yes. It seems he arrived here in Astan yesterday.”
“Hm. That’s where Donald was too, right?”
“Yes, he’s with me.”
“In that case, Elena, could you somehow try to meet with that fellow?”
“It seems possible. We should be able to just apply [Seduce] to someone in Reinhardt’s employ.”
“In that case, please give it a try.”
“I understand. Should he be captured?”
“I’ll leave that decision to you, Elena. If you think he’s got any use value then capture him. If you think otherwise… Erase him.”
“As you wish. It would be preferable if he was of some use, wouldn’t it? For Reinhardt, and for us.”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 19

09-19 Side Story 9: the Ancient Country

There was a young boy.
As he had been born as the third son of some reasonably affluent merchants, he was raised rather freely.
His grandparents were also healthy, and you could say that instead of his parents he was mostly raised by his grandparents.
The boy loved old legends. His grandparents often told them to him.
The Great Magic War. One large decisive battle against the devil race.
The boy’s heart pounded as he listened.

Once the boy turned 15 he set on a journey.
That didn’t mean he went a very long way. He went to a place inside the country which you could go to and come back within ten days.
One-way trip there took four to five days. There were ancient ruins there.
According to rumors, the ruins dated back to the Great Magic War.

There was also an elevated spot which overlooked a large lake.
After being developed as a tourist attraction, most of the people who went there were there to see the light and the other attractions.
But the boy showed no interest in the lake, and he only went around touring the ruins.

“So these are the ruins…”
The ruins were something like a half-collapsed castle. The tourists were allowed to go to the areas where there was no concern about the place coming apart.
The other parts were considered off limits, except for archaeologists that sometimes got permission to come investigate.
“There must be more interesting things over there for sure.”
The boy thought so. And then he waited for the night when the tourists had gone, and set foot in the area that was off limits. He brought a single small Magi Lamp with him.
That changed the boy’s life.
Suddenly the floor under his feet crumbled and a hole appeared.
Event though until now dozens of people had trampled over the spot, there had been no hole there.
Maybe it was fate.

A hole had appeared in the stone floor with a thickness of over a meter. The boy had fallen through it.
You could say he got lucky having not been crushed by the stones that fell with him. The largest of the stones was as much as two meters in all directions, had he been crushed by it the boy would’ve likely become nothing more but a lump of meat.
“This is…”
Aching all over the boy forced himself to stand up.
He was now in a room that looked like a hall. He hadn’t fallen through the hole straight down but slid diagonally. If it wasn’t for that the boy probably would’ve lost his life from the impact of the fall.
However, the hole he expected to have fallen through had been completely blocked by the crumbled stones, making getting out that way simply impossible.
“That’s troubling.”
The boy muttered, but he didn’t look to be so troubled.
The reason was that the boy was now standing in a place which he thought the tourists were completely ignorant of, and not even the archaeologists had entered.
The boy’s heart pounded ceaselessly as he thought of how this place was unmistakably the interior of the castle where formerly, around the time of the Great Magic War, generals and knights had swaggered about.
“Now then, where should I go?”
That hall-like place had two ways to exit or enter. One of them was large, and the other was small.
The small one was about the size of the entranceway of a regular house. The large one’s height and width was were both five meters.
After worrying about it, the boy headed towards the small entryway.
The boy began to walk, then realized that for some reason he could see his surroundings. It was supposed to be night, and the Magi Lamp he had brought had been buried under stone. Despite that he could see around him.
That was because the walls emitted a faint light.
Yes, the boy had planned to come here to see all sorts of new things but this kind of lighting had never been seen before.
“I wonder if this is technology from the past.”
Led by the light, the boy passed through the smaller entryway.
Beyond it was a very long passage that curved gently. In addition, it slightly sloped down, so the boy continued on even deeper underground.
After about ten minutes he reached the end where there was a single door. It was made out of iron and it was red with rust.
“I wonder if it will open?”
The boy pushed the door with all his strength, and with a creaking noise the door moved little by little. And when it had opened enough for a person to pass through, the boy entered the room beyond the door.
If you thought about it, this was the last chance for him to turn back.
But by now fear and hesitation and the like had already disappeared from the boy. The boy was simply attracted to the unknown, and he continued into the room.

On the other side of the door there were innumerable Magi Tools.
A lot of them were broken, and yet a third of them at the very least looked to be intact.
Among them, one thing caught the boy’s attention.
“That’s a…”
It was a human puppet. It appeared to be a young girl. But it wasn’t alive, it was sitting on the floor leaning against the wall.
There was another reason he concluded it was a puppet.
Its left hand was broken. From precisely the elbow joint down everything was missing, and something like strings dangled out of the remaining portion.
At the very least, it did not look like a human’s body.
“…It’s pretty.”
For all that, the puppet was beautiful.
It had hair which glittered like gold and felt like the finest silk. Its skin was white as porcelain, it truly had the looks of an angel.
“I wonder if it can still move or not.”
The boy tried gently touching the puppet.
It was cold. He couldn’t feel any body heat.
“…So it was a puppet after all, huh.”
He traced its face with his finger.
It felt just like a human, but cold to the touch, giving a sense of unease.
“Its eyes are also closed, huh.”
The boy couldn’t help but wonder what color its eyes were. A puppet this beautiful would surely also have beautiful eyes.
“I wonder why it doesn’t move.”
He tried grasping its shoulder and lightly shaking it. The puppet’s hair wavered softly but it didn’t open its eyes.
The puzzled boy remembered an old tale his grandmother had told him.
It was a story about a princess confined and forever sleeping in a tower.

A princess, the sole heir of an ancient kingdom, simply slept. Until the day the kingdom was revived.
She would wake up from her sleep when the kingdom was reborn.

That’s the kind of story it was.

The one who woke her up was a lone hero. The hero’s kiss woke up the princess.
Then the awoken princess married the hero. That was the kingdom’s revival. That is, the hero became the king, and the princess became the queen.

“Should I… kiss it?”
The boy had yet to fall in love. Of course he had never gone out with a girl either.
If you could call this love, then this puppet was the boy’s first love.
Despite no one being there to see, the boy looked around him and then softly brought his face near the puppet.
And after much hesitation, he kissed those pink lips.

The boy’s face was flushed and he separated from the puppet.
He cast his eyes down as if embarrassed, and when he once again looked up at the doll his face was filled with surprise.
The puppet opened its eyes.
Those eyes were red as blood. But the boy thought them pretty.
“Are you the one… who woke me up?”
Her voice was clear and beautiful, and the boy was charmed.
The girl slowly stood up.
“It seems I’ve slept for quite a long time indeed. Oh my, with a broken left arm too.”
The girl muttered and began walking.
“I’m a little worn out I see. But oh well, as long as it doesn’t hinder my movements.”
Step by step the puppet walked until she stood in front of the boy.
“Thank you. If you’d like, would you please give me a name?”
Being told so, the boy managed to speak out a name despite his head being nearly blank with surprise.
It was the name that had popped into his mind the first time he saw the doll.
The boy said and the puppet smiled sweetly,
“My name is Elena. Please treat me well from now on, my lord.”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 18

09-18 Jin Relaxes, and More

Laojin kept on with his activities.
To support Jin,

1. Build a harbor for the aircraft carrier’s use.
2. Starting with Celuroa Kingdom, investigate whether or not the important people of the administration are affected by [Hypno] or [Seduce].
3. Advance investigation of submarine resources by utilizing the Mermaid units.
4. Manufacture weapons for the golems.
5. Further improve on the receiverless Warp Gate.
6. Develop an aircraft that can carry Titans.
7. For heavy work, manufacture heavy-duty golems using the Titans as the baseline.
8. Mass produce Magi Jammers and Paralyzers.

and the like were his current goals.
Furthermore, he decided to leave a watchman in the Warp Gate room. For both preventing incidents like the earlier one, and to deal with intruders.
Also, 24-hour monitoring using Mana Telecams. If Jin heard that, he’d probably think of surveillance cameras.
Jin hadn’t given explicit orders for either, but considering his goals they were necessary measures.
“Once master comes back he’ll be surprised.”
Ann working as the support smiled sweetly and said.

It may be an unnecessary addition, but lastly when Reinhardt made his regular call he instead received the message ‘My Lord is away from home right now.’
As Reinhardt didn’t have anything special going on that day that was the end of it.

*   *   *

Amidst the darkness, Jin and Elsa had arrived at the hot spring.
As she had missed bathing yesterday, she had stealthily consulted about it with Jin and this was the result.
Here where there was no light there were no villagers. Jin took into consideration Elsa who wasn’t very sociable.
As they had a [Light Ball] the two didn’t have a lack of light.
“Well then, I’ll be going over here.”
Jin said, then a childish voice replied.
“Then I’ll go together with onee-chan!”
Yes, Hannah also came along.
“Mm, Hannah-chan, let’s go in together.”
It seemed that even Elsa had already opened up to Hannah.

For the first time in a while Jin was in the waters of Kaina Village’s hot spring. He truly had it all to himself.
“Ahh, I missed bathing yesterday because this and that happened, huh.”
When needed Jin used the Craft Magics [Deodorant], [Cleanup], and so on, but still a hot spring was completely different.

“Elsa onee-chan, you’re pretty.”
On the other hand, in the women’s bath Hannah and Elsa were getting along well in the hot water.
“Hannah-chan will surely also become a pretty lady.”
“You think so? Do you think I can be Jin onii-chan’s bride?”
Being asked that, Elsa was embarrassed to reply as you might expect.
“M– mm. Jin-nii treasures Hannah-chan so surely.”
She narrowly managed to reply.

*   *   *

This time Reiko was unusually waiting outside the hot spring. The reason was that Jin had seemed like he wanted to be alone, and also she could use this chance to converse with Laojin.
“Laojin, how is it going over there?”
“Everything is well. There are many things to do, but everything is for the sake of My Lord.”
“That’s right, isn’t it? For us serving Father is enough.”
“By the way, I would like to ask My Lord to come back for a brief moment if it’s alright.”
“For some work no one but Father can do, I presume?”
“That’s right. I would like to have him make the Control Cores for the heavy-duty golems.”
“I understand. I will ask Father later.”
“Please do. There’s one more thing to report. Another Core of Gigantes has been found.”
“Now there’s just two left, isn’t that right?”
“Yes. However, the investigation of ancient ruins isn’t progressing much.”
“There’s nothing to be done about that, it seems. Or are more people required?”
“At present the Quinta are enough.”
“I understand.”

*   *   *

“Heey, Elsa, Hannah, it’s about time to go.”
“Ye~s, onii-chan.”
After an exchange between the men’s and women’s baths like that of an old couple’s, Jin got out of the hot spring.
The spring night’s winds felt pleasant on his heated body. Soon Elsa and Hannah also got out of the water.
They both had wet hair and cheeks flushed slightly pink like cherry blossoms, which looked somewhat seductive (well, in Hannah’s case there was no seductiveness to speak of).
They walked the night streets while the [Light Ball] Jin made illuminated the way. Hannah was in a good mood while holding hands with Jin and Elsa.
Behind them, Reiko silently followed the three.
It was quite a peaceful sight.

*   *   *

The night grew late, and when Hannah had long since fallen asleep.
Jin received a simple report from Reiko.
“Hmm, is that so. I suppose I had better go back for a moment.”
However, he was worried about Hannah. Jin said that to Reiko and she had a suggestion.
“Father, in that case how about inviting Hannah-chan to Hourai Island or Kunlun Island sooner?”
“Hmm, I could do that too, huh. In that case it’d have to be Kunlun Island where Elsa is. Reiko, could you look after Hannah during that time?”
Jin asked and Reiko agreed,
“Yes, if Father so wishes.”
She replied. Jin felt relieved and told Reiko to do that.
“Alright, then tomorrow morning, after eating breakfast let’s go back for a while. Let’s take Elsa to Kunlun Island via the research facility, and also have Hannah pass time there.”

*   *   *

“How is the war situation?”
“Everything is proceeding advantageously for our faction.”
“Ha ha, that is splendid. By the way, what happened to the intelligence about the Magi Craftsman who’s been a problem since the other day?”
“Yes, leaving just Marcello from the sixth subdivision alive paid off, we acquired some information.”
“Very interesting indeed. So, what is it?”
“Perhaps because the information source was confused some of the information’s credibility is suspect, but the person who controlled the golems that fought equally against our strongest golem, he called them the ‘Mysterious Golem Master’.”
“Mysterious Golem Master, is it…”
“So what? I do not think they are a match for our compatriots.”
“No, I’m interested in this person. Perhaps, if they’re related to Adrianna, then…”
“No, it’s nothing. Please work hard to restore the ‘the country of the past’.”
“Yes, as you wish.”

“Adrianna Balbora Ceci. Even this late in the game, are you going to stand in my way…?”

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Magi Craft Meister Volume 9 Chapter 17

09-17 Laojin’s Activities and the Washing Machine

Reiko was talking with Laojin through her internal ManaCom.
“Father seems to be enjoying himself very much. I haven’t seen him look this happy in a while.”
“Is that so? Taking breaks is important after all, isn’t that right?”
“Yes. I think that rather than taking breaks Father would be essentially more fit for a lifestyle like this.”
“Certainly. A violent life isn’t suitable for My Lord, is it?”
“And that’s why I was thinking that a system that can deal with the Unifilers even without Father is necessary.”
“I see, that is indeed necessary, isn’t it. I also think that it would be good to have My Lord rest there for a while.”
“I’ll leave it to you. Because I’ll have to protect Father over here, so please.”

*   *   *

And so, it was decided that Jin’s burden would be reduced by making Hourai Island’s capabilities work fully even without him, and putting in place a system that could implement Jin’s ideas as fast as possible.
“For that, the 500 Smiths aren’t enough.”
Laojin decided to prepare 500 more Smith golems.
As there was a template the work was simple, more precisely a kind of an assembly-line work.
Laojin put the already-existing Smith golems to full use, and as a result that increased the total lineup of Smith golems to a total of 1000 in the blink of an eye.
The Control Cores were copied and they could be made even without Jin.

“Smiths 101, 201, 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, you are all squad leaders commanding the 99 next golems.”
“Smiths from 11 to 100 are to work as master mechanics, mainly taking part in producing special Magi Tools.”
“Smiths from 1 to 10 are to work as mentors for retraining.”
Using the authority allowed to him in full, Laojin reorganized and moved the Smith golems in order to have Jin’s ideas implemented in the shortest time possible.

*   *   *

“Ya~y, Gon and Gen, long time no see~”
In the afternoon, after they had returned from the picnic which was called herb-picking.
Hannah was simply jumping with joy when she saw Gon and Gen who openly showed up.
She was in high spirits, dangling from Gon’s arms and getting shoulder rides from Gen.
Jin was still silent about Hannah’s dedicated SP members.
Speaking of Jin, he was building a washing machine with Elsa as the assistant.
He had noticed it last year, that after passing through winter Kaina Village’s female villagers’ hands, including Martha’s, became rough.
One of the causes of that was laundry.
There was not even a washboard in Kaina Village, and most of the laundry was done by rubbing it with hands in a large tub. Sheets and other large articles were also tread on with feet to clean them.
Although they could also use the hot spring’s hot water, it was still undoubtedly a large problem.
“Whaat, that happens every year. Once it gets warmer they’ll get better.”
Martha said and laughed, but Jin couldn’t accept it.
And so, a washing machine.
He was picturing a washing machine cranked by hand. The laundry, detergent, and water would be inserted in an egg-shaped container and the handle turned, so when the container goes around the laundry inside is stirred.
Powering a normal automatic washing machine would be difficult and, while it may be just his own opinion, Jin felt like it wouldn’t suit Kaina Village.
He ordered the lacking materials from Hourai Island. Although in the first place because of the bronze and copper left in Martha’s house there was enough metal.
Elsa was still learning by example and so she watched.
She had her eyes earnestly fixed on Jin as he processed the metal with [Forming].
“The mental image is important for [Forming]. You must picture from head to toe how you want the shape to be. That’s the most important part.”
While talking, Jin slowly used [Forming] to show it to her, as he continued building the washing machine.
“Mental image…That’s hard. You mean, properly imagining what I want to make inside my head?”
“That’s right. Try starting from simple shapes at first.”
Elsa didn’t realize that Jin chantlessly moulding the metal while talking was out of the ordinary. She exerted herself, wanting to be able to do the same thing.
The goal of her efforts was too high, but it probably wasn’t a waste of effort in the least.
Meanwhile, the hand-cranked washing machine had been finished. Reiko had fetched a magical beast’s leather to use as material for the seals. Because without it when rotating it the water would leak and scatter all around the place.
Natural rubber would also work, but as expected its durability was on a different level.

“Interesting shape.”
Seeing the finished washing machine Elsa gave her honest impressions. Hannah also came along and looked at it with great interest.
“Onii-chan, what’s thi~is?”
“This is a washing machine. Do you have anything you want washed?”
Jin asked Hannah if she had something for a test. Hannah then replied,
“Yeah, I do! The panties I wore yesterday.”
Hannah then went to fetch them from the washing place. Jin and Elsa watched her with awkward smiles.
They went to the side of the well while Reiko carried the prototype hand-cranked washing machine. As the weather was fine several married women were there having a chat.
“Oh my, if it isn’t Jin. Have you made something again?”
“You must be Jin’s younger sister, right? You don’t look much alike, huh. But you’re a beauty.”
Et cetera, the women greeted them. As expected, after being called a beauty, and so forth, to her face Elsa was taken aback and blushed.
“This is something called a washing machine.”
Jin opened the lid of the washing machine, put the panties inside, then pumped water from the well into it. Finally as substitute for the detergent he put in a small amount of ritha seed powder. He then shut the lid.
The housewives by the well looked at the situation with keen interest.
“Then we turn this handle.”
Because it was a trial product, the washing machine was the size for a single person to use. Jin thought that the village doesn’t have that much laundry so this size should be enough.
If it was made bigger then the strength required to turn it would also increase, which in itself would become a problem. Although Gon and Gen could also lend a helping hand.
After turning it round and round for about three minutes Jin stopped. And slowly the rotation speed dropped, eventually stopping so that the lid was facing up because the washing machine’s weight had been balanced just right.
“Open the cork on the bottom and the water will flow out.”
Dirty water poured out. (For the sake of Hannah’s reputation, let it be said that it wasn’t ‘dirty’ in a literal sense. Dirty as in the water had been used to wash laundry.)
“Put in the water for rinsing.”
He closed the cork on the bottom and this time poured water in from the top.
“Turn it again.”
While turning the handle, Jin said,
“Ah, that’s right. If the stains aren’t bad then they’ll come clean with just water.”
This time he kept on turning it for about a minute.
Jin changed the water once more and then was finished, although he did still turn the handle afterwards with the cork on the bottom opened. Some drops of water flew around.
“This way the laundry will be wringed. But of course you can also wring it by hand.”
After a broad explanation, he opened the lid of the washing machine and took out Hannah’s panties.
“And then, open the lid and take out the laundry.”
After taking them out Jin shook the panties to drain the water and straighten the wrinkles.
“Finally just let it dry.”
How’s that, Jin looked questioningly at the housewives.
Just when Jin was about to think that the reaction was small,
“Jin! This can wash other things too, right?”
“Please make one for me!”
“How interesting!”
Convenient or interesting, there were various reasons for it but for now Kaina Village seemed to accept the hand-cranked washing machine.
“Onii-chan, thanks for washing them!”
But Hannah’s smiling face brought the most joy to Jin.
And so through Reiko, Jin had Hourai Island mass produce washing machines and arranged them to be carried here.

*   *   *

Naturally as Jin decided to do so, Elsa also stayed overnight once more.
Elsa and Mine also spoke through the ManaComs and apparently she said ‘Thanks for having Elsa use this chance to see and hear about new things.’
“Jin-nii, today you looked really happy.”
After dinner, Elsa said suddenly.
Jin didn’t quite understand the significance.
“These few days, you’ve at times had a bitter look on your face, Jin-nii. But today you seemed to have enjoyed the day a whole lot.”
“I-is that so…”
When told so by Elsa, Jin began thinking. Suddenly something came to his mind.
(I really have been worn out by the matters with the Unifilers and such, huh.)
He really wasn’t fit for fighting scenes, Jin thought with a bitter smile.
“Hey, hey, can Elsa onee-chan also use magic?”
Hannah who had been helping with the dishwashing asked Elsa once she came back.
“Mm. But I’m not as good as Jin-nii.”
But Hannah stared at Elsa with eyes sparkling with anticipation and said,
“Show me somethi~ng!”
When so asked, Elsa thought for a while, then realized that it had become a little dim in Martha’s kitchen and,
“[Light Ball].”
She chanted and lit up the room. The kitchen became bright at once. Martha was surprised.
“Oh! That scared me …Ah, Elsa-chan? Is this also magic? What a convenient thing, huh.”
Seeing her like that, Elsa muttered a few words,
“Improving lives with magic is worth doing, isn’t it?”
Jin heard her and smiled, then turned to Elsa,
“You’ve realized an important thing, huh. I’m sure Elsa will become a good Magi Craftsman.”
He said.
“Really? Jin-nii, thanks.”
Because of that, Elsa smiled looking truly happy. That smile was something Jin was also seeing for the first time.

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